Top 5 Best Ayurvedic Hospital In Kolkata

If you're someone who values natural and holistic approaches to healthcare, then Ayurvedic medicine is something you need to know about. It has been a staple of Indian medicine for thousands of years and has recently gained popularity all over the world for its gentle and effective ways of promoting health and well-being. Whether you're looking to soothe your stress levels, improve your diet, or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, Kolkata's Ayurvedic hospitals offer the perfect sanctuary.

In this article, we'll be introducing you to the top 5 best Ayurvedic hospitals in Kolkata, places where you can receive the best care, rejuvenate your spirit and rediscover your health. From traditional massages to herbal remedies, these hospitals are staffed with expert practitioners who are dedicated to helping you on your journey to wellness.

List of Top Ayurvedic Hospital In Kolkata

1. J.B.Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College And Hospital

J.B.Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College And Hospital kolkata
  • Address: 170-172, Raja Dinendra St, Fariapukur, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700004

Discover the power of ancient healing at J.B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata's premier destination for all things ayurvedic! As one of the most trusted and highly rated ayurvedic hospitals in the city, this hospital is your one-stop shop for everything from rejuvenating massages to complex health procedures, all designed to help you achieve optimal health and wellness, in the most natural way possible.

2. Naturoveda Health World

  • Address: 7 Point Crossing 1, Suhrawardy Ave, Beniapukur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Naturoveda Health World is one of the oldest and most trusted ayurvedic hospitals in the city. With a legacy of providing quality care, this hospital is the answer to all your health concerns. From simple skincare treatments to complex procedures for nervous system disorders, Naturoveda Health World has got you covered. And the best part? You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to receive the best ayurvedic treatments. So, if you're looking for a natural and affordable way to heal your body, mind, and soul, head over to Naturoveda Health World today.

3. Shodhanam - Kerala Panchakarma Ayurveda

  • Address: 3rd Floor, Flat – 07, 26/5 A, Ballygunge Circular Rd, near St. Lawrence School, Garcha, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

Shodhanam Ayurvedic Hospital is a haven for those seeking holistic healing. The hospital offers a wide range of treatments and therapies that target the body, mind, and soul, providing a comprehensive approach to wellness. With a team of experienced practitioners, Shodhanam has gained a reputation for its high-quality Ayurvedic treatments, quickly becoming a popular destination for those looking to escape the demands of modern life.

4. Swasti Ayurveda Clinic

  • Address: 127/1, B.T Road, Near Bharat Gas, Dunlop, Kolkata, West Bengal 700108

As soon as you walk through the doors of this ayurvedic clinic, you'll be mesmerized by the ambiance. This clinic has paid attention to this specific part because it does affect the mood of the patients in a positive way and makes them feel relaxed. And, similar to the previous ayurvedic clinics on our list, Swasti Ayurveda Clinic is also a recently established one, but it is pretty famous as of now because of the look & feel of the clinic itself, and of course, because of the fantastic treatment options they provide at affordable pricing.

5. Ayusya Ayurvedic Superspeciality Treatment Centre

  • Address: Ground Floor, 7, Suren Tagore Rd, Falguni Sangha, Ekdalia, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

Lastly, we’d like to introduce an ayurvedic super specialty treatment center located in Gariahat Kolkata. If budget is not a problem for you at all, and you are in need of the highest quality ayurvedic treatment, then you should pay a visit to the Ayusya Ayurvedic center. They provide almost all the ayurvedic treatments that you could think of, but the best part is the professional staff and Ayurveda medical professionals working at this hospital. With their fantastic expertise, they’ll make your experience heavenly.


All in all, if you are in need of ayurvedic treatment for your health problem of some sort, then pick any of these five ayurvedic hospitals, and you’ll be good for the most part. We hope that this post on the best ayurvedic hospitals has helped you in some way to make an informed decision.

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