Metal Ceramic vs Zirconia Crown: What's The Difference?

Ever since this whole dental crown thing started, it became a hit from the get-go. First, people just used to go for silver or gold dental crowns which were kinda the wealth status for many. But now, these crowns have evolved quite a lot, and there are so many types present out there. Out of all these several options, Zirconia and Ceramic tooth crowns are the most popular ones, all because of their own sets of benefits. But which one of these two is actually worth it for you? Well, that is what we are onto today because, in today’s post, we’ll be comparing metal ceramic vs Zirconia crowns. We’ll go over the key differences between these dental crowns, so you’ll exactly know which one is the right fit for you. Here we go.

What are Zirconia and Ceramic Tooth Crowns?

Zirconia crowns, let me tell you, they are something special. They’re super tough, made from zirconium dioxide, which is a material famous for being really strong. These crowns go through a cool process. It doesn't just make them stronger, but it also gives them a better look. And where do they fit best? Well, in the back of your mouth, where your tough grinders and chewers are. They're perfect there because they’re strong enough to resist breaking and they’re also kind to your mouth's tissues.

But yeah, there's another option you might’ve heard about, ceramic crowns, usually made of porcelain. Why do people love these? They look just like your natural teeth, which is awesome, especially for the teeth right in front where everyone can see them. Why they are so popular though? Well, it’s their see-through quality and how they match so well with your other teeth. This is what makes them stand out.

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Key Differences Between Metal Ceramic And Zirconia Crown

1. Aesthetics Comparison

Now, if we're talking about looks, zirconia crowns have their own charm. They look pretty natural, but here’s the catch though, they might not be as translucent as ceramic crowns. That’s not it though, you get a bunch of options in the shades department too, which simply means you can really make these crowns your own. And then, there are ceramic crowns. These are the ones you’d probably pick for your front teeth. Why? Because they are super good at matching the translucency of your natural teeth. It’s like they blend right in, making everything look all smooth and natural.

2. Durability and Strength

Zirconia crowns, you see, are great for the back teeth where all the heavy-duty chewing happens. They’re tough, and not easy to break, which is awesome if you're someone who grinds their teeth or if your teeth have seen better days. But let’s talk about ceramic crowns. They’re tough too, but maybe not as tough as zirconia when it comes to taking a hit. They can handle the normal chew-and-bite stuff, but you might want to be a bit gentle with them.

3. Biocompatibility and Allergies

Okay, so both these crowns are pretty safe when it comes to allergies. They’re hypoallergenic and don’t have any nasty stuff that can upset your body. No metal, no allergies, that’s the deal with zirconia crowns. What about Ceramic crowns though? They’re in the same boat. They’re good for your body, don’t cause any weird reactions, and since there’s no metal involved, you’re less likely to have any allergic reactions.

4. What's It Gonna Cost You?

When it comes to dental crowns, yeah, cost matters a lot. Zirconia crowns, they’re kinda like the high-end stuff. They're more expensive, right? But why? It's because they're strong, last long, and let’s not forget, making them is no easy task. They might pinch your wallet at first, but yeah, they last longer, which means fewer dentist visits. That’s sort of cost-effective, isn't it? Now, insurance might cover some of this cost, but it’s a maybe. On the flip side, ceramic crowns are your budget-friendly option. They look good and don't ask for much. And just like Zirconia, the insurance deal varies, so better check that out.

5. What They Do and Where They Fit

Next up, let's figure out what these crowns actually do. Zirconia crowns? Tough as nails, perfect for both your smile and your chewing. They look pretty neat even on your front teeth. Ceramic crowns, on the other hand, are all about the looks. Perfect for your front teeth, they blend in like they've always been there. They're made just for you, fitting snugly and looking natural. That's not just it though, there are no hot and cold shocks, which is a win if you love your ice cream and coffee.

6. Other Stuff to Think About

Zirconia crowns, strong as they are, might be a bit tough on your other teeth. They’re so strong, they could wear down the teeth they bite against. Ceramic crowns are gentler, so less worry there. Now, about looking natural, zirconia's good, but it can't beat ceramic crowns in the game of "who looks more like a real tooth." But hey, technology's getting better every day, making both types fit better and look more natural. So, it's all about what matters to you, strength, looks, or a bit of both.


There you have it. Now it shouldn’t be too hard for you to form a conclusion of your own whether you should go with Metal Ceramic tooth crowns or the Zirconia ones. All in all, both are good options, but you gotta dive into the nitty-gritty to decide better for yourself.

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