Top 5 Best Diabetic Hospitals in Hyderabad

Diabetes must be properly managed and cared for as it is a chronic condition. There is no need to go further when you or a loved one are looking for the top diabetic hospital within Hyderabad. India's thriving metropolis of Hyderabad is home to several top-notch facilities specializing in treating diabetes. The top 5 diabetic hospitals in Hyderabad, which are renowned for their excellent medical care and cutting-edge therapies, will be discussed in this article.

List of Top Diabetic Hospitals in Hyderabad

1. Apollo Sugar Clinics

  • Address- Mayfair Garden, 8-2-682/3/A & 3/B/G1B, Road No. 12, Fortune Enclave, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034

In the posh Jubilee Hills neighbourhood, Apollo Sugar Clinics is well-known in the diabetes care industry. Apollo Sugar Clinics provides patients with diabetes with individualized care thanks to a staff of diabetologists, endocrinologists, and certified diabetes educators who are highly skilled and experienced. Modern labs, diabetes foot care services, and programs for lifestyle management are all available at the hospital for the treatment, diagnosis, and management of diabetes. One of the top diabetic hospitals within Hyderabad is Apollo Sugar Clinics, thanks to its comprehensive approach to diabetes care and patient-centred services.

2. Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad

  • Address- Alexander Road, Secunderabad - 500003

In Hyderabad, Yashoda Hospital is a well-known institution. The hospital offers its patients top-notch medical services. The hospital's diabetes department is well-equipped with the necessary technology and has the top diabetologists working there. It has a well-equipped diabetic facility with the provision of CGMS- Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. For Diabetic foot, they use vascular Doppler and color Doppler to examine. For autonomic and diabetic neuropathy, they use nerve conduction velocity.

3. Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital, LB Nagar

  • Address- Sagar Road, LB Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 035

IHH Healthcare owns a 100 percent ownership stake in Gleneagles Global Hospital. The hospital serves cities including Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The hospital's endocrinology department includes some of the top medical professionals in the field. It offers top-notch medical care for treating not only diabetes but additionally other types of gland diseases.

They provide screening or diagnosis sessions for early-stage diagnosis. They offer comprehensive check-up packages for diabetes examinations. It is affordable. Expert diabetologists carry out the management and examination. They also provide counselling for diabetic management through diet. They offer round-the-clock pharmacies and have well-equipped diagnostics and laboratories.

4. Care Hospitals, Banjara Hills

  • Address- Road No.1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500034

Care Hospitals is a renowned healthcare organization located in the exclusive Banjara Hills neighbourhood and is known for its superior diabetic care. A whole hospital section is devoted to treating patients with diabetes and endocrinology. It is staffed by knowledgeable medical professionals and paraprofessionals who offer complete care to patients with diabetes. Care Hospitals provide a wide range of services, such as diabetes education, diabetes complications management, plus screening for the disease. One of the top diabetic hospitals in Hyderabad is the hospital, thanks to its patient-centred philosophy and dedication to providing high-quality care.

5. Continental Centre for Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorders, Gachibowli

  • Address-Plot No. 3, Road No. 2, IT & Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad- 500035

The Gachibowli-based Continental Centre for Endocrinology and Metabolic Illnesses is a pioneering medical facility specializing in metabolic and endocrinological illnesses. Modern technology and infrastructure are available at the facility. Additionally, the endocrinologists on staff are highly qualified and guarantee that patients receive thorough care and recover quickly. They are NABH accredited with JCI accreditation. Their lab is NABL certified with an expert doctors' panel. They provide comprehensive treatments by using the latest technology for high-quality treatment. They provide customized care plans and treatment for diabetes in a pregnant woman.


Numerous top-notch hospitals in Hyderabad specialize in treating diabetes. These top 5 diabetic hospitals in Hyderabad provide patients with outstanding medical attention and cutting-edge therapies. These hospitals provide excellent services thanks to their skilled medical staff, cutting-edge infrastructure, and patient-centred philosophy.

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