Mole Removal Surgery Cost In India

Moles are small, pigmented spots on the skin that appear on the skin's surface. The growths on the skin are usually brown in color and are considered to be benign. Many people have them, and they are normally not a cause for concern unless they change the size, shape, or color of the person's eyes. They can manifest themselves in children and may persist throughout a person's life.

They become less visible or fade altogether as you grow older, and they may become slightly darker during pregnancy. The leading hospitals in India offer the most economical Mole Removal Treatment cost in India, as well as world-class medical facilities, to international patients traveling to India for medical treatment and procedures.

Mole Removal

How Much Does a Mole Removal Surgery Cost in India?

The mole removal procedure is indeed a time-consuming and expensive procedure. A mole removal procedure will cost you approximately Rs 5000 on average. The cost of laser surgery for mole removal in India, as well as the cost of surgical excision, may be more expensive. More importantly, because complete eradication of mole cells requires 2 or 3 operations, the total cost of treatment increases significantly.

Types of Moles

  • Congenital naevi is a mole that appears at the time of conception.
  • Dysplastic naevi is a mole that is larger than normal in size and shape, as well as irregular in shape. They usually have an uneven coloration, with dark brown centers and lighter, irregular margins on the majority of them. These moles are typically genetic, and they have a higher risk of developing melanoma than other types.

Why go for Mole Removal?

  • Concerned about the identification and having reservations if a mole is a melanoma, it is a type of skin cancer.
  • When it comes to physical discomforts, such as grabbing clothes
  • Due to cosmetic reasons

How a mole removal treatment is done?

The moles are medicated with a local anesthetic before being taken out with a knife or surgical scissors in the surgical excision and cutting method. In addition, the cells from beneath the skin's surface are eliminated throughout the procedure. Then, the epidermis is closed by stitching that normally fades away over time.

Using a scalpel, some epidermal moles are shaved off, which is particularly effective when the moles are shallow. This can sometimes cause irritation to the skin as a result.

Moles that are not malignant and have not progressed to the deeper skin layers can be frozen off with liquid nitrogen if they have not progressed to those layers. A tiny blister may form on the skin as a result of this.

Intensive bursts of visible rays are used in laser treatment to break the melanin pigment clump in the skin and, as a result, to gradually eradicate the moles. When using this approach, it normally takes 2 or 3 sessions to completely eliminate the mole. Laser treatment is effective for treating several moles at the same time; however, it is not effective for treating deeper moles.

Mole Removal Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What if my mole is cancerous?

You can have an idea about your mole and whether it is cancerous or not by doing a regular check and examination of your skin. If the moles show different asymmetry or color or are evolving, then we advise you to get them checked by a dermatologist.

Q2. How is biopsy different from that mole removal?

When you go for a mole biopsy, then the doctor will take a small sample of the mole's cells and investigate to identify whether it is cancerous or not. On the other hand, mole removal is a process in which patients can get the moles taken after the biopsy.

Q3. Does the mole removal surgery hurt?

No, mole removal surgery doesn’t hurt at all. The doctors use local anesthesia on the patient before the procedure to numb the area and relieve the patient of the pain for a hassle-free surgery.

Q4. How long will it take to heal after the mole removal surgery?

Once the mole is removed after surgery, the area takes around two weeks to reach a smooth pink mark which then fades over the upcoming weeks to match the normal skin tone of the body.

Q5. What will my skin look like after the mole removal?

When the mole removal surgery is done, the skin on the underside will have a small red mark. It is advised to use some ointment on the area to heal. The mark will slowly form a scan in a few days and will drop to reveal a smooth pink mark.

Q6. How long will be the recovery period?

Mole removal surgery doesn’t need a lot of recoveries and the patient can go back to their routine life right after the surgery.

Q7. Can I wear make-up in the mole area after surgery?

It is advised to wait for the scab to form and drop off before you start applying the make-up on that area.