Top 5 Best IVF Hospitals in Bangalore

Every woman hopes to experience motherhood at some point in her life. But frequently because of certain underlying medical issues, getting pregnant becomes a challenge. IVF clinics and fertility centers are useful during this trying time. When naturally conceiving gets challenging, IVF is becoming the second-best choice.

Choosing the finest IVF clinic is frequently a challenging decision. Before beginning the IVF process, there are a few essential things. If you live in Bangalore and want to consider IVF as a possible pregnancy option, read the article as its whole as we have selected the finest IVF Hospitals in Bangalore.

List of Top IVF Hospitals in Bangalore

1. Milann (Bacc Healthcare Unit)

  • Address: 7, East Park Road, Kumara Park East, Bengaluru
  • Website:

The Milann Fertility Center was created in Bangalore in 1990 by Dr. Kamini A. Rao, a recipient of the Padma Shri Award. With more than 5 locations in Bangalore, it is one of the biggest service chains in India. For every woman to enjoy the maternity stage, Milann wants to make sure of it. And as a result of their diligence and hard work, it has evolved into one of Bangalore's top fertility clinics. Along with giving patients a cozy, comfortable environment, the center also attends to parents' needs and gives them confidence-boosting support. It offers obstetrics, infertility, and gynecology services. The specialists and professionals have advanced training in reproductive endocrinology, reproductive immunology, reproductive genetics, and ovarian biology.

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2. Momsoon Fertility and IVF Centre

Momsoon Fertility and IVF Centre
  • Address: 60, 62, 4th Block, 8th B Main Road, Jayanagar, Bengaluru
  • Website:

Modern fertility services are offered to couples by Momsoon Fertility & IVF Centre, which is operated by RR Medicare Services. It is regarded as one of Bangalore's top IVF facilities. Their skilled embryologist provides specialized treatment for treating infertility. They follow worldwide standards and have the cutting-edge infrastructure to give their patients the best care possible. Momsoon has accumulated extensive experience in offering the best fertility treatment, including IVF, Surrogacy, and Failed IVF. For fertility treatment, they adhere to a straightforward process. Starting with knowledge of the issue, the essential remedy is then offered, and aid is subsequently given in accordance. Additionally, it includes resources for freezing and banking sperm. Also check our list for the top hospitals in Bangalore.

3. Nova IVI Fertility Clinic

Nova IVI Fertility Clinic
  • Address: Opus, 143, 5th Block, 1st Cross, Koramangala, Bengaluru
  • Website:

One of the biggest IVF chains in the world is Nova IVI Fertility Clinic. Three facilities in Bangalore offer the best fertility care to their clients. It is dedicated to offering individuals in India and overseas both fundamental and cutting-edge treatment alternatives. They use cutting-edge technology for handling several fertility-related procedures like IVF, IUI, and andrology. They preserve the eggs and embryos using specialized technology. The rate of success of embryo transfer is significantly influenced by timing, and Nova utilizes ERA technology to pinpoint the precise timing. The IVF procedure's success rate is raised by the ERA. Cryopreservation,  PGT (Pre-implantation genetic Testing), MACs (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting), ICSI, and other advanced procedures are available in Nova.

4. Mannat Fertility Clinic

Mannat Fertility
  • Address: Kishan Icon 90/2, 2nd Floor, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore
  • Website:

It can be tough to deal with infertility issues. The Mannat Fertility Clinic is committed to offering its patients the most cutting-edge treatment options since it recognizes this feeling. The success of this clinic can be attributed to the outstanding and extensive experience of its medical staff. As a result of their achievement, they have gained distinction as one of Bangalore's top IVF clinics. Mannat provides a research-based strategy to provide all of its patients with personalized solutions. Its success and experience have helped it rise to the top of Bangalore's IVF centers. It is best renowned for offering the most effective infertility treatments provided at a fair price.

5. Garbha Gudi IVF centre

Garbha Gudi IVF centre
  • Address: South End Circle, 26, Pattalamma Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru
  • Website:

A reputable IVF center in Bangalore is called Garbha Gudi IVF Center. Its success and experience have helped it rise to the top of Bangalore's IVF centers. It is best renowned for offering the most effective infertility treatments that too at a reasonable price that can be afforded by many. It boasts an unrivaled success rate and has many clinics & branches in Bangalore. Its highly skilled staff has a specialization in handling cutting-edge scientific therapies, which raises its success rate. All forms of infertility-related solutions, such as surrogacy, IUI, MESA (Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration), and TESA, are offered here. The doctors here have years of experience with IVF and they will surely provide the best treatments to you.


IVF is a popular method of treating infertility, in which the embryo is transplanted after the eggs are fertilized outside of the uterus. There are numerous IVF clinics in Bangalore, however, we have only listed the best 5 that have had a lot of practice. They are renowned for their accomplishments.

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