Top 5 Best ENT Hospitals in Vijayawada

The field of ENT treats conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat, including illnesses, infections, and anomalies. The associated components of the head & neck are treated through head and neck surgery. In the ENT outpatient clinic, patients with common problems such as headaches, sore throat, sneezing, nose block, voice change, nasal discharge, tinnitus, and dizziness are treated.

Patients with swellings & infections of the face, neck, thyroid, hypoglossal duct cyst, cervical lymph nodes, as well as all congenital bronchial cysts and fistulas are frequently referred to an ENT specialist. Given below we have listed the top ENT specialists you can find in Vijaywada. Let’s take a look at them all below –

List of Top ENT Hospitals in Vijayawada

1. Sagar ENT Hospital

Sagar ENT Hospital
  • Address: D.No: 29-28/1-16, Suryaraopeta, Kovelamudivari Street, Vijayawada
  • Website:

The ambitious Sagar ENT Hospital offers comprehensive ENT care that complies with international standards. Modern facilities, specialized staff, and cutting-edge equipment will provide you with the greatest service. Sagar ENT Hospital, which was established by Mr. Ramakrishnan, is revolutionizing ENT health care & is driven by a clear vision, exceptional expertise, and broad knowledge. Ramakrishnan, the Vice Chairman, and his spouse Mrs. Vijaya Ramakrishnan founded the company in 2005. Over the past few years, the hospital has served many patients with top-notch ENT treatment and regular follow-ups. The hospital is located in an accessible area and is known to be one of the best in Vijaywada.

2. Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital Vijayawada
  • Address: Near Varadhi, Tadepalli, Vijayawada
  • Website:

Manipal Hospital in Vijayawada is a prominent 250-bed tertiary care hospital with 50 ICU beds, Fifty Super Specialty, and Specialty Consultants. The hospital also offers the advantage of all diagnostic services provided under a single roof. One of the major hospitals located in coastal Andhra Pradesh is Manipal Hospital Vijayawada. The hospital's extensive tertiary care specializations are well-known. The goal of the Department of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) is to offer a comprehensive ear, nose, and throat medical care and treatment. The department is home to a skilled group of audiologists, therapists, and ENT surgeons. One of Bangalore's finest ENT institutions, Manipal Hospitals, has diagnostic video endoscopes, the most modern operating microscopes, and an audiology lab. This department is proud to have introduced Radio Frequency Surgery which is used for Somnoplasty (snoring) & Turbinoplasty as the very first ENT hospital in Southern India.

3. Singari Laser ENT Hospital & Research Centre

Singari Laser ENT Hospital & Research Centre
  • Address: 29-9-54, Suryaraopeta, Govinda Rajulu Naidu Street, Governor Peta, Vijayawada
  • Website:

One of the top ENT hospitals in Vijayawada is Singari Laser ENT Hospital & Research Centre, which treats various ear, nose, and throat-related medical conditions as Vijayawada's top ENT facility. They offer all kinds of ENT disorders high-quality medical care and treatment. A skilled ENT Medical specialist in Vijayawada also handles the primary care issues in both adults and children with the utmost care. As one of the best ENT hospitals within Vijayawada, they offer specialized care for ear discharge, tonsil removal, sinusitis surgery, snoring problems, speech problems, sleep disorders, throat pains, and neck aches. Additionally, they effortlessly manage everyday operations and medical care connected to ear, nose, & throat disorders. They provide services including head and neck procedures, ENT cosmetic surgeries, and the treatment of serious throat diseases. One of the top ENT hospitals in Vijayawada, Singari Laser ENT Hospital has the most modern operational tools, including audiology labs, microscopes, and diagnostic video endoscopes.

4. Vijayawada Multi Specialty Hospital

Vijayawada Multi Specialty Hospital
  • Address: D/NO: 29-8-3, Nakkal Road First Cross, Chiluku Durgaiah Street, Suryaraopeta, Vijayawada
  • Website:

The ENT department at Vijayawada Multi Specialty Hospital offers complete medical care and diagnosis services for ENT-related illnesses and disorders. With a wide range of subspecialist interests, they offer adults as well as children of every age competent, compassionate healthcare. Services offered include laryngology, treatment of vocal & speech disorders, management of hearing problems, rehabilitation of patients with hearing impairment, treatment of sinus and rhinological diseases, facial cosmetic & reconstructive surgery, and microsurgery of the ear. The hospital accepts responsibility for projecting its achievements into the global healthcare market. VMH, which stands for "CARE WITH HUMANITY," works to improve a dysfunctional society. Through their website, you may best learn about their news and opinions. They showcase the hospital's groundbreaking initiatives and accomplishments.

5. Ramesh Hospitals

Ramesh Hospitals
  • Address: Near ITI College Bus Stop, Ramesh Hospital Road, Vijayawada
  • Website:

Ramesh Hospitals stakeholders are aware of how crucial it is for your loved ones to be healthy and happy while you're away. This hassle-free assistance is intended to provide families with comprehensive emergency and preventive care, enhanced by patient advocacy assistance. An appointment with one of their top-notch doctors in the ENT department can be scheduled for any conditions involving the ear, nose, throat, neck, head, or base of the skull. A plethora of audiometry services gets offered, along with congenital hearing & speech impairment treatment. When it comes to the diagnosis as well as treatment of nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, foreign bodies in the airways, snoring, and sleep apnea syndrome, the doctors in this facility excel. Laryngoscopy, nasal endoscopy, endoscopic sinus surgery, and micro-laryngeal & ear surgery are frequently performed with comparable success rates.


We sincerely hope that the ENT hospitals in Vijaywada that we selected are the best available. We advise setting up an appointment by contacting the hospital directly if you want to see a doctor at one of these hospitals. Additionally, you can enquire about the doctors' schedules, fees for consultations and treatments, preferred times, etc.

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