Top 5 Best Heart Hospital In Bangalore

Usually, older adults suffer from coronary artery disease, but when you see a youngster complaining of having heart problems, it should strike you a little. These days heart problems are becoming more and more common in youngsters as well. The prime reasons are unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. However to treat such heart issues, now there are advanced medical as well as surgical treatment options available. But the problem is, many people don’t actually consider visiting a doctor or cardiologist when having symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, constant high blood pressure, etc. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should pay a visit to a cardiologist as soon as possible because it could be something serious.

Thankfully in India, there are the most talented and experienced cardiologists as well as heart hospitals in the world. And in today’s post, we will be taking a look at the top 5 best heart hospitals in Bangalore city. So if you live in or around Bangalore city, consider these heart hospitals when having any heart problems to opt for the best possible treatment.

List of Top Heart Hospital In Bangalore

1. Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences

Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences
  • Address: 258/A, Hosur Road Anekal, Taluk, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099
  • Website:

Narayana Institute Of Cardiac Sciences is known to provide the best care for heart patients. This hospital is quite reputed in the city since the management had allowed free treatment for some patients who couldn’t bear the expenses of heart problem treatment. When you search for the best heart hospital in Bangalore city online, the name Narayana hospital will come right up in the search results with the highest ratings as compared to any other hospital in the city. The hospital bed capacity is nearly 800 beds, and there are more than 30 operation theaters to treat critical patients and perform surgeries. At Narayana Institute Of Cardiac Sciences, they provide treatment not just for adults, but for kids as well. This hospital follows all the necessary guidelines and international standards to ensure the safety and well-being of the patients.

2. Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital of Bangalore
  • Address: 98, H.A.L. Old Airport Road, Bangalore – 560017
  • Website:

Manipal Group is a huge name in the health care provider domain of India. There are dozens of Manipal hospitals situated in every big city of India to provide the best possible care and treatment to the general population. This Manipal hospital located near old airport road in Bangalore is considered the best multi-specialty hospital in the city. The Manipal Heart Foundation is a part or department of this hospital which only deals with patients having heart problems. Throughout the years this heart care department of Manipal hospital has managed a success rate of 98% in all the heart surgeries performed. And all that is only possible because of the highly experienced and dedicated cardiologists working at this hospital.

3. Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital
  • Address: 154 9, Bannerghatta Main Rd, opposite IIM, Sahyadri Layout, Bilekahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
  • Website:

Similar to Manipal hospital group, Fortis is another popular as well as one of the best health care providers all across India. Fortis Hospital located in Bilekahalli, Bangalore is known to be the best hospital for treating deadly diseases like cancer, coronary artery diseases, neurological conditions, etc. The technological implementation at Fortis hospitals is on another level. The management of this hospital has implemented cutting-edge medical technology, and that’s why the cardiologists are able to perform advanced surgical methods like conscious off pump coronary artery bypass and awake heart surgery. We couldn’t complete our list of the top 5 best heart hospitals without adding this hospital to our list.

4. Aster CMI Hospital

Aster CMI of Bangalore
  • Address: No. 43/2, New Airport Road, NH-7, Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore - 560092
  • Website:

No matter if it's about medical or surgical care for cardiac issues or any other life-threatening disease, Aster CMI is for sure a one-stop solution for the people of Bangalore. At Aster CMI, they have a dedicated department for all the major pathology. And since this hospital follows all the necessary health care policies, guidelines, and international standards, therefore you can expect to get world-class treatment for your heart problems. The bed capacity of this hospital is over 500 beds, and with an incredibly strong infrastructure, the hospital management is able to provide every necessary facility to the patients to make them feel comfortable. Talking specifically about the cardiology department, they have got the best cardiologists in Karnataka such as Dr. Mahadev D Dixit, Dr. Anup Charles, Dr. Raghu B, Dr. Sweta Mohanty, and many others.

5. Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospital of Bangalore
  • Address: 21/2, Old No.2, 14th Cross Rd, Jayanagar East, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011
  • Website:

There should be no need to explain why the Apollo Hospital group is incredibly famous in India. Talking about the specific one located in Jaya Nagar, Bangalore is the best multi-specialty hospital in the entirety of Bangalore city. And if you are seeking treatment for your heart problems then you can consider this hospital since there are modern medical as well as surgical facilities available. In terms of bed capacity, it is not a huge hospital, but with the cardiologist and heart problem experts like Dr. Sathyaki Purushotam Nambala, Dr. A. Ranganathappa, Dr. Girish B Navasundi, and Dr. K B Prasad, you can expect to get the best possible treatment in the city.

Final Thoughts

These were the top 5 best heart hospitals in Bangalore to make your heart problems go away. We have tried our best to explain why each hospital included in today’s list can be a perfect fit if you are having heart problems. However, consider visiting the website links of these hospitals to get to know more about the expert/cardiologists' experience, treatment facilities, and treatment costs.

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