Top 5 Best Psychiatric Hospitals in Kerala

One of the locations in modern medicine with the most stigma is the "psych department." How many people are able to immediately link a mental health condition to a health issue? One of the reasons a mental health problem is frequently disregarded is due to this. But regrettably, there are a lot of people in India who have mental health problems and who do not receive the necessary treatment and attention.

One of the greatest presents anyone could ever offer is to extend a helping hand to someone who is in need. Today we are here to help you with the top 5 Best Psychiatric Hospitals in Kerala. Let us look at them below –

List of Top Psychiatric Hospitals in Kerala

1. Rajagiri Hospital

Rajagiri Hospital
  • Address: Near GTN Junction, Chunangamvely Aluva, Kochi, Kerala
  • Website:

First on our list is the Rajagiri Hospital. Two psychiatrists along with a psychologist work in the Department of Psychiatry. The hospital offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a variety of mental conditions, including addictions, schizophrenia, dementia, depression, and anxiety. Psychological therapy, individual and family counseling, and pharmaceutical interventions are all part of the outpatient treatment options. They also operate specialized clinics for the well-being of medical professionals, as well as for dementia & de-addiction (alcohol, smoking, narcotics, gambling, and internet addiction). The Outpatient Department of the hospital works from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening as per prior appointments taken.

2. Metro Mind Hospital

Metro Mind Hospital
  • Address: Rajagiri Rd, South Kalamassery, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala
  • Website:

A group of medical professionals came up with Metro Mind because they think a fresh approach to treating mental diseases may do wonders for the state of mental health. When someone in need of assistance seeks treatment from Metro Mind, they strive to offer premium quality care, starting with an evaluation by a team of professionals made up of a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, etc. Following examination, a customized management plan tailored to the needs of the individual is created and properly presented to both the person and his carers. All of the available management choices are explained to them and explored with them before treatment begins. Through consultation, Metro Mind includes additional medical specializations like neurology, endocrinology, etc. as needed.

3. Mary Matha Hospital

Mary Matha Hospital
  • Address: Revive Mind Health, SH40, Vazhithala, Kerala
  • Website:

The Mary Matha Hospital receives hundreds of patients each year. The highly qualified medical professionals of this hospital have an elaborative experience in managing uncommon mental conditions. Every facet of care is integrated at Mary Matha, and teams of specialists collaborate to give patients the precise care they require. In many cases, here, what may take months elsewhere, takes only a few days. The specialists at Mary Matha Hospital are among the top in the State. Mary Matha Hospital consistently ranks among the nation's top hospitals in the Kerala News along with Country Report rankings of best hospitals. They provide therapy for those with anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorders, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, delusional disorders, psychosis, and behavioral issues associated with dementia under the behavioral health care program.

4. InMind Hospital

InMind Hospital
  • Address: Old Minalur Road, Kuranchery, Athani, Minalur, Kerala
  • Website:

InMind Hospital offers excellent patient care in a caring setting that upholds a person's dignity and fosters autonomy. They adhere to worldwide standards and have superior personnel, processes, and policies to deliver the best care. The hospital encourages self-management as much as it can, and as a result, teaches patients skills that will enable them to lead regular lives. Many people with mental diseases face challenges in life; they are available to offer support and skill development. They inform patients and their families that their assessment activity lasts two to three hours and that their examinations are thorough. REVIEW Outpatient sessions are tailored to the patient's evaluated needs and often last no longer than an hour. Patients who require group therapy or psychological therapies attend these sessions as scheduled. These meetings typically last one hour.

5. Viveka Hospital

Viveka Hospital
  • Address: YMCA Cross Road, Opposite Marina Residency, Kozhikode, Kerala
  • Website:

One of the best Psychiatric Hospitals in Calicut is Viveka Hospital, which offers various forms of including individual, psychotherapy, family, and group treatment, to alleviate mental distress. Their Psychiatric Specialists are specialists in providing individualized care and useful behavioral management techniques for treating mental disorders and substance misuse issues. The complex and varied mental health requirements of the patients of Viveka Hospital are met. Their skilled staff can successfully treat psychiatric illnesses such as substance addiction, suicidal thoughts, psychotic disorders, anxiety, phobias, dissociative & personality disorders, depression, mood disorders, and psychotic disorders that are resistant to therapy.


When it comes to finding the best Psychiatric Hospital in Kerala we understand that the whole process can become difficult. This is why we are here to offer our help with the above list where we have picked the best Psychiatric Hospital you can easily find in Kerala. We hope that all the information we managed to provide helped you. For more information about appointments and hospital admissions, you may directly call the hospital of your choice.

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