Scar Removal Surgery Cost In India

If you had acne breakouts on a regular basis as a teen or young adult, you may be suffering from acne scars. Acne scars can have a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from deep pits to deep V-shaped marks to those with uneven edges & undulating surfaces. Due to the negative impact acne scars have on the texture of the skin, they can be an outer look concern, and treatments to address them are in high demand.

Scars from other sources – The presence of a visible mark and scar on your skin can result from a variety of causes, including acne, damage, burns, wounds, scratches, chickenpox, surgery (including C-section), and sutures (for example, incisions).

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How Much Does a Scar Removal Surgery Cost in India?

Prices for acne scar treatment in India range from Rs 7,000 to Rs 20,000 each session, varying according to the size of the site treated and the number of sessions required. It may, however, vary from one individual to another depending on the nature and intensity of the mark, the option chosen, and the duration of treatment indicated for each individual.

Please keep in mind that the rates listed above are simply indicative. The price may differ from one facility to another depending on the clinic's location & reputation, the expertise of the dermatologist doing the operation, or the laser technology that is utilized. It is recommended that you visit a reputable skin clinic in order to determine the actual price of scar removal treatment.

Types of Scar Removal Treatment

The sort of treatment that should be used will be determined by the level of the scars or the source of the scar. The specialists may also perform various tests to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the treatment. Scar removal procedures can be fairly expensive; nevertheless, the top cosmetic & plastic surgery hospital in India aspires to provide them at far cheaper costs than the industry standard.

Silicon treatment— this process is quite useful in the treatment of superficial scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloids. The silicon contributes to the preservation of the stratum corneum's moisture and the stimulation of fibroblast development. This allows the skin to breathe, which aids in the lightening of the scar.

Treatment with corticosteroids — By disrupting the link between collagen fibers, corticosteroids can assist to soften and shrink a scar.

Scar removal with laser treatment - laser treatment is the most effective and widely used technique for scar reduction & removal. Laser treatment is most effective for the removal of acne scars and pimple marks, as well as for the treatment of dark skin patches and ulcers on the skin.

If you are considering any of these procedures, you should speak with the cosmetic & plastic surgeons at a leading hospital in India as soon as possible. It is critical to ensure that you are qualified for any treatment before proceeding with it, as failure to do so could result in major problems. Although the treatments may not be able to entirely eliminate the scar, they will almost always assist to lighten the appearance of the scar.

Scars Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What things should I take care of after a scar surgery treatment?

You should protect your skin against sunburn both before and after the scar surgery treatment as sunburn can cause serious damage to the area of the skin where scar surgery was done.

Q2. What lifestyle changes should I make after scar surgery treatment?

You will need to make a few necessary changes to your lifestyle to help recover better and quickly after your scar surgery treatment. These include:

  • You need to quit smoking for at least two weeks after your surgery.
  • You should avoid any medications and supplements that interfere with the skin’s healing properties.
  • You should avoid using skin products containing glycolic acid or retinoid for at least two to four weeks after your surgery.
  • You can take medicines to help against cold sores. Consult with your doctor before proceeding with it.
  • You should avoid exposing the affected area to the sun and stay away from activities like sun tan and more.

Q3. How long will I need to stay at home after a scars surgery treatment?

Ideally, the period of home stay required for recovery depends on the type of surgery you had. Your doctor will provide you with a timeline for recovery and an at-home care period after which you can go outside.

Q4. How long will it take for the results to appear?

The results of your scar surgery treatment can take a while to appear. It also depends on the type and the extent of the surgery. Generally, it takes around a few months for the results to fully appear. Though you will be able to see little improvements from the very first couple of weeks.