Top 5 Best Maternity Hospitals in Gurgaon

You must take additional care of yourself as well as your unborn child to ensure a smooth and trouble-free pregnancy. Pregnancy lasts for ten months and is broken up into three trimesters. There are several physiological & hormonal changes in both the expectant mother's body and the growing fetus during each trimester. Because every pregnancy is unique, you should select your maternity facility based on your needs and specifications.

Not everyone should go to a maternity hospital. Here, we've compiled a list of Gurgaon's top maternity facilities, all of which have a reputation for offering excellent medical care at reasonable prices with a kind staff. Let us take a thorough look at all 5 of them below –

List of Top Maternity Hospitals in Gurgaon

1. Cloudnine Hospital

Cloudnine Hospital
  • Address: Plot Number, A2, MSJ House, Mayfield Garden Landmark, Gurgaon
  • Website:

For all of your maternity needs, Cloudnine Hospital is among the most prospective maternity hospitals. High-caliber obstetricians, IVF specialists, gynecologists, counselors, etc. are all employed by the institution. The medical professionals are all skilled and knowledgeable. The staff here is also incredibly welcoming and accommodating. Gynecology services are offered round-the-clock and are well-equipped with modern amenities. The hospital offers a variety of maternity, gynecological, pediatric, cosmetology, and reproductive services. Additionally, they provide a terrific collection of pregnant books to aid in understanding, navigating, and enjoying pregnancy's many stages.

2. CK Birla Hospital

CK Birla Hospital
  • Address: Block J, CK Birla Hospital, Sector 51, Gurugram
  • Website:

You should think of CK Birla as a leading hospital in Gurgaon for painless deliveries, menopause clinics, and management of high-risk pregnancies and infertility. In Gurgaon, a hospital with NABH accreditation works hard to give its patients access to top-notch medical care and treatment. Dr. Rohan Khandelwal is a superb medical professional that is dedicated to providing patients with top-notch care. The staff is very upbeat and cheerful, especially in the delivery room, which helps the patient & their family feel at ease. The CK Birla Group is a $2.4 billion, diversified company that is rapidly expanding. It has a wide range of holdings in the healthcare, automotive, education, technology, building, and home industries. The organization has nearly 150 years of history and is well known for its charity, long-lasting relationships, and collaborations founded on trust.

3. Navjeevan Hospital & Maternity Centre

Navjeevan Hospital & Maternity Centre
  • Address: 281/26, Manohar Nagar Basai Road, Gurugram
  • Website: N/A

Another well-known hospital can be found on Basai Road, close to Pataudi Chowk in Gurgaon. The founder of this facility is Dr. Manish Jain, a general practitioner, and his wife, Dr. Shikha Jain, a gynecologist. The Navjeevan Hospital & Maternity Centre offers various amenities for patient treatment, including ambulances, air-conditioned rooms, general beds, and a pharmacy. It is widely known for maternity, gynecology, urology, and pediatrics. The fee is truly minimal. A sanitary canteen is conveniently located near the hospital as well. The hospital caters to all maternity needs with top-notch treatments that are appreciated by all patients who have come here.

4. Apollo Cradle Hospital

Apollo Cradle & Children's Hospital
  • Address: Sector 14, 1, 2 & 3, Delhi Rd, Gurugram
  • Website:

Sector 14 in Gurugram is home to the multi-specialty center known as Apollo Cradle. For obstetrics, gynecology, and neonatology, the hospital provides a top-notch, cutting-edge infrastructure. Numerous skilled medical professionals with specialties in endocrinology, nutrition, urology, cardiology, and physiotherapy work there. In the hospital, Dr. Raktima Chakrabarty comes highly recommended. Excellent gynecology services are provided by the hospital. Furthermore, to prevent the transmission and contamination of Covid-19, the medical staff at this facility adheres to highly tight healthcare standards.

5. Vaishnavi Nursing Home

Vaishnavi Nursing Home
  • Address: NH-8, Near Roseland School, near Hero Honda chowk, Sector 33, Gurugram
  • Website:

To provide a mother and child care facility with the newest technology and amenities for gynecology, obstetrics, infertility, pediatrics, and neonatology as well as advanced laparoscopic and general surgery, Vaishnavi Nursing Home was founded. Popular mother & child care facility Vaishnavi Nursing Home was established in Gurgaon in 2011. The clinic is well-equipped with the most up-to-date tools and amenities, and it is highly specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, infertility, pediatrics, and neonatology in addition to performing cutting-edge general and laparoscopic procedures. The nursing home's doctors, nurses, as well as other staff members, are highly helpful and compassionate. To deal with the emotional changes that occur throughout various stages of pregnancy, you can also take advantage of psychological counseling sessions.


There are numerous maternity hospitals in Gurgaon, but we only selected the top ones with comprehensive maternity facilities and reasonable maternity packages. In addition to providing sophisticated maternity care, they also regularly hold workshops and counseling sessions with the goal of teaching expectant parents on a variety of topics, including labor progression, breathing exercises, childbirth preparations, movement, etc. Examine each hospital separately and then choose the best one. We hope that our list assisted you in the best ways.

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