Terms of Use

Welcome to www.doctorsfinder.in. You will find all the information about the terms of use associated with this website on this page. Please read them carefully.

The Website

You accept the terms of use associated with the website by using the website. Irrespective of your usage pattern. The content on this website is as per the best of our knowledge, and the users are requested to abide by the terms of use.

Use of the Site

This website is designed for informational purposes only. The team at DoctorsFinder will not take responsibility for any liability that arises because of the use of this website. You can use this website as per the laws, and you should not use this website to cause harm or mislead someone on the forum. If you share personal information, we will have the authorization to contact you. By agreeing to the terms of use, you allow us to contact you.

Role of DoctorsFinder

The role of DoctorsFinder is restricted to sharing information about the hospitals, doctors, cost of treatment and the top hospitals available for the treatment. This represents our opinion, and in this dynamic world, the price can change every day. In such a case, we try to list the most accurate version of the information, but at the same time, we don't take any responsibility for the broken links or the inaccurate information. You are requested to follow up with the doctor and verify the details before proceeding with the treatment.

External Links

In several places, you will find some external links on this website. Please note that DoctorsFinder does not take any responsibility for the content on these links. We may also share some of the e-commerce links and other third party links. You are requested to visit these websites at your own risk, and any damage, malware, or security threat arising from such browsing is your responsibility.

Proprietary Rights

We at DoctorsFinder respect intellectual property, and we expect the same from our users. You should not reuse or reproduce the information available at DoctorsFinder without formal authorization from us, and any infringement of intellectual property can invite a legal case. We own all the information and articles on DoctorsFinder, and you are not allowed to use this without prior permission.

Personal Information

We do not extract any personal information without your permission, and more information about the same is available on the Privacy Policy section of your website. Also, the only way we collect and store personal information is to add it yourself to create a profile or leave a comment.


Please note that the interactions between you and doctors/staff/hospitals are isolated, and we are nowhere involved in the same. As a result, we take no responsibility for any such interactions between you and the third party. We take no responsibility for the financial transactions or the quality of services either. At any given time, DoctorsFinder will not be liable for any loss or liability that arises because of the use of this website. We neither provide warranties, and we neither offer settlements for the warranty. You are requested to contact the service provider directly for such claims.

Updating the Terms of Use

DoctorsFinder can update the terms of use at any given time. To stay updated with the terms of use, you are requested to check the page frequently. The last date of update is indicated in the footer of this page.

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