Top 5 Best ENT Hospital In Delhi

Symptoms of ear, nose, and throat disorders can range from mild to severe, including a stuffy nose, fever, cough, and even hearing loss & meningitis. Throat infections, hearing loss, nasal bleeding, ear sounds, and voice changes are all symptoms of a variety of ENT issues.

 Medical and surgical expertise is the two main areas in which ENT practitioners excel. They help people who have issues with their ears, throats, noses, and similar parts of their heads and necks.

List of Top ENT Hospital In Delhi

If you're looking for an ENT doctor in India, you'll find some of the finest in Delhi, and North Delhi is especially well-known for its excellent ENT doctors. Following is a list of top 5 most highly regarded and accomplished ENT hospitals in Delhi.

1. Indraprastha Apollo hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi
  • Address: Sarita Vihar, Delhi Mathura road, New Delhi - 110076, India
  • Website:

Another famous organization in India's medical sector is the Apollo Group. The Delhi outpost of this prestigious medical centre is located at the Indraprastha Apollo. In India, this is the first hospital run by a private company.

The organization has established a system of hospitals across the largest urban centers of India. It has 710-bed. The Delhi facility is the Apollo group's flagship hospital, and it was built on a massive 6 lakh square feet of land.

 Delhi has no other hospital like this one, and it provides exceptional tertiary care. It's also a clear frontrunner in its field. For the purpose of keeping tabs on things like patient safety, they've established a system they call CAPS scoring. Patients of all ages can get help from the skilled otolaryngologists at this facility. These specialists treat problems with the ears, nose, and throat.

Therapeutically, no other facility in town can compare to the ENT clinic. This facility's diagnostic units are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing the highest standard of care.

2. Fortis Hospital in Shalimar Bagh

Fortis hospital in Shalimar Bagh
  • Address: Fortis Hospital, A Block, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi 110088
  • Website:

When it comes to healthcare, nobody does it better than Fortis, a name that has come to stand for nothing less than the highest quality care for patients of all backgrounds and conditions. Each of our facilities is conveniently located and staffed by top-notch medical professionals.

Patients from all around Delhi, including Rohtak and Karnal, are treated at the Shalimar Bagh clinic. The hospital has 262 beds. The advanced technology in the hospital ensures the highest quality of care. Because of its groundbreaking breakthroughs and cutting-edge treatments, it has emerged as one of the foremost sought-after medical facilities for persons with ENT issues.

The department has state-of-the-art diagnostic, nursing, and surgical equipment, as well as a highly trained staff of ENT experts and surgeons.

3. Columbia Asia, Palam Vihar

Columbia Asia Referral Hospital
  • Address: Block F, Gol Chakkar, Palam Vihar Gurgaon, Haryana 122 017
  • Website: NA

Columbia Asia Hospital, which opened in 2008 in the Indian city of Gurgaon, is well-equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment tools. Outside of cardiology, the 90-bed hospital offers care in a variety of specialties.  Professional Otolaryngologists & head and neck doctors run the ENT clinic, ensuring patients receive care that meets or exceeds worldwide benchmarks.

This hospital has consistently adopted the gold standard method of providing reliable medical care. Their unwavering commitment to honesty, reliability, and caring service has allowed them to provide excellent care to all patients without exception. The hospital's ENT department is staffed with top-notch doctors and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment.

4. Max super speciality , Patparganj

Max super speciality
  • Address: 108 A, Indraprastha Extension, Delhi, 110092
  • Website:

When it comes to providing high-caliber medical treatment, no one does it better than the Max group of hospitals. This hospital has a well-equipped ENT section that can treat any imaginable form of ear, nose, and throat ailment in the event of an emergency. Their ENT experts are highly trained professionals that provide excellent care and guarantee their patients' full recovery.

Patients with ear, nose, and throat problems can rest assured that the ENT department will provide them with a comprehensive range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services. The unit also makes use of cutting-edge methods for treating long-standing and difficult ear, nose, and throat problems.

Patients from other countries are managed with the appropriate attention paid to paperwork and support.

Utilization of state-of-the-art equipment including low-dose X-ray machines, 4D ultrasound, etc. Trained professionals operate all the machinery and do all the technical tasks.

Professionals in the field of ear, nose, and throat medicine who have achieved international renown

All hour’s access to a pharmacy is available

5. BLK hospital Rajinder Nagar

BLK Super Speciality of Delhi
  • Address: Building No-5, Pusa Road, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi 110005
  • Website:

The BLK hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and highly trained medical professionals to diagnose and treat complex medical conditions. Our staff of ENT consultants & surgeons is well-trained and experienced in treating a wide range of ear, nose, and throat conditions. The hospital has received numerous awards for its excellence in care across all medical specialties.

The facility is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to provide patients with the highest standard of care across the whole range of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disorders. Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists use cutting-edge equipment to provide comprehensive ENT exams on children.

Final words

Whether you're having issues with your eyes, nose, or tongue, you can find a best hospital with qualified doctors to help you with the list of the leading ENT doctors in Delhi, along with their address information.

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