Top 10 Best BP Monitors Brands in India

Blood pressure (BP) is a major health concern in India, with an estimated 220 million people living with hypertension. Navigating the healthcare device market in India can feel a bit like wandering through a maze, huge, complex, and packed with options that make your head spin. One device, though, that everyone should have in their health toolbox is a trustworthy, accurate blood pressure (BP) monitor machine. It's like your personal health detective, keeping tabs on your heart health, a side of wellness that often goes unnoticed until it's alarmingly late. Shockingly, about one in three Indian adults are grappling with hypertension, a sneaky condition that stays undercover until it triggers serious health issues.

Here's where BP monitors step in, working silently in the background to track our body's vital signs and helping us stride towards a healthier future. But here's the million-dollar question, 'Which brand do we trust when it comes to BP monitor machine?' With a flood of medical devices and companies vowing top-notch accuracy and precision, picking the best blood pressure monitor feels like finding a needle in a haystack. That's why we're here, to give you a crisp, clear guide to the Top 10 Most Popular and the Best BP Monitor Brands in India. So, let's dive right in!

Types of Blood Pressure Machines

BP Monitor

On the surface, Blood Pressure monitors aka BP Machines can be easily categorized into two types, manual and digital/electronic blood pressure monitors. Let’s get down and talk about each type and their subtypes of BP Machines/Monitors.

1. The Classic Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

First up, we've got manual blood pressure monitors, also affectionately known as sphygmomanometers. They've got an old-school vibe and you've likely seen them being used around healthcare settings. Mastering these devices requires a bit of skill, but let's face it, there's something inherently cool about using a tool that makes you feel like a seasoned pro. Manual monitors come in two varieties:

  1. Mercury Sphygmomanometers: It's not just the name that's weighty! These devices are seen as the gold standard in blood pressure measurement, thanks to their bang-on accuracy. Their secret is the column of mercury in the middle that dances up and down, mirroring your blood pressure readings. Despite their accuracy, though, mercury sphygmomanometers are slowly being phased out due to concerns about the environmental impact of mercury.
  2. Aneroid Sphygmomanometers: If you fancy something a tad more portable, these mechanical alternatives to their mercury-based cousins could be the ticket. Aneroid sphygmomanometers utilize a dial to display your blood pressure. While their portability is a plus, bear in mind that they need regular calibration to stay accurate. A small price to pay for the convenience they offer.

2. The Futuristic Digital/Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors

Next up, let's step into the modern age with digital or electronic blood pressure monitors. These gadgets are the go-to for home monitoring, mainly because they're so user-friendly. They take the fuss out of measurements by automatically inflating the cuff and flashing your blood pressure numbers on a digital screen. These high-tech helpers come in three forms, each one based on its position on the body:

  1. Arm Cuff Monitors: Like a comforting squeeze on the upper arm, these devices measure blood pressure where the brachial artery flows. They're known for their accuracy, earning them a thumbs-up among other digital monitors. If you're after a reliable home monitor, these ones are a safe bet.
  2. Wrist Cuff Monitors: Have you ever wanted to wear a blood pressure monitor like a watch? Well, now's your chance! Wrist cuff monitors are compact and portable, and they've got that certain tech-chic about them. But remember to position them at heart level during the reading, or they might not be as accurate as you'd like.
  3. Finger Cuff Monitors: These are the smallest of the bunch and super easy to use. However, because they measure blood pressure from your finger (which is pretty far from your heart), getting a reliable reading can be a bit of a challenge. They're the most underestimated monitors of digital BP monitors, but don't rule them out just yet, sometimes, compact and easy is just what you need.

Top Blood Pressure Monitor Brands In India

1. Omron

Omron BP Machine

Born and bred in the charming city of Kyoto since 1933, Omron fuses the old and the new, tradition and innovation in their incredible journey. Omron's diverse medical gadgets have won applause worldwide, meeting the ever-changing demands of healthcare pros and ordinary people. Their star performer is the Omron HEM 7124 Blood Pressure Monitor. Hugely popular in India, this little piece of tech magic harnesses the might of IntelliSense technology for accurate and reliable results. It comes with a neat hypertension indicator and can detect any body movements during measurements. User-friendly and clinically approved, this handy monitor is your one-stop solution for effortless and precise health tracking.

2. Dr. Morepen

Dr. Morepen BP Machine

Next is Morepen, a brand that pushes the boundaries to make a real difference in people's lives. With a cutting-edge production site in Baddi that houses 10 dedicated plants, Morepen's blood pressure monitors are a byword for top-notch quality. They're not just a hit in India, their trusted health and grooming range has made a name for themselves in over 75 countries worldwide. Among Morepen's stellar line-up of blood pressure monitors, the BP One BP09 is a real crowd-pleaser in India. This gadget is a cinch to use, showcasing systolic, diastolic, and pulse rates all in one go. It's got multiple user interfaces, low battery alerts, and can store up to 120 records. Not only that, but it can also detect irregular heartbeats early on, allowing for swift action and proper treatment.

3. Dr. Trust

Dr. Trust bp machine

Sticking firmly to rigorous CE and FDA standards, Dr. Trust's offerings are a masterclass in precision and top-tier features. Their dedication to wellness shines bright in their creative approach to promoting health. Their leading BP monitor is the Dr. Trust Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, a real game changer. Fitted with a specially designed cuff, it promises pinpoint results within the range of 22-42 cm. But that's not all. This smart machine doesn't just measure your blood pressure, it gives you insights into your systolic and diastolic pressures, along with your pulse rate. And to make things even better, Dr. Trust's smart monitor offers voice assistance in a host of languages including Hindi, English, Spanish, and even German.

4. AccuSure

AccuSure and Dr. Gene is this dynamic duo from Microgene Diagnostic Systems Pvt. Ltd. These prized brands are synonymous with top-class medical tech, helping people live healthier lives. AccuSure, the flagship brand, shines bright with its impressive lineup of health equipment like BP monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, and nebulizers. Their AS Series BP Monitor is a true standout, boasting color-coded hypertension indicators, a comfy arm cuff, and the ability to detect irregular heartbeats. With AccuSure, achieving optimal health is a breeze.


ELKO is a top blood pressure monitor brand in India, a proud offshoot aka a sub-brand of Anita Industries, a renowned manufacturer established in 1965. With a solid commitment to innovation, ELKO consistently produces eye-catching, top-grade products that prioritize user satisfaction. As a testament to their dedication to excellence, Anita Industries holds ISO 13485:2016 and CE certifications, ensuring top-tier quality. The ELKO EL-510 Digital BP Machine, their flagship model, is a big hit in India. This cutting-edge monitor goes the extra mile with its advanced features like automatic power-off after 3 minutes, detection of irregular heartbeats, and smart inflation technology. By putting user-friendly design first, ELKO guarantees a smooth and enhanced customer experience.

6. HealthSense

HealthSense could be your new best friend in health and personal care. Thanks to the genius of Surbhi and Yugantar Agarwal, this brand has totally flipped the script on how we think about our health. Straight outta Bangalore, India's tech capital, HealthSense is all about staying one step ahead of your health. Take their BP144 Digital Monitor, for example. It's more than just a blood pressure monitor, it's a smart and stylish gadget on its own. This smarty-pants gadget has a chatty function, a bright LED display, a crystal-clear acrylic screen, and smart pressure-sensing tech. You can even power it with batteries or plug it into your mobile, laptop, or adaptor using a type-C USB cable.

7. Vandelay

Next up, we've got Vandelay Brands Limited, all the way from the UK and killing it in the healthcare game. Since 2008, their mission has been simple: Keep their customers smiling. And boy, have they delivered, winning over millions of hearts in India by promoting a culture of self-care. Their standout product is the Vandelay BP/Blood Pressure Monitor. This nifty machine is a dream come true. It's fully automatic with an adjustable arm cuff, perfect for a snug fit. But wait, it gets better! It saves your readings along with the exact date and time. Plus, it's super quick, getting you accurate results in less than 45 seconds.

8. BPL Medical Technologies

Have you ever heard of BPL Medical Technologies? These folks have been rocking the Indian medical tech scene since 1967! Their commitment to making stuff right here in India means top-notch quality without the hefty price tag. Their state-of-the-art facility follows global quality standards, so you know you're getting reliable gear. Their BPL 120/80 B18 Monitor is a fan fave for blood pressure checks. It's fully automatic and user-friendly and can store up to 99 readings for two people. The universal fit cuff works with various arm sizes (22-32 cm), and the 2.5-inch display auto-shuts off to save power.

9. Beurer

Next on the list, we have Beurer, your one-stop shop for all things health and well-being. They've been at it since 1919, so you know they mean business. With a whopping 500 products under their belt, these folks cater to just about everyone, be it for medical needs, weight management, therapy, or even baby care. Their Beurer BM 35 Blood Pressure Monitor is a hit in India. It's got an auto shut-off feature and an adjustable cuff, and it even stores average readings for a week! When it comes to taking care of your health, you can't go wrong with Beurer's cool range of products.

10. Medtech Life

Last but certainly not least, let's give a big welcome to Medtech Life. This brand's all about pushing the boundaries of portable healthcare tech. Their designs are sleek, their tech is top-tier, and they deliver their cool gadgets straight to your doorstep. Plus, they've been leading the charge in India's nebulizer industry for over two decades. Take their BP12 Blood Pressure Monitor for instance. It's got Smart MDD Technology that adjusts the inflation rate on the fly for super accurate results. It's also got sensors for detecting body movements and irregular heartbeats. And it comes with 4 AA batteries and a carry pouch.


To wrap it all up, each brand we've explored on this list stands out with its distinctive perks, cutting-edge technology, and above all, its pledge to deliver spot-on and dependable readings. But remember, choosing a monitor isn't just about the brand. It's also about what suits your personal needs and offers the most comfort and convenience. So yeah, choose wisely!

BP Monitor Machine FAQs

Q. How Does A Blood Pressure Monitor Work?

Ans: You may have seen that BP monitor at a hospital which is kinda like a big armband. Well, when they pump it up, it squeezes your arm to stop the blood for a moment. And as the band loosens, the gadget feels the blood starting to flow again. Then, you see two numbers. The bigger one is when your heart is doing the big push (systolic) and the smaller one is when your heart takes a little break (diastolic). Simple as that.

Q. Why Is It Important To Measure And Monitor Blood Pressure?

Ans: See, if your BP is too high, you could face some serious health problems like heart issues or even a stroke. If we keep checking it, we can catch problems early and do something about them, whether it's taking medicine or living a bit healthier.

Q. What Are The Key Features To Look For In A Blood Pressure Monitor?

Ans: Well, all in all, you should look for one that's easy to use. Some pump up on their own, remember your last readings and have a big clear screen. Some even tell you if your heartbeat is a bit off. And yup, make sure it's been tested to give the right numbers.

Q. How Often Should I Check My Blood Pressure Using A Monitor?

Ans: Well, it totally depends on you. If you have heart problems or something similar, you might need to check every day. If you're just curious or want to keep an eye on things, once a week or even once a month might be okay.

Q. Are There Any Factors That Can Affect Blood Pressure Readings?

Ans: Without a doubt, a lot of things can change your blood pressure reading. If you've just eaten, your blood pressure might be different because your body is busy helping with digestion. And yup feelings of stress, drinking caffeine, taking certain meds, or even what time of day it is can change things. Oh, and did you know that how you position your arm when checking can also change your BP readings? Yup, that’s a possibility too.

Q. Do I Need A Prescription To Buy A Blood Pressure Monitor?

Ans: Nope! Most of the time, you don't need any special note to buy a blood pressure checker. You can easily find them in pharmacies, places that sell medical stuff, and even online shops.

Q. How Do I Calibrate Or Validate The Accuracy Of My Monitor?

Ans: Of course, it is always a smart move to check your device against one that you know is accurate, like the mercury ones used by professionals. First, sit down and chill for a bit. Make sure your arm is relaxed and at the same level as your heart. Now, take turns measuring your blood pressure, once with your home device, and then with the trusted one. Look at both numbers and see if they're close. That way, you’ll know certainly that your BP monitor is accurate and you can rely on its readings.

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