Top 5 Best Psychiatric Hospitals in Kolkata

People seek psychiatric assistance for a variety of reasons. Sudden difficulties include panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, terrifying hallucinations, or hearing "voices." Alternatively, they could be more enduring, such as depressive, hopeless, or anxious sensations that never appear to go away, and functional issues that persistently give life the impression of being chaotic or beyond control.

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on recognizing, treating, and preventing emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders. A psychiatrist is an M.D. who specializes in mental health, notably substance use disorders. Psychological and physical aspects of mental issues are evaluated by psychiatrists. Given below we have listed the top 5 psychiatric hospitals in Kolkata in 2022 –

List of  Top Psychiatric Hospitals in Kolkata

1. Ramkrishna Medical Complex

Ramkrishna Medical Complex Kolkata
  • Address: 132/2/12 Narkeldanga Main Road, Near B C ROY Children’s Hospital, Kankurgachi-700054
  • Website:

On number 1 we have the Ramkrishna Medical Complex, which is situated in Kolkata on Narkeldanga Main Road. It is one of the most well-known medical facilities in the area. The practitioner has gained the utmost trust of many Narkeldanga Main Road locals over the years. B C ROY Children's Hospital is conveniently next to Ramkrishna Medical Complex. In Kolkata, the Ramkrishna Complex provides patients with the most recent medical expertise in addition to the professional and kind staff. The doctors always prioritize the needs of their patients while providing excellent care and guidance. The hospital has a well-known neuropsychiatry department catering to the different needs of patients with mental illnesses.

2. Antara Psychiatric Center

Antara Psychiatric Center
  • Address:Gobindapur Road, Dakshin Gobindapur-700145
  • Website:

Antara Psychiatric Center at Kolkata's Gobindapur Road is categorized as a mental hospital. Many people of Gobindapur Road have developed a great deal of faith in the practitioners throughout the years. Not only is the hospital regarded as one of the finest in Kolkata, but also in West Bengal. The foundation of ANTARA is distinctive and transcends caste, color, and faith. The founders of the goal to help individuals who cannot afford healthcare and have no true sanctuary worked together with a diverse cross-section of people from throughout the world to make Antara successful. The realization that individuals who are less fortunate than themselves experience just as much mental anguish has also been brought home by Antara. Today, Antara is recognized as an exceptional hospital in psychiatry.

3. Mental Health Research Centre

Mental Health Research Centre
  • Address: 164/A/2, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens Kolkata - 700045
  • Website:

Experienced psychiatrists at the Mental Health Research Centre strive to offer patients high-quality, easily-accessible, and affordable psychiatric and psychological support. To easily provide specialized psychiatric consultation, psychotherapy, and counseling to the population of the city & outside the city limit, the MHRC clinic is ideally located in a prime position in Kolkata. For a wide range of psychiatric & psychological conditions like psychosis, depression, insomnia, addiction, OCD, panic disorder, ADHD, autism, academic problems, and other conditions, clinicians at the mental health research center gladly accept the first visit consultation, the next follow-up consultation, as well as second opinion assessments. Every patient's medical privacy is treated with the utmost care at the MHRC.

4. Samikshani Center for Mental Health

  • Address: 37 South End Park. Kolkata 700029
  • Website:

Samikshani is a non-profit organisation. It is a leader in integrating awareness campaigns with psychiatric and psychotherapy expertise to address mental suffering as a psycho-social phenomenon. The cornerstone of maintaining the services offered is the education of mental health professionals, which is necessary to accomplish these goals. Therefore, Samikshani also provides a range of education programs for candidates. A group of mental health specialists, including psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and psychometrists, work together to provide excellent service quality while keeping prices down. Because all of the organization's members contribute voluntarily, it has continued to be a voluntary organization. The Parshad, an elected executive body, and a general body of roughly 80 people make up Samikshani.

5. Advanced Neuropsychiatric Institute 

Advanced Neuropsychiatric Institute 
  • Address: Kalua, Joka, Kolkata, West Bengal 700104
  • Website:

Since 2005, the Advanced Neuropsychiatric Institute has developed as a new frontier, providing modernized therapy for those who suffer from various Mental Disorders. constructed in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of Thakurpukur, Behala located in Kolkata. A team of qualified psychiatrists, family therapists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and other kinds of healthcare professionals run ANI. A.N.I. puts a lot of effort into creating a secure environment for those with mental illness. By raising their voices at numerous seminars and awareness campaigns, we fight for their rights and aim to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness. Many of us frequently experience shame while discussing our mental health, which causes us problems.


Seeking help when you need it is the best thing you can do for yourself. People still stigmatize mental illnesses. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you or your loved ones need professional help with the same, we are sure our list of the top 5 psychiatric hospitals in Kolkata must help you.

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