Top 5 Best Maternity Hospital In Hyderabad

It is always better to choose a maternity hospital a few weeks prior to the delivery. But what if you live in a big city like Hyderabad, where dozens of maternity and delivery hospitals are located? Well, in such a case there are a few factors to look at in order to select the best maternity hospital as per your needs and comfort. First things first, you should check how well experienced the obstetricians and other doctors are. Along with that, it is always better to consider the number of deliveries done by a hospital and the lower complication rate during the delivery.

You shouldn’t be ignoring other factors like the facilities provided by the hospital management to make you feel comfortable. Cleanliness is another thing you shouldn’t ignore when choosing a maternity hospital. And to help you choose the best maternity hospital, we have compiled this comprehensive list of the top maternity hospitals in Hyderabad. So if you are about to become a mom or any dear one of yours is about to deliver a baby, then keep on reading this post, it’ll help you a lot.

List of Top Maternity Hospital In Hyderabad

1. Apollo Cradle Maternity & Children's Hospital

Apollo Cradle & Children's Hospital
  • Address: Door No 2-34/2, Gramakautam, Plot No.1, Plot No. 6, Kothaguda Village Serilingam Pally Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032
  • Website:

There are various things to consider when choosing a maternity hospital, such as the qualified and experienced doctors as well as staff members, all the delivery options available, cleanliness, comfortability, emergency services, etc. And Apollo Cradle Maternity & Children’s Hospital has all these facilities available for the patients. Since it is a hospital solely dedicated to childbirth and newborn care, that’s why the management has hired highly talented and experienced doctors, obstetricians, gynecologists, and other staff members. The facilities are quite good, and with that, they have various plans for new parents to make the first delivery quite affordable for them. And as you may know, Apollo hospitals are known to provide the best treatment in the country while maintaining the complication rate incredibly low, which is another plus here.

2. Fernandez Hospital

Fernandez Hospital
  • Address: Prime Mansion, 4-1-1230, Abids Road, Bogulkunta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001
  • Website:

When you search for the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad online, you’ll find that thousands of recent patients have given positive feedback to Fernandez Hospital. It is a single-specialty hospital completely dedicated to childbirth and care for newborns. As of now, this hospital has performed thousands of natural, and c-section deliveries throughout the years. That is the prime reason so many people trust the Fernandez hospital. Talking about the facilities, they allow hospital tours for the new parents, and with this tour, you’ll get to know about the overall infrastructure, bed capacity, cleanliness, delivery options, and cost for deliveries as well. This way, you’ll be able to decide on your own whether you should go with this maternity hospital or not.

3. Medicover Woman and Child Hospital

Medicover Woman and Child Hospital
  • Address: Behind cyber Towers, Lane Next to McDonald's, Backside to Bahar Cafe, Hitech-city, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081
  • Website:

We couldn’t complete our list without adding Medicover Woman and Child Hospital to it. Medicover hospital group has multiple branches all across Karnataka and India. And back in 2016, Medicover hospital group won an award for the fastest growing multi-specialty hospital chain of the year. It is not just a great maternity hospital, but women can pay a visit to consult with the top gynecologists and obstetricians during pregnancy for routine checkups and in case they are facing any other medical issues. The hospital management has equipped this hospital with cutting-edge medical technology to help the doctors diagnose and treat the patients in a much better way.

4. Yashoda Hospitals - Secunderabad

Yashoda Hospitals of Hyderabad and Secunderabad
  • Address: Alexander Rd, Kummari Guda, Shivaji Nagar, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003
  • Website:

The foundation for Yashoda Hospitals Group was laid way back in 1989 with the sole goal to provide the best care and treatment for almost all pathologies. And we all know how that turned out. Don’t we? Whether it is about childbirth or other medical problems, Yashoda Hospitals Group is considered to be the best healthcare provider. Take the Yashoda hospital located in Secunderabad as an example. When you check for the best multi-specialty hospitals list of Hyderabad online, if the publishers haven't included Yashoda Hospitals' name in it, there are higher chances that the list/post is completely biased. If you are planning to pay a visit to this hospital, make sure to consult with experts like Dr. P Usha Rani, Dr. V Padmini, and Dr. Bhagya Lakshmi.

5. BirthRight by Rainbow

BirthRight by Rainbow
  • Address: 22, Road No - 4, old road no-10, Karvy Lanes, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034
  • Website:

Last but not least we have the BirthRight By Rainbow hospitals group on our list. Rainbow hospitals group has multiple maternity hospitals all over Karnataka state. And since most of their maternity hospitals are NABH certified, that’s why people trust BirthRight Hospitals. Natural delivery, C-section delivery, and emergency delivery services are available for new mothers. And the overall vibe of the hospital is quite positive and comforting to keep the patients relaxed before, during, and after the delivery. There are newborn care facilities and services are also available to make sure the newborn is fit and healthy after delivery.

Final Thoughts

That’ll do it. These were our top 5 picks in terms of the best maternity hospitals located in Hyderabad City. We have tried our best to explain why you should choose any of these hospitals, but now it is your turn. Go ahead and pay a visit to these hospitals for a tour to check for the facilities and other important factors by yourself.

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