Top 5 Best ENT Hospitals in Jaipur

An area of medicine known as ENT, or ear, nose, and throat, deals with issues relating to the ears, nose, and throat. These domains are linked to a significant number of disorders, making this a broad field of study with a vast array of medical procedures falling under it. Some medical disorders can only be addressed with surgery, while others can also be managed with medication. Doctors who specialize in this area are known as ENT specialists. The truth is we all need frequent check-ups with an ENT doctor be it for our child’s tonsillitis or even major treatments like implanting hearing devices.

To satisfy this need, you should only have the best ENT Doctors. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best ENT Hospitals that you can find in Jaipur. Let’s have a look at these ENT Hospitals below.

List of Top ENT Hospitals in Jaipur

1. Jain ENT Hospital

Jain ENT Hospital Rajasthan
  • Address: 23-24, Satya Vihar Colony, Pankaj Singhavi Marg, Nr. Vidhan Sabha, Lal Kothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Website:

Jain ENT Hospital of Jaipur is indeed a gorgeously constructed, cutting-edge facility. This ENT Hospital is a prestigious ENT facility that is unique to Northern India. The Hospital also has consistently been at the forefront of bringing cutting-edge methods and tools in the ENT sector. We have developed numerous solutions for surgical method improvisations during this procedure. All endoscopic surgeries are performed using a customized navigation system from Medtronic, the only two installations of its sort in India as of this writing. In addition to performing routine procedures, this hospital has revolutionized ear surgery in North India by presenting the most recent Interlay Tympanoplasty technique for eardrum perforations. Additionally, challenging procedures like Stapedectomies, Angiofibromas, Carotid body tumor removals, and skull base surgery have also been carried out here.

2. Fortis Escorts Hospital

Fortis Hospital
  • Address: J.L.N Marg, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Mata colony, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Website:

The finest ENT specialists in Jaipur are in charge of the department of ENT at Fortis hospital. The team provides complete patient care and specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of disorders of the head and neck. Additionally, the team has a thorough understanding of many difficult conditions and offers surgery, medical care, and preventative measures to give each patient the best possible care. The hospital has extensive expertise in a variety of routine and urgent care procedures, including sophisticated head and neck surgeries along with the treatment and management of all ENT problems in patients of any age. The team has the utmost proficiency in performing endoscopic nose surgeries, skull base procedures, and ear & cochlear implants. The group has contributed to the department's advancement to one of India's top-tier ENT facilities.

3. Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Apollo Spectra
  • Address: Jaipur, C Scheme, J-2/37, Mahavir Marg, C-Scheme, Opp. Jai Club, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302001
  • Website:

This cutting-edge specialty hospital, which has 32 beds, is dedicated to fusing the greatest medical care available with the best healthcare management techniques. Apollo Spectra Hospitals provides exceptional care in a variety of surgical specialties, including, but not limited to, Bariatric Surgery, ENT, Orthopaedics & Spine, Urology, and Varicose Veins. The hospital is 18500 square feet in size and has 4 critical care beds, 4 ultra-modern modular OTs, a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center, an on-site pharmacy, and a waiting lounge for patients' families, to name a few facilities.  This hospital offers ENT services through doctors with an experience of up to 35+ years. Most of them also have specializations for head and neck surgeries.

4. Apex Hospitals

Apex Hospital
  • Address: SP-4 & 6, Central Road, Malviya Nagar Industrial Area, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Website:

The Division of ENT at Apex Hospital works to offer patients with ear, nose, and throat diseases the best possible medical care. With a multidisciplinary approach, the department collaborates closely with other departments to treat ear, nose, and throat conditions in adults, children, and neonates. These departments include speech pathology, craniomaxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, pulmonology, allergy and immunology, pediatrics, and neonatology. Their key offerings in treatment include Nasal endoscopy video laryngoscopy, microscopy of the ear, flexible fiber optic nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, myringotomy & grommet insertion, foreign body removal, Epley's maneuver, intratympanic gentamicin administration and much more.

5. Narayana Health

Narayana Health
  • Address: SEC 28 Kumbha Marg, Sanganer, Industrial Area, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Website:

The ENT division of Narayana Health provides a broad variety of ENT services including a very high level of care and treats conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat. The ENT Operation Theaters are equipped with all the tools required for Advanced ENT treatments, including endoscopes, operating microscopes, carbon dioxide lasers, etc., in addition to the ability to watch surgical procedures on TV and record them on video. Medical and surgical training is required for ENT specialists in order to diagnose, treat, and provide the proper care for each patient suffering from ear, nose, and throat problems. The fields of specialty for Narayana Health include neurotology dealing with diseases of the ear, including malignancy, trauma, and abnormalities of the nerve pathways.


We hope that we only listed the best ENT Hospitals that you were looking for in Jaipur. To get a consultation with the doctors in these hospitals we suggest you take an appointment by directly calling the hospital. You can also inquire about the doctors’ availability, treatment charge, consultation fees, preferred timings, etc.

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