Top 5 Best Dental Hospitals in Vijayawada

We start learning about dental hygiene & care as young children. Remember how our mother warned us to limit our chocolate consumption as children to avoid developing cavities? Undoubtedly, our teeth require specific care similar to any other parts of the body, and neglecting them will land us in a dentist's chair. Having healthy teeth requires you to have regular and frequent check-ups with the dentist.

Who wants dental problems anyway? On that note, let's examine five of the top Vijayawada Dental Hospitals in this article so that you can quickly reach the greatest medical professionals and receive care.

List of Top Dental Hospitals in Vijayawada

1. Asian Dental

Asian Dental
  • Address: Opposite Fortune Murali Park, MG road, Vijayawada
  • Website:

Asian Dental is situated in the quite well-liked Vijayawada-Governorpet neighborhood. We aim to offer customers comprehensive oral healthcare solutions that are appropriate for their needs, along with the most recent dental facilities and technologies. Root canal therapy, dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, pediatric dental fillings, dentistry, jaw operations, braces, aligners, and many other dental treatments are among the specialties of Asian Dental. Asian Dental, a partner in pain-free dentistry, provides patients with the best dental care in India under the supervision of highly skilled dental surgeons. One can feel comfortable stepping into the hospital at any time with treatment offered by highly qualified MDS specialists, in a sterile setting, and with totally clear treatment costs.

2. Sky Dental Hospital

Sky Dental Hospital
  • Address: 30-22-41, 1st Floor, Beside HDFC Bank, Near Kotha Vanthena Bus Stop, Eluru Road, Suryaraopet, VIJAYAWADA
  • Website:

Common services provided by Sky Dental Hospital include root canal treatment, implant dentistry, gum treatment, gum treatment, full mouth rehabilitation, and much more. The practice at Sky Dental Hospital located in Vijayawada is centered on a love of excellent dental and artistic abilities that can enhance a person's health, smile, confidence, and even life. Additionally, they pledged to give patients first-rate dental care, a calm environment, patient education, as well as preventive dentistry. This Vijayawada dental hospital's major objective is to work together with patients to enable them to reach and maintain effective oral health throughout their lives. The entire staff of this dental hospital, therefore, works only to guarantee complete patient pleasure.

3. Dentystree Dental Hospital

  • Address: Beside HDFC bank, next to the brand factory, near Benz Circle, Vijayawada
  • Website:

Next on our list is the popular Dentystree Dental Hospital. Modern technology is available in this hospital's office to aid the staff in providing top-notch care. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is used to plan implants and create incredibly precise images of the patient's mouth & gums. The implant process can be planned with perfect accuracy and ideal location using 3D-printed surgical guides. This hospital's state-of-the-art equipment enables them to provide pleasant dentistry with stunning results. Along with teeth aesthetic procedures, you may also visit the hospital if you have broken, damaged, or missing teeth. Other treatments include dental crowing, veneers, implanting dentures, and much more.

4. Smile Dental Clinic

Smile Dental Clinic
  • Address: 31-4-1, V-Plaza, Gadde Purnachandra Rao Street, Maruthi Nagar, Eluru Road, Vijayawada
  • Website:

The Krishna district of Vijayawada has a central location for the Smile Dental Clinic. A wide range of dental services and treatments are available at Smile Dental Clinic, including general and multi-specialty practices, prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, implant dentistry, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, oral & maxillofacial surgery, and preventive dentistry. The clinic's mission is to offer the greatest caliber of dental care possible in a friendly, welcoming environment while utilizing cutting-edge technology. The goal of the clinic as well as its team is to provide patients with thorough information in a welcoming environment. The full comprehension of the numerous therapies provided to patients is ensured via the use of audiovisual aids, texts, diagrams, and clinical photos.

5. Clove Dental

Clove Dental Vijayawada
  • Address: First Floor, No. 23-24-29, Bhagat Singh Road, Satyaranayanapuram, Vijayawada
  • Website:

Over 600,000 people have received successful care from Clove Dental, which has handled almost 11,000 implant cases. They provide high-quality dental care services. They possess the best tools, qualified dental professionals, and cutting-edge dental infrastructure. It is most suitable for individuals of any gender and age, from young children to senior folks. Fillings and root canal therapy, dental implants, bridges, braces and aligners, crowns and dentures, oral and maxillofacial surgery, enhanced gum therapy, smile makeovers, oral medicine, pediatric dentistry, as well as dental cancer rehabilitation are among the services they provide.


These days people visit dentists not only for treatments of tooth ailments but also for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, you will find yourself looking for dentists in Vijayawada that offer corrective dental services such as braces, tooth aligners, tooth implants, and much more. The game of dentistry has changed entirely and it is not just about getting your tooth removed or having a root canal procedure. Keeping that in mind, we picked out and listed the best dental hospitals you can find in Vijayawada whether you want a treatment or an aesthetic procedure to be done on your teeth. We hope the information we provided suited and helped you!

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