Top 5 Best Naturopathy Centre In Kerala

As a holistic form of healthcare that harnesses the power of nature to heal and restore balance, Naturopathy is the perfect choice for anyone looking to escape the fast-paced, stressful world and connect with their inner selves. Kerala, with its lush green landscapes and pristine waters, is for sure the ultimate destination for those seeking a revitalizing experience. And at its Naturopathy centers, you'll find a world of tranquility, where ancient techniques and modern-day innovations are combined to create a unique and transformative experience.

And to help you escape the hustle and bustle of daily busy life, we have combined a list of the top 5 best naturopathy centers in Kerala. So, if you are ready to rediscover your inner self and peace, then you must visit a Naturopathy center, and what better place to find one than Kerala? Let's get started now.

List of Top Best Naturopathy Centre In Kerala

1. Pranavam Naturopathy Ayurveda Diet and Yoga Clinic

Pranavam Naturopathy Ayurveda Diet and Yoga Clinic
  • Address: Mudra 139 - CC19/773 Mudavan Mukal Main Road, Kerala 695012

When you first begin your research about the top and best naturopathy place or center in Kerala, you’ll find Pranavam Naturopathy clinic’s name coming right up the search results. Even there are many blog posts, and sources recommending this naturopathy clinic. But why’s that? Well, Pranavam Naturopathy clinic offers a wide range of facilities, from diet-related consultancy to full-fledged ayurvedic treatments.

2. Rainbow Jeevalayam

  • Address: P O, South Palayoor Chavakkad, Guruvayur, Kerala 680506

Well, if you belong to Kerala, you may have already heard of the name Rainbow Jeevalayam. And that’s because it is that much popular in the state when it comes to ayurvedic or naturopathy centers. The thing that makes this particular naturopathy center stand out from the rest is that they have proper location setups out in the open for patients to connect with nature and have treatment. Not just that, Rainbow Jeevalayam is also promoting natural hygiene, which counts as a special highlight for this place.

3. Prathyasha Nature Cure Center

  • Address: Therthally, Kerala, Poyil - Moolothumkunnu Rd, Kannur, Kerala 670571

If you want to visit a naturopathy center to opt for various treatments that help you calm and relax your body or mind tension, then this is the place for you. Prathyasha Nature Cure Center isn’t the most popular one in Kerala, but we’d say that the potential of this place to help out people and make them reconnect with nature is quite underrated. Another thing that we like particularly about this naturopathy center is that almost all the services are made available at really affordable price points, so you don’t have any excess left to head out of your home and visit Prathyasha Nature Cure Center.

4. Prakrthi Naturopathy Hospital

  • Address: Health Centre Rd, Mukkam, Kerala 673602

When you walk through the doors of Prakrthi Naturopathy Hospital, you won’t even realize that you are visiting a healthcare provider center. But not any healthcare services, here you get top-notch naturopathy services. Whether you are in need of regular yoga sessions, quick mud baths, or complex ayurvedic or naturopathy treatments, Prakrthi Naturopathy Hospital is the place you should visit.

5. Ayusmat Naturopathy & Yoga Hospital

  • Address: Beach Road, Andhakaranazhy, Chertala, Alappuzha, Kerala 688531

Often people wanna get discharged from a hospital or medical center, but the case with a naturopathy clinic or center is completely different. There, you would want to spend as much time as possible. And the case is no different with Ayusmat Naturopathy & Yoga Hospital. You’ll feel dazzled or mesmerized by the ambiance of this palace as soon as you walk through the doors. And their special treatments, yoga sessions, massage sessions, and other activities will make you experience heavenly.


There you have it. Now you know which places to consider when you are looking forward to reconnecting with nature, clearing out your mind, and relaxing your body. These top 5 best naturopathy centers aren’t just popular in the Kerala states, but people around the neighboring states also visit these naturopathy centers.

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