Top 5 Best Psychiatric Hospital In Chennai

Loss of loved ones and other similar tragedies can significantly traumatize a person, resulting in severe mental distress in some situations. In such circumstances, it occurs when the individual suffering from such trauma has a strong sense that his or her life will never be normal again. This kind of mental state leads to addiction, and sleeping problems, and affects physical health as well. And being in such a state for a long period can lead to mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, etc. And if any loved one of yours is suffering from such disorders or mental distress, then it’s better to seek help from the best psychiatrists or psychiatric hospitals in India as soon as possible.

And today’s post is solely dedicated to the top 5 best psychiatric hospitals in Chennai city. So, if you live in or around Chennai city, you can check out these hospitals for the best psychiatric assistance from the top psychiatrists in the country.

List of Top Psychiatric Hospital In Chennai

Let’s get down to the major highlighting features and facilities of these hospitals.

1. Shadithya Hospital

Shadithya Hospital
  • Address: SHADITHYA HOSPITAL, No: 7, Tannery St, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043
  • Website:

When you search for the term “Best psychiatric hospital in Chennai,” Shadithya Hospital’s name comes right up in the search results. It is a hospital managed by a group of highly experienced and talented psychiatrists. With medical professionals like Dr. Sree Prathap and Dr. Mythilli, Shadithya Hospital is for sure the best psychiatric and mental health hospital in the entirety of Chennai. However, it is a Multi-Speciality hospital, and there are dedicated departments for other diseases as well. The hospital itself is built in such a way as to provide all the necessary facilities to the patients. This way, patients can feel comfortable while getting diagnosed and when having treatment at Shadithya Hospital. You can check out the reviews online from recent patients, and you’ll know why it is the best psychiatric hospital in Chennai city.

2. Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospital Greams Road
  • Address: Greams Lane, 21, Greams Rd, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006
  • Website:

Apollo Hospital Group is known to provide the best treatment and care to patients in the entire nation. No matter which part of India you belong to, you may already have heard about Apollo Hospitals since they’ve branches all across India. The one located in Chennai city near Greams Road is considered to be one of the best psychiatric hospitals, not just in Chennai but all across Tamil Nadu. Again, this hospital is also a Multi-Speciality hospital but they have a dedicated department to provide care and treatment to people suffering from mental distress and disorders. And since there are experienced professionals like Dr. Muthu Krishnan and Dr. Sheshadri Harihar available for assistance, you can consult everything related to your mental state to get treatment accordingly. And because it's an Apollo hospital, there’s nothing to be pointed out as a negative in terms of the infrastructure.

3. Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital

Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital
  • Address: 1, 200 Feet Radial Rd, Dandeeswarar Nagar, Rose Avenue, Pallikaranai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100
  • Website:

Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital is known to be the best tertiary health care hospital in Chennai city. But it is a perfect place for getting treatment related to mental disorders and consulting with top psychiatrists. In terms of the bed capacity, this hospital is a little smaller than others, but still, at Dr. Kamakshi Memorial, they can handle dozens of critical patients at once if needed. And that is all possible because of the highly talented and dedicated staff members, nurses, and team of doctors. Throughout the year, this hospital has gained the trust of a lot of people when it comes to the best health care providers in the city.

4. Prashanth Superspeciality Hospital

Prashanth Superspeciality Hospital
  • Address: 36 & 36A, Velachery Rd, Dhandeeswaram, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042
  • Website:

As a psychiatric hospital, Prashanth Superspeciality Hospital is quite underrated, but for areas of health care, it’s known to be one of the best hospitals in the entire city. It may seem like a general hospital at first, but the highly talented and experienced professionals working at this hospital 24*7 make it a special one among the others. The same goes for the psychiatric department. At Prashanth Superspeciality Hospital, they have professionals like Dr. T Siva Elango, Dr. S. Sumithra Devi, and Dr. Shilpa. These professionals have more than enough experience to understand the mental state of every patient to provide solutions and treatment regarding psychiatric disorders and psychological problems.

5. Manashasthra Integrated Mind care

Manashasthra Integrated Mind care
  • Address: No:284A, Mettukuppam Road Anna Industrial Estate, Porur, Cmda Colony, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600095
  • Website:

Last but not least is the Manashasthra Integrated Mind Care hospital. As compared to the others in this list, this psychiatric hospital is for sure a little underrated. And it is a relatively new established hospital, but still, the track record has been quite good throughout the years. You can check out reviews of recent patients who got great improvement and treatment for their psychological problems from Manashasthra Integrated Mind Care Hospital. The infrastructure of this hospital is capable enough to provide a comfortable environment to the patients with all the necessary facilities.

Final Thoughts

These were our top 5 picks in terms of the best psychiatric hospitals in Chennai city. We have tried our best to explain why you should prefer one of these hospitals over the others. And your research shouldn't end with this list. Go ahead and visit the websites of each hospital to find out more about the facilities, experience of the psychiatrists, appointment availability, and other details.

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