Frenuloplasty Cost In India

For most people, the frenulum of the penis doesn’t cause any issues, but some people feel discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse or when the penis is fully erect. Sometimes, the frenulum also prevents the penis from getting to its actual size, and that’s why it causes pain. If you’re the one who’s facing such issues, then it is usually advised to have frenuloplasty. During frenuloplasty, surgeons or doctors perform the alteration of the frenulum, which is the underside of the penis.

As mentioned earlier, it is done to treat the frenulum that is the present underside of the penis. If you’re not older than 20 years and you are properly circumcised, the top skin of your penis always covers the top section of your penis. In such a case, it is possible that your frenulum is keeping the skin of your penis intact with the top section. In some other cases, the top skin is removed, but when you are intimate, the underside skin of your penis stretches too much and causes pain. These are some of the situations in which you should seek the advice of a doctor and have a frenuloplasty performed.

How much does Frenuloplasty cost in India?

The cost of frenuloplasty may vary because of some factors given below.

  1. Doctor’s Experience
  2. Type of Incision You’re Going For (Laser or Traditional)
  3. Patient’s Age
  4. Condition Of Frenulum
  5. City Where This Procedure Is Being Performed
  6. Aftercare prescriptions
  • Talking about the lower-end cost of frenuloplasty in India, it starts from 14,000-15000 rupees.
  • But it can vary because of the above-mentioned factors, so you can expect it to go as high as 35,000 rupees.

Types of Frenuloplasty

Frenuloplasty can be categorized into two types based on the tool the doctor is using to treat the frenulum.

  1. Laser Incision
  2. Blade/Scissor Incision

Frenuloplasty Methods

Well, a few decades ago, frenuloplasty was performed by using blades and scissors, but these days we have advanced tools like laser incision. The wound will no longer be a problem because the heat of the laser will bond the skin together, but don’t worry, you won't feel any pain because of the anesthesia. Well, you can still get the frenuloplasty done with the old method. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’ll cost you a little less. But with the traditional method of frenuloplasty, which will cost you less, there could be issues like bleeding, stitches, residual scarring, etc. On the other hand, having frenuloplasty using a laser incision is a way better and safer option, but it will definitely cost you on the higher side.

Aftercare For Frenuloplasty

With the traditional method, you’ll be advised not to drive vehicles, have intercourse, stretch the skin of your penis, and sometimes an overnight stay in the hospital is necessary for the patient. On the other hand, with the laser incision method, some of the restrictions seem to fade away. For example, after this modern procedure, you’ll be able to walk or drive your vehicle only after an hour or two. However, some precautions are still there, such as not having intercourse for around a week or so, not stretching the top skin too much, etc.

Frenuloplasty Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does A Patient Need To Do Any Sort Of Preparation Before The Frenuloplasty?

Ans: There is no need for any sort of preparation prior to frenuloplasty, just visit your doctor and have it done, and that’s it. However, it is advised to sleep well and there are no specific instructions given for the diet. One other thing is that you shouldn't be putting too much stress on your penis before the surgery, and make sure not to involve in sexual intercourse.

Q2. Are There Any Known Side Effects Of Frenuloplasty?

Ans: In most surgical procedures, there is some risk of complications or side effects, however, frenuloplasty is a pretty low-risk procedure, but some people may face issues. For example, if you put too much stress on the penis muscles, then it can cause excruciating pain, and swelling. If you have swelling and such pain, then make sure to let your doctor know right away, and he/she may ask you to come for a quick inspection or checkup.

Q3. What Does The Diagnostic Procedure Look Like?

Ans: Prior to the frenuloplasty, the doctor usually performs a physical examination to check whether the patient should have frenuloplasty or not. And no, there is no need for any imaging tests like ultrasound or anything like that, since frenuloplasty is done on the outer side of the penis.