Top 10 Best Naturopathy Centres in India

Naturopathy is gaining a lot of recognition in today's era. If you are new to Naturopathy, we would like to share some basic details about Naturopathy. Under naturopathy, the human body is healed using a holistic approach. This domain doesn't target the symptoms, but it targets treating the basic causes of the disease. You are taught about the benefits of natural products, and during the treatment, only organic products, along with ancient science, are used to treat your mind, soul and body. Many people consider naturopathy a better alternative to allopathic treatment, which may only focus on treating the symptoms.

The treatment under naturopathy helps the body in healing itself naturally. Usually, during naturopathy, the five major elements are used to treat you. These elements include fire, air, water, earth and ether. Each treatment is different, and the treatment may use one or more elements to help you get rid of toxins and ailments. There are many researches on naturopathy, and some of the research papers have documented the benefits of naturopathy. The experts have claimed that naturopathy can help you with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression, PCOD, musculoskeletal ailments and many other things.

Naturopathy Center in India

You now have a brief idea of naturopathy and how it can benefit you. The biggest benefit of naturopathy is that no chemicals are used in the treatment. Apart from this, it is also essential to choose the best naturopathy centre for yourself. So, let us jump on to the next section and learn more about the same.

Important Things to Consider While Selecting a Naturopathy Centre

We are glad that you are taking the first step towards naturopathy. An important aspect of the treatment is choosing a good naturopathy centre. In this section, we have listed some important factors you must consider while selecting a naturopathy centre. Check out the pointers below.

  • Location & Environment – One of the most important things when choosing a naturopathy centre is the location of the centre. It should be away from the hustle of the city, and it should also not be around a polluted area. Some people prefer naturopathy centres in hilly regions or rural areas.
  • Amenities – Your stay at the naturopathy centre must be comfortable. In such a case, you must check out the amenities before enrolling in a centre. You must check if naturopathy has good accommodations, organic food, a recreation centre, a steam room, an open garden and doctor's support. Many naturopathy centres offer treatment ranging across multiple days.
  • Signature Treatments – Another important factor to check in the naturopathy centre is their signature treatments. Some people prefer centres that offer panchakarma treatments, while others prefer treatments like colon hydrotherapy, water pressure massage and Ayurveda rituals.
  • Cost – The last point to check is the cost of the packages. Budget is an important consideration, and you would want to enrol in a centre that matches your expectations in terms of the price. So, go ahead and check out the cost in advance. Also, check out the inclusions and exclusions to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

List of Top Naturopathy Centres in India

If you are still finding it difficult to choose a naturopathy centre, then do not worry. In this section, we have listed some of the best naturopathy centres in India. We have considered patient review and many other factors while compiling this list.

1. Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat Centre, Nashik

The best naturopathy centre in India is located in Nashik. This centre is located close to Lake Beale and is surrounded by nature. It is one of the best places to get naturopathy treatment. They specialize in massage therapies, mud therapies, hydro therapies and other natural cures. The villas at Nirvana naturopathy centre are all lake-facing. While staying at Nirvana, your day starts at 6 am, and you go through various therapies until 10 pm. The centre offer packages for 7, 10 and 21 days, and the cost includes food, accommodation and treatment.

2. Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan, Haryana

At number 2, we have Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan Sansthan in Haryana. The centre offers 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 packages. In addition, the centre is spread across a 102-acre area with natural surroundings. You can seek consultation and customize your treatment plan according to your needs. The centre has multiple options for accommodation. Here, the cost of a 7-day treatment starts at Rs 23,100, and it can go up to Rs 32900 depending on the room category. The tariffs include accommodation, meals, consultation, treatment, yoga, and access to other amenities.

3. Aayushmaan Nature Cure & Naturopathy Centre, Chennai

If you are looking for a naturopathy centre in the southern part of the country, you must try Aayushmaan Nature Cure & Naturopathy Health Centre. This centre is spread across a 15-acre mango orchard, and the centre focuses on the treatments which will help you get rid of the toxins in the body. The packages available at this centre are also very affordable because of which many people give preference to the centre. With all world-class amenities, Aayushmaan centre surely offers a comfortable stay to the people.

4. Nimba Nature Care Village, Ahmedabad

Next on our list is Nimba Natural Care Village. This institute was set up under the guidance of Dr Shyam Nidugala, and it is considered to be one of the best naturopathy centres in the world. The name Nimba is derived from the Neem Tree, which has purifying properties. Nimba has a positive environment and offers a wide range of programs. The centre also has 5-star accommodation, organic farms, hydrotherapy pools, and a meditation cave. You can choose from multiple packages offered at Nimba.

5. SOUKYA, Bangalore

Bangalore has a hectic life, and in the midst of all the hustle, you need time to relax. If you are looking for a naturopathy centre in Bangalore, you must explore Soukya. This centre is spread across 30 acres, and you must try an extended stay here. Soukya has amenities like organic dining, a game room, a swimming pool, a meditation hall and healing chambers. Doctors at Soukya use a multi-disciplinary approach to heal your body. SOUKYA is slightly expensive, mainly because of the luxury amenities and tailored treatments.

6. Kaya Kalp, Palampur

Many confuse the Kaya Kalp with the ITC spa, but this is not the case. Kaya Kalp is an affordable naturopathy centre in Palampur. If you visit here, you will get the treatment in the lap of the Dhauladhar range. There are multiple stay options, and the cost of therapies starts at as low as Rs 55. If you are looking for a naturopathy experience at a nominal fee, then Kaya Kalp is the place for you. Another advantage of staying here is the clean air and the mesmerizing view.

7. National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune

If you are looking for a government-owned centre, you can also explore the National Institute of Naturopathy in Pune. This centre was launched in 1944, and it falls under the scope of the Ministry of Aayush. The National Institute of Naturopathy is located in Bapu Bhavan, and once upon a time, it was chaired by Mahatma Gandhi. The centre offers free consultation during OPD, and the treatment cost is very minimal. The acupuncture therapies are offered for free. Moreover, you can avail of steam bath, massage, mud bath, chromo bath, water pressure massage and magneto therapy here.

8. Sanjeevini Wellness Institute of Naturopathy and Yoga, Hyderabad

Hyderabad has many naturopathy centres, and Sanjeevini is one of them. This centre is in a prime location and is easily accessible. Apart from offering naturopathy, the centre also offers other treatments for weight loss, panchakarma and other ailment recovery programs. The doctors here modify the program as per your ailments. In addition, the hospital has many insurance companies in the panel, so you can even get a cashless treatment here.

9. Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bangalore

Jindal Naturecure Institute is a naturopathy centre in Bangalore. This centre has an experience of over 40 years. The centre offers specialized treatments like Mud Therapy, Hydro Therapy and other naturopathy treatments. These treatments are designed to balance internal harmony and release the toxins accumulated in the body. There are three categories of accommodation available here and the cost of accommodation for an economy-type room starts at Rs 1300. The centre also offers free accommodation to needy people. Please note that the treatment charge here is not a part of the accommodation or the package cost.

10. Natural Healz, Gurgaon

The last naturopathy centre on the list is Natural Healz. This centre is also located in Gurgaon, and it has various programs that focus on reducing stress and treating ailments. The centre doesn't have accommodation available, so most treatment plans are daycare packages. The centre has a fully equipped spa centre. It is also among one the few centres that provide online naturopathy treatment. During the online program, you are given online consultation every week so that you can alter your lifestyle accordingly.

Final Note

If you are suffering from a chronic illness, we recommend opting for naturopathy. We assure you that you will feel better after starting the treatment. Today, many health insurances cover naturopathy as well since it is a well-recognized field of treatment. You can choose any of the centres above, and you will surely love the services you get. The experts at these centres can recommend a package of the line of treatment best suited for you.

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