Top 5 Best IVF Hospitals in Chennai

At some time in her life, every woman wishes to become a mother. But getting pregnant can frequently be difficult due to certain underlying medical conditions. In this difficult time, fertility clinics and IVF clinics are helpful. The average IVF success rate for young women worldwide is around 40%. The rate of success of IVF in our nation ranges from thirty percent to thirty-five percent. Younger women—those under the age of 35—have higher success rates as well. Nowadays, the "freeze all" process is frequently used in clinics; with this method, embryos are frozen using ICSI or traditional IVF and then develop afterward.

The success rates of IVF in our nation have significantly increased with the aid of contemporary reproductive techniques. Selecting the best IVF facility is frequently a difficult choice. Several factors are necessary before the IVF process can start. Read the entire article if you live in Chennai and want to learn more about IVF as a potential pregnancy option because we have hand-picked the best IVF Hospitals in Chennai.

List of Top IVF Hospitals in Chennai

1. Indira IVF Fertility Center

Indira IVF Fertility Center
  • Address: Rear Gate, Opposite Commercial Tax Office, Moores Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai
  • Website:

One of Chennai's top fertility clinics is Indira IVF Fertility Center. They are renowned for giving infertile patients the best opportunity to conceive a child. Every patient is in a secure atmosphere thanks to Indira IVF Center. This gives the patient a sense of security and encourages open communication with the doctors. The Indira Fertility Center is aware of the necessity to fully explain the procedure to the patient. To prepare the patient for the procedure, the Indira fertility center provides a necessary counseling session.

2. Apollo Fertility Center

Apollo CM Fertility
  • Address: 75, S Block, 6th Avenue Old No. 7, Anna Nagar, Chennai
  • Website:

The Apollo Fertility Center offers cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure. Their first notable fertility center is the one in Chennai. The center is around 8500 square feet in size and has top-notch labs and operating rooms. Apollo can support numerous specialty services because of these cutting-edge pieces of technology. Apollo also emphasizes offering a private, secure, and safe environment. A group of professionals with over Twenty years of combined expertise work at the facility. Their focus on the needs of the patient is the key to their success. They are now among Chennai's top fertility clinics as a result of this.

3. Jayadeva Fertility Hospital

Jayadeva Fertility Hospital
  • Address: Okkiyam, OMR, Thoraipakkam, Sri Vidhya Ave, Plot Number. 6 & 7, Chennai
  • Website:

The Jayadeva Fertility Hospital was founded to offer the highest caliber medical services at reasonable costs. Their surroundings and infrastructure are conventional but efficient. A skilled and knowledgeable medical staff at Jayadeva Fertility can offer a range of infertility treatment services. They think they can contribute to the parents having fond memories of this trip. Numerous women have profited from Jayadeva's reproductive treatments, which have made them one of Chennai's top fertility clinics. The hospital has evolved through time and is always enhancing and adapting new technology.

4. Indigo Women

Indigo Women
  • Address: No. 995, B - H, 2nd Ave, Anna Nagar, Ranganathan Garden, Anna Nagar, Chennai
  • Website:

One of the top fertility clinics in Chennai, Indigo Women was founded in 2016. The hospital has made remarkable progress throughout the years by putting the health of its patients first. Their exceptional performance for hospitals and healthcare providers has been acknowledged by the National Accreditation Board. Patient care comes first is the hospital's motto. A group of specialists with over three decades of expertise work at the clinic. At Indigo Women, the knowledge and diligent work have led to more than 5000 successful pregnancies. Their dedication to staying up-to-date on technology and upholding the caliber of their services is what distinguishes them as one of the best fertility hospitals.

5. Jeevan Mithra

jeevan Mithra Chennai
  • Address: #10, Arumbakkam, Jai Nagar first main Road, Opposite Koyambedu Bus Stand, Chennai
  • Website:

A well-known fertility center in Chennai is the Jeevan Mithra. Its state-of-the-art facilities have assisted countless individuals in becoming parents. Every step of the IVF process, from fertility testing to ovulation induction, is carried out at the center. For the past six years, the center has provided both local and foreign patients with comprehensive fertility and total women's care services. Both the husband and wife must have a medical visa for patients from outside the country. IVF is a later option that Jeevan Mithra doctors provide after first assisting couples with spontaneous conception. Jeevan Mithra has received many awards in the medical community throughout the years for developing into a single super-specialty hospital.


In vitro fertilization (IVF), a popular way of treating infertility involves fertilizing the eggs outside of the uterus and then transplanting the resulting embryo. Although Chennai is home to a large number of IVF facilities, we have only picked the top 5 that have the most experience. They are well known for their successes.

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