Top 10 Best ToothBrush Brands in India

Back in the day, people used to use neem twigs for oral hygiene, which is an incredibly effective method. However, now it is much harder to find neem trees around you, that’s why things like ToothBrushes and ToothPastes have made the whole oral hygiene thing much easier for all of us. And many people admit that they can go a day or two without a shower, but they must clean their teeth every single day, otherwise, it feels like a part of their life is missing. Which is 100% true in our opinion. So yeah, regular brushing is something we all need. And if your toothbrush is comfortable, and cleans every corner of your mouth, then it is like a cherry on top. So, if you were recently thinking of changing your old brush to a new one, we are here with a list of the top 10 best toothbrush brands in India, to help you out with that. Here we will go over, what are the different types of toothbrushes you can buy, and what are the top brands that offer quality in the form of toothbrushes. Let’s get down to it then.

Types Of Toothbrushes


Most of you may know just about manual or electric toothbrushes, but there is a lot to this story, and we are here to uncover just that. Let’s take a look at different types of ToothBrushes that are present in the Indian market.

  1. Manual Toothbrushes: Ah, the classics! These are your everyday toothbrushes. Depending on how you like it, you can grab one with soft, medium, or even hard bristles.
  2. Electric Toothbrushes: Imagine a toothbrush with a tiny motor in it. Sounds cool, right? That's exactly what these are. The motor makes the brush head dance in a certain way, which some folks believe gives a superior clean.
  3. Sonic and Ultrasonic Toothbrushes: Now, these are the electric toothbrushes' super-charged cousins. They vibrate super-fast, reaching those tricky spots and even breaking up some of the bad bacteria partying in your mouth.
  4. Interdental Brushes: Ever seen a mini brush? That's them! Perfect for getting between those teeth gaps. Especially handy if you’re rocking braces or have some dental bridges in place.
  5. Eco-friendly Toothbrushes: If you're looking to give our dear Earth a hug, these brushes are your go-to. Made from eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, they’re designed to decompose and not add to our ever-growing trash mountains.
  6. Children's Toothbrushes: Little brushes for our little ones! Soft, gentle, and often decked out with fun designs that might just get your kiddo a tad more excited about brushing.
  7. Orthodontic Toothbrushes: Got braces? Then this type of toothbrush is your new best friend. Crafted with unique bristles, they’re all about cleaning around those wires and brackets.

Top ToothBrush Brands In India

1. Oral B

If you've brushed your teeth (and we hope you have!), you've probably come across this superstar from the USA. Back in the days of 1950, there was a smart dude named Robert W. Hutson from Redwood City, California. He looked at regular toothbrushes and thought, “I can do better!” So, he jazzed things up a bit by discovering that thin nylon thingies (or filaments, for the fancy folks) could do wonders for our teeth and gums. In 1950, he showed off his genius and got a patent for his shiny new toothbrush. The brand's first brush? It was called “Oral-B 60.” Bet you're wondering why? It's because of its 60 tufts. Clever, right? When it came to India, Oral-B shook things up. They saw how much we love our traditional Neem and voila, they introduced a 'Neem Extract' toothbrush. Talk about knowing the audience! What's truly special about Oral-B is their knack for mixing innovation with the genuine needs of folks like us.

2. Colgate

Every time you say toothpaste, what’s the first name that pops into your head? For most of us, it's Colgate. The story starts 214 years ago with Mr. William Colgate. Now, fun fact, before they made our smiles brighter, they were busy with soaps and candles. Toothpaste in jars? Yep, that was their thing in 1873, before they made the smart switch to tubes. Here in India, we've been brushing and humming their jingles since 1937. Colgate has a knack for tuning into what we Indians really want. They saw that many of us grab toothbrushes on a whim, much like snagging a pack of gum at the checkout. So, they said, “Let’s make our brushes stand out right there in the store!” Smart, right?

3. Sensodyne

Have you ever bitten into an ice cream and felt that sharp, zingy feeling? That’s tooth sensitivity! A lot of us didn’t even know it had a name until Sensodyne sashayed into the scene. In just ten years, this brand became the go-to for everyone seeking relief from sensitivity. They've been outpacing many brands, with an impressive growth rate of 30-40% yearly. But what exactly makes Sensodyne stand out in a sea of flashy ads and catchy tunes? Instead of going all “Bollywood” with celebrity endorsements, they took the serious route. Their ads often have real dentists in white coats, telling us about the nitty-gritty of tooth sensitivity. They're all about teaching folks that ignoring that zingy feeling when sipping cold water isn't the best idea.

4. Caresmith

So, have you heard about Caresmith? Well, if you haven’t, buckle up! This brand is making quite the buzz in India. Rooted in the bustling city of Mumbai, Caresmith kicked off its journey in the year 2018. Yep, they’re still the newbies in this specific market of India, but boy, they're making a mark. They're not just about toothbrushes and oral care. Oh no! These folks have their fingers in many pies, offering products that touch on relaxation, hygiene, and even some cool lifestyle goodies. The secret sauce behind Caresmith's growth? An absolutely dedicated team of health experts with a dream: crafting a top-notch ecosystem for personal health. These guys lean heavily on tech to make that dream come true. Now, looking at their popularity in the country, there's no doubting Caresmith is one brand to watch in the wellness scene.

5. Pepsodent

Alright, let’s travel back in time a little. Imagine it’s 1915 in Chicago, and Pepsodent just hit the toothpaste market. Bet you didn’t know that the name Pepsodent came from pepsin, right? That little ingredient was supposed to tackle all those sneaky food bits on our teeth. Fast forward a bit, and in 1942, Unilever scooped up the brand. That is, everywhere but in the U.S. and Canada. Now, if we hop over to India, Pepsodent made its grand entry in 1992. Since then it has been kind of like a whirlwind of innovation. Take the Pepsodent Germicheck 8 Actions toothpaste as an example. It's like a bodyguard for your mouth, protecting not just your teeth but your cheeks, gums, and tongue too. Their recent innovation, the Sensitive Mineral Active, is like a decade of research in a tube. It's got this magic formula that sorts out teeth sensitivity issues in just 3 days. Impressive, huh?

6. Rusabl

Ready to meet a brand with a big heart and an even bigger eco-vision? Well, then say hello to Rusabl. The people behind this brand are all about green living. Forget those plastic toothbrushes; Rusabl's all about that bamboo life. And that's just one of their earth-friendly alternatives. According to a reliable source, Rusabl caught the eye of Evenflow Brands Tech. Yep, they got snapped up by this e-commerce giant. What’s the game plan, you ask? To make Rusabl the go-to brand for sustainable, budget-friendly daily items. The main man behind Rusabl, Mayank Jain, is now with Evenflow, steering the ship towards a greener horizon. Keep an eye on them; they're set to make green the new thing! And without a doubt, you have got to try their bamboo toothbrushes that are just incredibly impressive.

7. Vi Brush

Ever felt like some toothbrushes are just too harsh? Well, Vi Brush is here for you. They're all about giving your teeth a gentle touch while ensuring they sparkle. Their toothbrushes come with these nifty nano bristles that promise a super soft brushing experience, perfect for sensitive souls and teeth! And get this, they've added a tongue cleaner. Yup, no more awkward separate tongue scraper. These brushes are made especially for us grown-ups and shout out to those with cavities or sensitive teeth because these brushes got your back. They've also thrown in a zig-zag bristle pattern, which is basically their secret sauce to better cleaning. And if you're a germaphobe, you'll love to hear that these brushes have anti-bacterial properties.

8. Close-Up

Who hasn't heard of Close-Up? It's like the most famous brand in the toothpaste scene of India. Most of us probably remember that distinct red gel toothpaste growing up. Yep, that's them! They were one of the first to ditch the boring white paste for a vibrant red, which honestly made brushing a lot cooler. But Close-Up Isn't just about looks. Their main jam is giving you minty fresh breath that has you feeling confident and ready for, well, close-ups! Their ads used to revolve around romance and confidence that kinda says it all. Over time, they've added other flavors and benefits like mouthwash elements, teeth whitening, and even herbal mixes. Especially in India, they've become the go-to brand for fresh breath, and their catchy tunes in ads are pure nostalgia.

9. Dent Aids

Let's dive into a brand that's been around for quite some time, STIM Oral Care by Global Dent Aids. These guys started their journey way back in 1965 and have built a solid reputation in the oral care industry. They're the big name when it comes to making interdental brushes in India. But they're not just about one thing. They've got a whole range of toothpaste, brushes, mouthwash, and even some special brushes. Their emphasis on interdental brushes? That's them showing they're all in on thorough dental care. And the numbers don't lie, they make a whopping 1.4 million interdental brushes. Safe to say, if you're looking for quality interdental brushes in India, this should be your go-to choice.

10. Trisa

Lastly, let’s talk about one more brand that has been recently making quite the buzz in India’s dental care scene. Let's jet over to Switzerland and talk about TRISA. This company's history is like a fine wine, rich and with lots of character. Started in 1887 by six folks from Triengen, this company has seen it all. Their story began with linen weaving, moved to brush making, and then commercial brush production kicked off in 1885. Fast forward to today, and they've got a vast range of personal care products. From toothbrushes (they even have a sonic one!) to hairbrushes, they've got it all. They've even got electronic gadgets under Trisa Electronics. By the 2000s, they'd expanded, acquired some local competitors, and broadened their offerings.


There you have it. Now you have a pretty good understanding of which type of toothbrush you should buy and which brands to trust with your oral hygiene in India. These above-mentioned toothbrush brands are by far the best, and you can try each of these brands’ toothbrushes and decide for yourself which one is the perfect fit for you.

Toothbrush FAQs

Q. What Are The Signs That It's Time To Replace My Toothbrush?

Ans: It's pretty simple actually, all you gotta do is observe when your toothbrush's bristles start to look frayed, or if they don't go back to their shape after drying, it's time for a new one. Oh, and if you accidentally drop it somewhere yucky or share it with someone, better to get a new one in that case too!

Q. Should I Floss Before Or After Using A Toothbrush?

Ans: See, whether you floss before or after brushing, it's always good. What matters is you do both well. But a little tip here is that flossing before might help get those tiny food bits out, so when you brush, it cleans even better.

Q. Are There Eco-Friendly Toothbrush Options Available?

Ans: Absolutely, there are! Have you seen those bamboo toothbrushes? They're great because bamboo grows super fast and can break down naturally. There are also ones made from stuff we've recycled. Oh, and some brands let you change just the head of the brush, so there's less throw-away.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Soft, Medium, And Hard Bristle Toothbrushes?

Ans: Keep in mind, it's all about how stiff the bristles are. Soft ones are super gentle which is great for sensitive mouths. And the hard bristles ones really can be a bit rough, so be careful not to hurt your gums or teeth with them.

Q. Can I Use A Toothbrush On My Tongue?

Ans: Why not though? First of all, it keeps your breath fresh and kicks out the icky bacteria. And yup, many brushes even have a scraper on the back just for that. Give it a try!

Q. Can I Use An Electric Toothbrush If I Have Dental Work Like Crowns Or Veneers?

Ans: Sure thing! Electric brushes are okay for crowns and veneers. Just steer clear of those strong whitening pastes or alcohol-filled mouthwashes. Always stick to gentle toothpaste, maybe one with baking soda, and a friendly, alcohol-free mouthwash, and you’ll be good for the most part.

Q. Are There Toothbrushes Specifically For Whitening Teeth?

Ans: Oh, yes! Brands like Aquasonic and Oral-B have some cool brushes made especially for that. Colgate's got one too, we are talking about the 360 Optic White. They're designed to tackle those stubborn stains.

Q. How Often Should I Replace My Toothbrush?

Ans: Most dentists say every 3-4 months is good. But keep an eye on it! If it looks worn out, change it sooner. And if you've got an electric one, the same rule applies to the brush head.

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