Bariatric Surgery Cost in India

Bariatric surgery has risen to become the therapy of choice for people who want to lose weight in a safe, healthy, and significant way. In fact, no other care or modality has demonstrated such impressive outcomes as bariatric surgery in the treatment of overweight and obesity-related health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pains, asthma, snoring, or obstructive sleep apnea.   Women who are overweight or obese who have yet to conceive as a result of hormonal imbalances benefit from it because it helps to resolve PCOS, menstrual irregularities, and even increases the pregnancy rate.

How Much Does a Bariatric Surgery Cost in India

In India, the average price of bariatric surgery is roughly Rs. 2,10,000/- 5,60,000/- (approximately). The prices, on the other hand, may range depending on the facilities in each city and their location.

Bariatric Surgery

A variety of additional variables, such as the following, may have an impact on your price:

The type of hospital you choose is important.

  • Room
  • Deluxe room, standard single room, superb dining room and includes room service, room rate, and nursing charge
  • ICU, Running Space
  • Physician’s fees
  • Regular evaluation & diagnostic processes

Type of Cosmetic Surgery


By lowering food consumption and enhancing early satiety, bariatric surgery aims to help people lose weight. This is accomplished using a variety of processes, which are detailed below:

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery

With the use of a band, a little pouch is formed, which helps to reduce food intake while increasing satiety.

Gastric balloon surgery

To encourage early pleasure, a balloon is inserted into the stomach and inflated.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

A tiny pouch is put in the stomach and duodenum, allowing the stomach and duodenum to function normally. This method is thought to generate changes in gut hormones, which enhance fullness and inhibit hunger, as a result of the bypass mechanism.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy

To create a smaller gastric sleeve, a section of the belly is surgically removed.

Diagnosis and Medical Tests for the Weight loss surgery

It is envisaged that some evaluations would be conducted to determine the success of Bariatric Surgery. The main tests are as follows:

Comprehensive Blood Count

Urinalysis & a Chemistry Panel

Chest X-Ray & Electrocardiogram

On the basis of your medical history, certain Surgeons may also request that you undergo the following evaluations:

Gallbladder Ultrasound to check for gallstones

Sleep Studies

Psychiatric Evaluation

Cardiology Evaluation

GI Evaluation


Factors that influence how well a weight loss surgery performs

It is determined by a number of factors including the accessibility to qualified bariatric surgeons and weight reduction specialists, as well as the availability of weight loss facilities.


Usage of medications & additional investigations

Patient’s health condition

Laparoscopic or open surgery type

Bariatric surgeries could be completed in a short period of time and do not necessitate prolonged hospitalisation. You will be released from the hospital within 1-4 days, depending on type of surgery performed. Following a couple weeks at home, the individual can return to their regular schedule of activities. Patients can lose a significant amount of weight and get healthier if they follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Bariatric Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the dos and don’ts after bariatric surgery?

You should not immediately start eating your regular food after the bariatric surgery and should wait for the recovery period or consult your doctor or dietician for the necessary changes to your diet. You should also ideally refrain from sodas, carbonated beverages, and drinking liquids along with your meal. You should ideally eat small meals and add milk products to your diet. You should also add fruits and vegetables to your meal.

Q2. How do I sleep after bariatric surgery?

You should ideally sleep on your back or side after your bariatric surgery. This will help to keep your stomach and lungs clear of building any pressure inside and allow you to sleep properly. You can also use a pillow between your legs to help keep the spine aligned in a posture.

Q3. Will I get too skinny after bariatric surgery?

It is not impossible to see the drastic loss of weight after bariatric surgery but becoming too skinny is a very rare situation. You will not become too skinny as a direct result of the surgery.

Q4. How do I shower after bariatric surgery?

You will be able to shower after 48 hours from your surgery with no issues. However, for activities like soaking in a bathtub and more, you should at least wait a week after your surgery.

Q5. How long will it take for the stitches to dissolve after bariatric surgery?

The stitches will ideally be dissolved or disappear after a week or two of your bariatric surgery. However, in some cases, it may take time for it to disappear completely. You should consult with your doctor on this and get proper guidance if it doesn’t go away in two weeks.