Dr. A Dasgupta

Dr. A Dasgupta

  • Speech Therapist
09672041086 / 09996096230
Sikar Speech Language Audiology Clinic, Harlalaka Residency, Near Ramlila Maidan, Sikar, Rajasthan
Medical Registration Number: A000423
Doctor Of Audiology [USA]
27 Years
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Expertise And Specialities
  • Hearing test for Infants, Children, Adults and Geriatrics
  • Vertigo test and therapeutic treatment for all ages
  • Tinnitus assessment & Remedy
  • New Born Hearing Screening
  • All types of digital hearing aids trial, fitting, dispensing and repair
  • Speech & Language Assessment for Children, Adults and Geriatrics
  • Voice assessment and Therapy
  • Swallowing assessment and treatment
  • Speech therapy for Cerebral palsy
  • Autism, delayed speech, Hearing impaired
  • Stroke [Aphasia], Dysarthria, Oral cancer
  • Laryngectomy, Parkinsons, Neurogenic cases
  • Stammering, Articulation and communication problems
  • Personality Development

About Dr. A Dasgupta

Dr. A Dasgupta is one of the best Speech Therapist, audiologist in Sikar. With 27 years of experience Dr. A Dasgupta is able to manage patients issues properly. Dr. A Dasgupta is very kind in nature and will listen to all your problems and give you the best treatment.

Degree from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, 1995 and Post graduation, Mangalore University, 2001,

Doctor of Audiology, USA, 2009,

MBA from Pondicherry University, 2013,

Diploma on Professional Voice, USA, 2007,

Diploma in Swallowing Disorders, Australia, 2006

Diploma in Cochlear Implant, USA, 2009

Worked in Govt. Hospitals, Private Super specialty Hospitals, Diagnostics in India, USA, Australia and Singapore.

Worked in Academics [Teaching Audiology courses, MBBS and MD] in few universities in India and Philippines.

Invited Lectures as Faculty in 30 countries including Europe, USA, Gulf and many in Asia.

Known for teaching and mentoring students and voice, cleft lip and palate and audiology in India.

Did more than 6000 camps on Disabilities with Govt, Panchayets and attached to Rotary International, Lions club international, United Nations, Noise pollution committee, Industrial pollutions, Rural areas across India.

Received National and State level awards.

India's first voice coach for Bollywood and Film Industry.

Served central govt and few private Institutions and Hospitals in administration.

Currently Serving Sikar and Rural for Disabilities.

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