IUI Treatment Cost in India

The term "intrauterine insemination" refers to the procedure. In its most basic form, it is a straightforward fertility procedure that can be carried out without or with the assistance of fertility medications. The method entails the unfiltered introduction of prepared sperm into the uterus of the female patient.

 When performed on the appropriate patients, IUI has an outstanding success rate, with a success rate of approximately 80% between 3 to 6 cycles.

The complexity of the procedure and the specific needs of infertile couple are indeed the primary considerations in determining the costing of IUI in India. Along with the expense of the IUI procedure, another factor to take into account when trying to conceive a child is the numbers of IUI cycles that will need to be performed. The success rate of the IUI treatment is higher than that of other fertility therapies, and it is offered at a costing that is manageable financially.

The greatest treatment for female infertility is intrauterine insemination because it is also the most secure and efficient procedure. You will need to seek the counsel of a fertility specialist at a well-known fertility centres in India if you want accurate information regarding the expense of the IUI treatment process. In comparison to the prices seen in other places, the IUI therapy is far more affordable in India.

How Much Does IUI Treatment Cost in India?

IUI is one of the fertility treatments that cause least amount of discomfort and the least amount of time spent on the procedure. It is not particularly painful, and, depending on the overall health of the individuals, it might be possible to carry it out without the use of any additional hormones and medication.

The costing of IUI in India varies from cycle to cycle depending on a number of criteria including the site of the IUI therapy, the IVF centre, the patient's health insurance, and other considerations.

 It is essential that you keep in mind the possibility that you will have to undergo more than one round of IUI treatment before you are able to conceive successfully.

It is estimated that one cycle of intrauterine insemination (IUI) will cost anywhere from Rs. 3,000 to Rs 5000. On the other hand, this does not cover incidental expenses like medical examinations and prescription drugs. When all of these factors are considered, the total costing could reach 50,000Rs.

The expenses will also vary depending on the location of the medical operation, including the city, the region, and the specific centre. For instance, the price of an IUI procedure in Bengaluru will be distinctive from the price of an IUI procedure in Chennai or in Jodhpur.

IUI Treatment

IUI Procedure (Step by step)


In order to move on with the IUI treatment, your fertility specialist will advise you to pursue a few essential diagnoses first. Ultrasounds & Blood Monitoring: During the middle of the cycle, it is advisable to have ultrasounds every other day. The quantity of eggs & their growth can be more accurately monitored using this information.

Stimulation of eggs

Eggs are given a boost in their development through the usage of first step

Triggering shots

At the point in time when the egg has reached its full maturity, a doctor at the IVF facility will provide a trigger shot in order to release the eggs.

The in vitro fertilization procedure will begin 36 hours after you have received this trigger injection.

Pregnancy test

It is recommended that a pregnancy test be performed so that the pregnancy can be confirmed.

Types of IUI cycles and its costing

Natural cycle

To perform an IUI using the natural cycle, all that is required is to clean the sperm and inject it directly into the uterus in a location that is as close to fallopian tubes as possible. The sole costing associated with it is the one incurred in the removal of the sluggish semen & also the collection of good sperm for the therapy.

Letrozole or Clomid cycle

When you get your next period, a blood test will be performed to determine whether or not you are pregnant. This process will begin after the test results come back positive. The complete cycle will add an additional Rupees 2500 to Rupees 3000 to the costing, and this includes the oral medications that will raise the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

IUI treatment along with gonadotropins

It is recommended that women who ovulate sporadically or who don't ovulate at all undergo the IUI treatments with gonadotropins in order to achieve pregnancy.

If your fertility doctor determines that you need gonadotropins along with IUI treatment, he or she will recommend that you undergo a series of tests, including a transvaginal ultrasound, a blood test, and a number of other tests, in order to improve the chances of turning pregnant without medical assistance.

The primary purpose of these 2 hormones, which are combined to form gonadotropins, is to activate the ovaries to the point where they are able to produce eggs that are in good health. The production of ovarian follicles is dependent upon the presence of two primary hormones in the body known as luteinizing hormone & follicle-stimulating hormone.

Both of these hormones are essential to the process. In addition to the gonadotropins, your gynecologist will shoot these two medications into your body in order to trigger ovulation as part of the IUI treatment. After receiving this treatment, the total price could reach 50,000 Indian Rupees.

IUI Treatment frequently asked questions

Q1. Who should undergo IUI procedure?

Ans: A person who is unable to conceive a baby can undergo IUI procedure.

Q2. What is the difference between IUI and IVF?

Ans: In cases of infertility, IVF is not the only means through which a pregnancy might be conceived. IUI is one of the rapidly evolving reproductive technologies, and it also has the advantage of being substantially more affordable than IVF. Even if you have to go through a number of different treatment cycles, the overall price will be less.