Top 5 Best Ortho Hospital In Coimbatore 

Our body consists of small and large bones, and these bones should be healthy for proper functioning. But sometimes, bone injuries are taken for granted, leading to permanent body pain in future years.

Most bones-related injuries are due to negligence, sports, and heavy physical activity. If not handled properly by an expert, it can lead to severe pain or improper functioning of the damaged body part. A good orthopedic hospital has a team of skilled and experienced orthopaedists and facilities for advanced diagnostics and complex procedures such as joint replacements.

Coimbatore is a hub for orthopedic treatments due to its multiple hospitals in orthopedic care. Some of the best ortho hospitals in this city have been discussed here.

List of Best Orthopaedic Hospital In Coimbatore

1. VGM Hospital


VGM Hospital is a 100 bedded super speciality NABH accredited orthopaedic hospital providing world-class ortho care. This hospital's comprehensive orthopedic services include joint replacement, knee replacement, advanced trauma surgeries, limb reconstruction surgeries, arthroscopy, pediatric orthopedics, spine surgeries, sports medicines, and more.

VGM has many orthopaedists, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, and anesthesiologists. It has a 12 bedded ICU and five bedded emergency department. Other facilities include 24×7 emergency and trauma care, 24×7 laboratory, pharmacy, and ambulance service.

  • Address: 2100/2, Trichy Road, Rajalakshmi Mills Stop, Singanallur, Coimbatore- 641005

2. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital 

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is a multispecialty centre. The original hospital building has 1000 beds, while the newly established super specialty center has 230 beds. This hospital's orthopedic department comprises an experienced team of surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists, and paramedics, along with the latest equipment.

Treatment procedures in this hospital include anterior and posterior cruciate ligament surgery, pelvic fracture fixation, intra-articular fracture fixation surgery, rotator cuff surgery, spine fracture management, polytrauma management, hip replacement, knee replacement, and bone tumor surgery.

  • Address: No: 395, Sarojini Naidu Road, Sidhapudur, Coimbatore – 641044

3. KG Hospital 

KG Hospital is a multispeciality hospital established in the year 1974. It is a NABH and NABL-accredited hospital and also a postgraduate medical college. The orthopaedic department of this hospital houses a joint replacement centre which is a hub of multiple kinds of replacement surgeries such as knee replacement, hip replacement, elbow replacement, and shoulder replacement.

Treatments for arthritis, sports injuries, back pain, and other conditions are also provided with finesse in this hospital.

Address: 10 Shrivaari Ramakrishna Garden Sathy Road, Coimbatore- 641006

4. Royal Care Hospital 

Royal Care Superspeciality Hospital started in 2015 as a 50-bed hospital and has now expanded to a 750-bed super speciality centre. This hospital houses a large number of departments, including orthopedics. The orthopaedic department has a team of highly qualified orthopaedists to treat all kinds of conditions right, from injuries to major ailments requiring surgeries.

The procedures carried out in this hospital include complex trauma surgeries, joint replacements, knee treatments, shoulder treatments, and arthroscopy. There is also a 24 hours fracture clinic to treat all kinds of fractures.

  • Address: No. 1/520, Neelambur, Coimbatore- 641062

5. Rex Ortho Hospital 

Rex Ortho Hospital was established in the year 2003. It is an advanced centre for trauma and orthopedic care. In addition, this hospital is also a postgraduate training college accredited by NBE, Delhi.

This hospital specializes in joint replacement, trauma surgeries, foot and ankle surgeries, diabetic foot management, foot and ankle surgeries, arthroscopy, micro spine surgeries, and more.

  • Address: 43 RR Layout, R.S Puram, Coimbatore- 641002


The best ortho hospitals in Coimbatore are well known for providing highly effective treatments and safe surgical procedures for all orthopaedic conditions. The above list provides a good idea about the hospitals to look for for orthopaedic care.

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