Top 5 Best Dental Hospitals in Coimbatore

A medical specialist who specializes in dentistry is a dentist. They are frequently known as dental professionals (the diagnosis, prevention, management, as well as treatment of several conditions of the oral cavity). The support team at the dental practice assists with oral healthcare. The dental team is made up of dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and sporadically dental therapists.

Among the most popular dental specialties are oral medicine, pediatric dentistry, smile makeovers, fillings and root canal therapy, oral and maxillofacial surgery, braces and aligners, advanced gum treatments, and bridges. Let's examine the best 5 dental hospitals in Coimbatore today.

List of Top Dental Hospitals in Coimbatore

1. We Dental

We Dental
  • Address: Jayam plaza, 90 A/6, Ramnagar, Vivekananda Street, Coimbatore – 641009
  • Website:

The best dental clinic in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is We Dental. The clinic consistently upholds the principles of complete satisfaction and perfection with outcomes that confirm its status as Coimbatore's premier dental facility. The most prominent dentist in the office is Dr. Arshad. The clinic places a high priority on offering its clients the greatest safe dental care with modernized high-level services and developments. By capturing the patient's data, their intraoral photographs, and X-rays, they always depart from the standard clinical setup. To this date, more than 10,000 patients are been treated by them, including patients from abroad, and have handled more than 600 implant cases and 400 smile design instances. With revolutionary dental breakthroughs, they guarantee a painless treatment method.

2. Maruthi Dental & Face Surgical Center

Maruthi Dental & Face Surgical Center
  • Address: 511, NSR Road, Saibaba Colony, S.Bend, Coimbatore - 641038
  • Website:

One of the dental practices in Coimbatore with an ISO license is Maruthi Dental & Face Surgical Center. Their combined clinical experience exceeds 17 years. For precise diagnosis and planning, their clinic uses the most recent RVG-digital x-ray. While maintaining the highest standard of quality in line with international norms, all procedures are carried out at the most reasonable cost. Maruthi Dental has earned the trust of over ten thousand families. Patients from all around India and the world are welcomed and treated at Maruthi Dental. The entire dental staff is committed to improving the patient's oral health by emphasizing preventive care as well as patient education. Because they genuinely care for them, Maruthi Dental is well-liked by its clients.

3. Rajkumar's Dentistry

Rajkumar's Dentistry
  • Address: Next to Krishna Sweet, 1680/18 Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore - 641045
  • Website:

The best and most reasonably priced dental clinic is Rajkumar's Dentistry in Coimbatore.

In 1994, the clinic was founded. Rajkumar's Dentistry has built a solid reputation in the dentistry industry by providing the highest quality dental care services and a dedication to exceeding patients' expectations at prices that are accessible to all. They have had a privileged position for more than 26 years in the Coimbatore dental clinic. Regarding the finest ambiance, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch surgeries, their clinic is unique.  By providing all the best dental treatments to go above and beyond for patients, Rajkumar's Dentistry has established a solid foundation in the dental industry. Patients are glad to return and bring their friends and family as a result of them earning their trust.

4. Veeyes Dental Hospital

  • Address: Near Ramakrishna mill, Sathy road bus stop, Ganapathy, Ramakrishnapuram, Coimbatore - 641006
  • Website:

Veeyes Dental Care is already offering the best dental care in Coimbatore since 2012 under the guiding principle of "Healthy Teeth Equal Healthy Lifestyle." Back then, Sanjeevi Dentist was the name of the 550-square-foot, three-dental chair facility that served as their first dental practice. In Tiruppur, Dr. Narendran & Professor Dr. Ramesh Shanmugam opened a straightforward dentistry clinic in 2004. They promise entirely pleasant, painless, and affordable dental operations employing anything from laser dentistry to smile design and micro dental to cutting-edge dental implant recovery with a 3-d CBCT scan to a Bones (piezo) surgery facility. Humans are responsible for providing the most cutting-edge dental treatments currently accessible, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach and a 5-step sanitizing procedure that complies with or exceeds international requirements

5. Crown Dental Multispeciality Adult and Child Dentistry

Crown Dental Multispeciality Adult and Child Dentistry
  • Address: Opposite IAB studio, Sungam, 1525/2 Trichy road, Near Bharat Electronics, Coimbatore - 641018
  • Website:

A premier dental care facility in Coimbatore, Crown Dental Clinic has committed to welcoming patients to the perfect fusion of western technology & dental expertise. With the most recent dental technology, they are pleased to serve their patients. To assess your need and gain a thorough understanding of your situation, their professionals are always available to speak with you. Restorative care, gum care, dental care, root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, etc. are all services they offer. The ethics of Crown Dental Clinic are something they take great pride in, and they also strive for professional fulfillment because it is so intimately related to seeing their patients’ smile. They provide services such as pediatric dentistry, preventive dentistry, orthodontic clip therapy, crown and bridge therapeutic interventions, root canal therapy, gum therapies, dental implants, tooth and cavity fillings, and cosmetic & aesthetic treatment.


Compared to the majority of other countries, including many developing ones, Indians have lower oral health. Dentistry is a highly specialized and intricate medical specialty where dentists strive to repair micro degradation by performing operations on exceedingly small surfaces. Therefore, it's important to only find the greatest dental hospitals. We sincerely hope you enjoyed our list of selections.

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