Hypospadias Surgery Cost In India

Hypospadias is something that is noticed during birth time. It is found among men. Soon after the birth of a baby boy, it is crucial to check their penis. If a baby is born with hypospadias the penis will look abnormal and not function properly. You must have seen that pediatric urologists try with the surgery option in such a case. They find it suitable to go for the surgery as this can completely cure the problem. Hypospadias is a condition in which the meatus is not found on the tip of the penis but it is located anywhere on the penis.

How Much Does a Hypospadias Surgery Cost in India?

If you suffer from this issue and need immediate relief, it is better to go with the surgery option. Different hospitals and clinics will charge additional fees for the surgery. The surgery cost for Hypospadias may range between Rs 35,000 to 2,000,00.  The charges will depend on the hospital you have chosen for this purpose. So, it is advised to get it done from a better place. It may be a bit expensive but will be a fruitful one.

The procedure of Hypospadias polyp’s surgery

Hypospadias Surgery

It is crucial to have a piece of prior knowledge of the surgery process of Hypospadias. This will help you stay awake during the surgery period. As it is most common among the kids, getting the surgery done during childhood days is better. This surgery is done among boys aged between 6 months to 2 years. Through this surgery, the extra skin of the foreskin is removed from that area. While it is done, the child is given anesthesia so that he cannot feel the pain or uncomfortably sensation.

The surgeon will apply a small part of  the foreskin from any place for creating a tube that can improve the length of urethra. If the length of the urethra is extended, it will open the tip of the penis to a great extent. During the time of the surgery, a catheter is attached to the urethra to give it a new shape. The catheter may be removed after one or two weeks of the operation. Till then the kid has to wear it. They may experience some sorts of awkward feeling during this time. But it is mandatory to wear a catheter.

It will be right to say that most of the stitches given during surgery will get dissolved. There is no such requirement to get it cut. There may be some bath restrictions for a few days after the surgery. They have to be cautious so that there is no bleeding from the operated area. It may become severe.

DON’T ignore if you suffer from Hypospadias. You can get rid of the problem if treated correctly and in time. It would help if you remembered that this surgery lasts for a lifetime but you must get it done before. Hypospadias is such an issue that is noticed right from childhood, so you can easily treat it.

Hypospadias Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How common are the cases of hypospadias?

Hypospadias cases are frequent and may be present in 1 out of 150-300 newborn babies and can range from mild to severe.

Q2. Will the child be made asleep during the surgery?

Yes, the child will be provided with general anesthesia and kept under sleep during the procedure of surgery. This allows the surgery to be done in the safest possible way. General anesthesia allows for never-blocks and pain-free surgery. The child may face a little discomfort when they wake up but will subdue.

Q3. What are the levels of pain caused by this surgery?

The level of pain or discomfort depends on the type of the case and also the tolerance level of the pain in the child. However, the surgery is conducted with the use of general anesthesia and the child will be prescribed with pain reliever after the surgery. The level of discomfort and pain will appear for the first two to three days after the surgery and will be subdued.

Q4. Does the doctor specify antibiotics after the hypospadias surgery?

The doctors based on the post-procedure evaluation may prescribe antibiotics so that the patient does not have any infection.

Q5. Can I bathe my child after the hypospadias surgery?

It is advised that you bathe your child only after 24-48 hours of the hypospadias surgery. The doctors will evaluate the child after the surgery and may depend on the levels of the post-surgery, will specify when you can bathe your child.

Q6. Will there be any bleeding after the surgery?

There may be a small amount of bleeding that may run out on the bandage or the diaper during the first few days of the surgery. The bleeding will then stop after that. If you see the bleeding occurring even after that, then you can consider discussing it with the doctor for further evaluation.