Top 10 Health Tech Companies in India

Using tech to make the healthcare scene more affordable, accessible, efficient, and effective is no new thing actually. You see, you may have heard of many companies doing the same, like mixing up some technological advancement to do something new, and something better in the healthcare world. And that is precisely what some of the health tech companies are doing right here in India. Now we know, you might already be feeling intrigued to know about these companies, and guess what? This post is precisely on that because here we are going to take a good look at the top 10 health tech companies in India as of 2024. So, let’s get straight to the list, shall we?

Top HealthTech Companies in India

1. PharmEasy


First off, we've got PharmEasy hitting the scene in 2015, thanks to the brainy duo, Dharmil Sheth and Dhaval Shah. This gem quickly zoomed to the top, becoming the go-to e-pharmacy and digital health company right here in India. What's their game plan? To bring health care right to everyone's doorstep, making it as easy as pie and light on the wallet. From meds on prescription to just what you need over the counter, tests you gotta take, and even doctor chats online, PharmEasy's got it all. The cool bit? They use tech like a wizard to connect you to health services, especially where it's needed most. By shaking hands with local drugstores and test labs, they make sure you get what you need, instantly or pretty fast, filling a big old gap in getting health care supplies.

2. Netmeds

Next up, enter, kicking things off in 2010 thanks to Pradeep Dada. This was a game-changer in India's online pharmacy world, being one of the first to sling prescription meds across the country, right to your door. Netmeds has been all about making sure folks get their hands on the real deal meds, spreading its reach far and wide. Their platform is a breeze, letting customers snap up health goodies online, with a gold star in quality and trust. Thanks to their drive to make getting meds and health stuff a walk in the park, Netmeds has earned a warm spot in the hearts of millions across India.


Now, for something a bit different, we've got Launched with the dream of making getting fit a blast and something everyone can get into, has totally flipped the script on health and wellness in India. They mix up physical workouts, eating right, and keeping your mind in check, all through their app and site. Whether it's workout plans made just for you, tips on munching healthy, a little help from the mental health department, or checks you need to get done, wraps it all up in one neat package. They're smart with tech, giving folks fitness and wellness gigs on tap, and that's scooped up a huge crowd, making them a big deal in the health tech scene.

4. Innovaccer

Next up, let's talk about Innovaccer, a real game-changer in the health tech world. Back a few years ago, three friends, Abhinav Shashank, Kanav Hasija, and Sandeep Gupta, get this brilliant idea. Why not use the magic of data and smart computer brains (you know, artificial intelligence) to make healthcare better? And that's exactly what they did. Innovaccer makes this cool tool that helps doctors and hospitals understand heaps of health info better. Think of it as a smart assistant that helps keep patients healthy, makes sure everyone's working together nicely, and keeps you in the loop about your health.

5. Practo

Next in line, we've got Practo. Imagine being able to find the right doctor or book a health check-up as easily as ordering a pizza, biryani, salad, or whatever you like. That's Practo for you. It's like a one-stop-shop for all your health needs online. Need to chat with a doctor without stepping out of your home? Check. Want to book a dentist appointment? Easy-peasy. Practo's made it super simple for folks to get the care they need, anytime, anywhere. And the best part? It's all about making sure you know exactly what you're getting into, no surprises, just good old-fashioned care at your fingertips.

6. HealthifyMe

Started by Tushar Vashisht and Mathew Cherian in 2012, this app is all about helping you meet your health goals without the issues, you know? Whether it's keeping an eye on the calories, figuring out the right diet, or getting tips from fitness coaches, it's got you covered. Thanks to some clever tech, HealthifyMe dishes out advice and motivation just when you need it. It's like having a personal health professional in your pocket, cheering you on as you work towards a healthier you.

7. Tata Health

So, here’s the lowdown: when you hear “Tata,” you're probably thinking big, trustworthy, right? Tata Health's diving into the healthcare pool with a splash, aiming to change the game. Think of it as your go-to for dodging those doctor’s office waits. You want a health check-up or need to talk with a doc about something bugging you? They’ve got you. And they’re not messing around, they’re linked up with some of the best medical pros out there. Their endgame? To get in front of health issues before they turn into a whole thing, pushing for a future where we're not just reacting to health problems, but preventing them.


Alright, let’s dive into something super cool, yeah? NIRAMAI, this isn’t just any acronym, it’s a whole new ball game in the health tech world. So, what’s the deal here? They’re on a mission, a big one: fighting breast cancer without making you feel all awkward with those invasive checks. With their slick Thermalytix tech, blending thermal imaging and AI, they're spotting early signs of breast cancer without making you feel uncomfortable or invading your privacy. NIRAMAI’s game plan? To slash those scary breast cancer stats, making the world a safer place, one tech-savvy step at a time.

9. Docplexus

Moving on to Docplexus, and, hold up, this isn’t your average social network though. It’s where the brains of the medical world collide. Think of it as the ultimate club for doctors, where exchanging the latest buzz in medicine isn’t just encouraged, it’s actually the norm. Launched with the vision to stitch doctors from various corners and specialties together, Docplexus is the digital coffee shop where medical gurus swap case studies, dive deep into webinars, and get their hands on a goldmine of medical literature. Why? Because when doctors buddy up and share brainpower, they’re not just better informed, they’re power-packed to boost patient care to the next level.

10. ekincare

And lastly, but no less awesome, we’ve got ekincare, the brainchild of Kiran Kalakuntla since 2015. This isn’t just about workplace wellness, it’s a revolution, it kinda is. Recognizing that a healthy team is the backbone of any successful biz, ekincare dishes out a platform that lets companies take employee wellness seriously. We’re talking about everything from health screenings to mental health support, all tailored to meet each employee's needs thanks to some clever AI and analytics. ekincare’s strategy? It’s simple: prevent health issues before they start, helping companies not just survive but thrive by keeping their teams in top shape.


Sure, there are many other names that are popping in this particular segment right here in India, but out of all those, these are by far the best health tech companies. Still, we’ll keep you posted if anything new comes along, or something revolutionary happens within this segment of the market.

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