Biopsy Test Cost In India

A biopsy is a medical procedure that is part of the diagnosis of the patient to identify the impending issue. This is done by removing a small tissue or fluid from the patient’s growth area to investigate and see if such a growth or tissue buildup is a sign of any major illness. The procedure involves an initial checkup and survey from the doctor who specifies the biopsy test. Such tests are then carried out by the pathologist who reviews them under a microscope and also performs chemical tests if required.

Biopsy tests are important to identify any abnormalities and cancerous cells in the patient’s body. This helps to provide decisive and conclusive evidence something which normal imaging or X-ray cannot provide.

How Biopsy Tests Works (The Complete Procedure)

The entire biopsy test is broken down into two phases pre-biopsy test evaluation and the biopsy test procedure. The pre-biopsy tests require a checkup and follow-up with the doctor who takes a look at the patient’s prior and present medical condition and health situation. An evaluation is also done on the medications and prescriptions that the patient is undertaking at present. Thereafter the doctor diagnoses and provides feedback to undergo the biopsy test.

Biopsy Test

Once the pre-evaluation of the patient is done, they can proceed with the biopsy test procedure on a required day. The patient's vital signs and metrics are taken to confirm the procedure’s beginning and then the procedural works are done. If the biopsy tests involve removing large tissue or a large amount of fluid, then the patient is provided with anesthesia to numb the pain. If the procedure is nominal and only requires normal cell scrapping, then local anesthesia will work fine. The required tissue or the fluid is then extracted by the doctor and collected for testing. It is then forwarded to the pathologist who does the evaluation and investigation.

How much does a Biopsy Test cost in India?

The cost of a biopsy test depends on various factors like:

  1. The fee of the Doctor or the Consultant
  2. Age of the Patient
  3. Prior and Immediate medical condition of the Patient
  4. Size of the growth or tissue or fluid build-up
  5. City or the location of the procedure
  6. Hospital or the lab admission charges
  • The cost of a biopsy test starts from roughly Rs 4,000 if performed in a normal hospital.
  • In India, the average cost of a biopsy test ranges around Rs 6,000.
  • For biopsy in India, the maximum sum that can be charged can go as high as Rs. 10,000.

Types of Biopsy Tests

  • Needle biopsy: This procedure requires the insertion of a needle and syringe to extract the cells or fluids from the growth area of the patient’s body.
  • Endoscopic biopsy: This procedure involves the use of a thin flexible tube that is inserted into the patient’s body and tissue samples are taken out based on the requirements of the different areas.
  • Skin biopsy: This procedure involves scraping or removing a small part of the skin from the patient’s body.
  • Bone marrow biopsy: This procedure involves the removal of a small part of the bone marrow for lab testing and investigation.
  • Surgical biopsy: This procedure involves a small incision and surgical procedure via which the abnormal tissue or cells are extracted and collected for diagnosis.


Biopsy tests can help diagnose and identify impeding future health issues promptly and allow the patient to treat them. An absence of biopsy tests and continuous growth of such tissues or fluid can go on to become cancerous cells and hence such tests are highly recommended for timely identification.