Vasectomy Surgery Cost In India

Vasectomy surgery is a procedure on the scrotum for birth control generally in India it called "Family Planning Operation". This surgery focuses on cutting or blocking the scrotum, which carries sperm. With the lower risk and high success rate, many couples prefer vasectomy surgery to ensure no further pregnancy. It is quick surgery and has a small recovery period which makes it perfect for couples.

With the growth in the medical industry, vasectomy can be performed without cutting, and it is also a safer choice. With no cut vasectomy surgery, the patient can get effective treatment meanwhile reducing the chances of facing issues like infection, or similar complications. The best part is the healing period, and is lesser than a week.

Vasectomy surgery is available in almost every city in India, and it is also an affordable choice for an effective birth control option. The person willing to get vasectomy surgery goes through a few steps like consultation, pre-medic record, history of diseases, etc. After a series of discussions, the surgery is performed with the use of local anaesthesia.

What is the Vasectomy Surgery Cost in India?

Vasectomy surgery cost in India between 80,000 rupees and 1,50,000 rupees. Three key reasons behind different costs are the type of vasectomy surgery, medications, and the doctor or hospital you choose. If you are looking for the best experience, no hassle with medications, and comforting staff, then you can prefer reputed hospitals with a history of success in Vasectomy surgery.

Vasectomy Surgery

Alongside the surgery cost, one should also account for medication costs after the treatment. This surgery can be performed in an office, clinic or hospital, but you may have a hard time finding the doctor for this surgery at your specified place. Even in case you opt for such a solution, then the cost will add up. Before getting a vasectomy, you should know about three key things –

  • Vasectomy can't be reversed and you won't be able to find any reliable alternatives regarding the same.
  • Consulting with the partner is an important step that many people miss and can drastically affect the life of the couple. So, be mindful to let your partner know about the surgery you are willing to get.

If you are thinking about the reversal options before even getting the vasectomy surgery, then it is a better option to talk with your partner about it. Holding this decision and looking at other aspects of your life can help in having better clarity. There are a few alternatives that can help you avoid getting a vasectomy and these are condoms, withdrawal, and birth control pills for your partner.

Types of Vasectomy Surgery

Vasectomy can be performed in two different manners and each method has its pros and cons. Let’s take a quick look –

  • Incision method – Doctors use local anaesthetics to make your penis area numb and then make one or two cuts in this method. After making the cuts, the tubes that carry sperm from the scrotum are blocked or cut off. By removing the tiny part of these tubes, the rest area is blocked which eliminates sperm transfer or ejaculation.
  • No-scalpel (no-cut) method – During no-scalpel or no-cut vasectomy surgery, the doctor makes one small cut into the scrotum. With the small puncture, the tubes from the scrotum are tied off so that they can't deliver sperm. This method is also effective, but in this operation, there is a small chance that one can reverse the surgery if desired.

Along with these types of vasectomy, it is necessary to consider that you consult with a Psychiatrist. With the consultation, you can make a wiser decision and be prepared for the surgery.

Vasectomy Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is vasectomy surgery safe in India?

Ans: Indian surgeons are famous around the globe for top-tier treatment at affordable prices. Vasectomy is performed by an expert surgeon in almost every case. You can also consider the reputation of the hospital or doctor before visiting. If you are particularly worried about the safety of vasectomy, then you can be tense-free. It is one of the effective and simple surgeries with negligible complications.

Q2. Why should a person get vasectomy surgery?

Ans: The primary reason to get vasectomy surgery is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In case your partner is not willing to get any more babies but both of you don't want to compromise the sexual life, then vasectomy is the perfect option. There is no more need of using any prevention like condoms or birth control pills. The effectiveness of vasectomy is 99%.

Q3. What are the complications of vasectomy?

Ans: Two key problems with vasectomy are infection after the surgery and pain. According to a study, only a small group of people deal with bleeding, swelling and similar issues after the surgery. Anti-biotics prescribed by the doctor are your go-to solution, and they will help recovering at a faster pace.