Virologists are professionals whose work involves studying the development, growth, structure, and features of various viral strains. He isolates and cultivates important viruses in a conventional inhibitory medium while maintaining strict control of specific parameters such as aeration, humidity, temperature, and nutritional requirements.

He will distinguish between distinct viruses by examining their morphological, physiological, and cultural characteristics under a microscope. He also investigates the effects of a specific virus on the living tissues of animals and plants, which he finds fascinating. A virologist also examines the numerous chemicals, such as acids, enzymes, and alcohol that are released by viruses when they infect living organisms.

What does a Virologist do?

Virologists must investigate the genesis and evolution of viruses as well as how they interact with and affect humans, plants, animals and even decaying organic materials to understand their behavior.

Virologists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, laboratory centers, medical research organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical, and laboratory testing companies as well as cancer treatment and research organizations. Their employment opportunities vary depending on their specialization and the location where they work.

When to meet a Virologist?

One must visit a virologist for the following reasons:

  • For the management, diagnosis, effective treatment, and prevention of diseases like Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis C.
  • During the Covid-19 epidemic, they worked as the frontline workers
  • They help in tracking the reason & spread of different viruses and research about helpful vaccines
  • They help with direct patient care
  • Assists healthcare experts in treating viral infections
  • General practitioners can visit them for taking advice on antiviral drugs & vaccine use
  • They advise hospital staff on how to lower down the risk of infection spread

List of Virologist Doctors in India

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Dr. R. Kamalakannan


GastroIntestinal Surgeon, Gastroenterologist

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