ACL Surgery Cost In India

The (ACL) Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the knee is critical in maintaining the stability of the joint. The ligament is critical in maintaining the stability of the knee joint. This ligament connects the bones of the upper leg & lower leg to one another. When you over-straighten your knee, bend or twist it, land poorly after a jump, or play football, you run the risk of tearing your anterior cruciate ligament. ACL injury to the anterior cruciate ligament is more common in women than in males. Orthopedic physicians are the most qualified to perform ACL reconstructions.

How Much Does an ACL Surgery Cost in India?

To offer you a rough estimate that is also very basic, an ACL Reconstruction surgery in India would cost you somewhere between Rs 60,000 and Rs 1,25,000, based on the kind of surgery you have and where you live.

ACL Surgery

Treatment process

The procedure begins with the injection of spinal and general anesthesia into the patient's spinal column. In addition, the surgeon will make small cuts in or around the knee to allow for the insertion of instruments into the knee during the operation itself. After that, a saline solution is injected into the knee in order to enlarge it further. The operating surgeon will have a better view inside the knee as a result of this.

An arthroscope is placed into the incision and used to take photographs of the knees for the purpose of assessment and treatment. After that, the surgeon performs ACL surgery by grafting tissue from different parts of the body together as a single unit. A portion of the hamstring, quadriceps or patellar tendons is removed in preparation for grafting. At times, the tissues are obtained from organ donors as well. The graft tissue that is removed is cut to size & then inserted into the knee, where it is secured to the femur & shin bone with screws. Staples or screws are used to secure the graft in place, and they are left in place permanently inside the knee.

Following that, the surgeon evaluates the graft's strength to determine whether it is capable of holding your knee joint together permanently. Even if the knees are bent or manipulated, the graft must remain in place and stable. Following this, the cuts are sewn together. The patient is subsequently transferred to a hospital ward to continue his or her recovery.

The surgeon applies an ice water wrap on the patient's legs to help minimize swelling and discomfort. The physiotherapist develops a specific rehab program for the client in order to facilitate a rapid and effective return to regular life after the procedure. It is critical that the patient adheres to the instructions to the letter.

The length of time it will take you to return to your previous job will be determined by the amount of job you have to do. The cooling off time is 2 weeks for desk jobs, and 6 months for manual jobs, depending on the type of work.

ACL Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the dos and don’ts after ACL surgery?

You should always prop your legs on a pillow or a cushion at a height of at least 12 inches above your heart for the first week of your recovery period. Always try to keep your legs elevated if you see your knee swelling or throbbing. Don’t put any pillows behind the knee as it can limit the movement and cause swelling.

Q2. What should I avoid after ACL recovery?

You should not get involved in heavy activities and physical sports. You should not walk without any support in the first few weeks of recovery and not perform any full-length knee extension. Avoid bearing weight on your knees.

Q3. How should I sleep after my ACL surgery?

It is best advised that you should sleep with your knee raised and not bend it at any time. Keep a pillow under your foot for support and try to keep your leg raised for the first few days after your surgery.

Q4. Can I bend my knee after ACL surgery?

You will have difficulty knee bending in the first few days after your surgery. The ease in bending your knees won’t come until a little bit into your recovery phase. Try to avoid getting involved in pressurized knee bending and consult your doctor for the timeframe for it.

Q5. How long till I can walk normally after ACL surgery?

It will take at least two to three weeks before you can walk without your crutches. You can resume normal walking after that time. However, you may feel slight discomfort during this which will die down after a few weeks. Avoid running or jogging during this period.