Hysterectomy (Uterus Removal) Surgery Cost In India

A hysterectomy is a medical surgery that involves the excision of the entire uterus [womb] or a portion of the uterus from the body. In some cases, the doctor may also remove the top section of the vagina, the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, or the tissue on the side of the uterus if the patient has certain medical disorders.

Abdominal & vaginal hysterectomy procedures take roughly 60-90 minutes to complete. The entire procedure for laparoscopic hysterectomy takes approximately 120 minutes. A hysterectomy is a very safe treatment that may need you to undergo treatment for at least one day following the procedure. Depending on the conditions, it may be possible to prolong the period.

Hysterectomy (Uterus Removal)

 Infections, vaginal bleeding, and injury to neighboring organs are all common risks linked with hysterectomy, as are other surgical procedures. You will require sanitary pads following surgery to deal with any vaginal discharge or bleeding. It is possible that you will have vaginal discharge for a few weeks following surgery.

The length of time required for recovery and healing following surgery depends on the kind of hysterectomy performed. You will need to follow a few recovery guidelines in order to expedite the healing process. Lifting large weights and engaging in strenuous exercise after surgery are discouraged.

 For a few weeks, after the scars have healed and the vaginal discharge has stopped, sexual contact is restricted. Walking is perhaps the most suggested activity after surgery since it can help to strengthen the muscles in the lower body or pelvic region.

How much does a Hysterectomy surgery cost in India?

The cost of a hysterectomy may vary depending on the factors listed below:

  1. Doctor's fees
  2. Patient's age;
  3. The type of facility to be used
  4. On admission cost.
  5. The room which you choose for the patient
  6. The patient's overall health state
  • The cost of a hysterectomy surgery in India starts at Rs.25,000.
  • In India, the average cost of a hysterectomy is approximately Rs.76,250 (roughly).
  • For a hysterectomy in India, the maximum sum that can be charged can go as high as Rs.1, 50,000.

Types of Hysterectomy 

The hysterectomy operation is categorized into distinct forms based on how structural elements are removed during the procedure of removal. This includes:

  • Total Hysterectomy
  • Subtotal Hysterectomy
  • Radical Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy Surgical Methods

In India, 3 hysterectomy surgical techniques are widely used and commonly performed on women.

Abscess removal is accomplished through an incision in the abdomen. The abdominal Hysterectomy procedure is conducted through this incision. This procedure is carried out at most of the hospitals under the guidance of hysterectomy experts in India

Vaginal hysterectomy: The surgical procedure for hysterectomy (vaginal) is accomplished through a genital incision.

Hysterectomy performed using the Laparoscopic technique: This procedure is performed using the laparoscopic technique. The Laparoscopic instrument is inserted into the naval cavity through a vaginal incision.


One must note that the hysterectomy procedure permanently removes a woman's capacity to become pregnant. And make sure you get this surgery done before it's too late.

Hysterectomy Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the most common problems after a hysterectomy surgery?

Ans: Hysterectomy surgeries are generally a safe procedure and don’t invite many issues. However, you may feel certain mild issues during the recovery period which will die down with time. But if you feel any other issues apart from mild discomfort and pain like infection, vaginal vault prolapse, ureter injury, or bladder injury then you should consult your doctor immediately.

Q2. What are the dos and don’ts after a hysterectomy surgery?

Ans: Do not try to indulge in heavy workouts and strenuous physical activities for the first six weeks from your surgery. Avoid any act of lifting heavy items as it can put pressure on your body and affect your recovery. Also, wait for at least six weeks to resume sexual activity. Do consult your doctor in a timely and routine manner to help guide you in your recovery.

Q3. How does a woman’s body change after a hysterectomy surgery?

Ans: Having a hysterectomy surgery changes a woman’s body in various ways. It can cause several age-related issues like bone mineral loss, and dementia along with other health issues associated with the lack of estrogen.

Q4. How soon will I be able to walk after hysterectomy surgery?

Ans: You will be able to resume walking after just 24 hours from your surgery. But keep in mind it will be short walks around the hospital perimeter. Once you get discharged and go back to your home, try to do brisk walking for the first two weeks. Slowly increase the timings of your walk period every week during the recovery period to help you speed up without putting pressure on your body.

Q5. How long can I sit in one position after a hysterectomy?

Ans: It is advised that you do not stay sit in one position for a longer period during your recovery period. Do not stay in the same place in one posture for more than one to two hours. Try to have at least four hours of uptime like standing or walking.