Nasal Polyps Surgery Cost In India

Most people suffer from nasal polyps. However, there may be several causes or reasons behind the growth of nasal polyps. You may get several signs that may make you aware of the growth of polyp inside the nose. You may have a runny nose or a decrease in smell and taste. You may also suffer from headaches for some days. In some cases, people also suffer from sinus pressure. If you are detected with nasal polyp, it is better to operate it. This will give you relief from the issue without any severe effect. It will help if you remembered that nasal polyp may happen to any person.

How Much Does a Nasal Polyp’s Surgery Cost in India?

The surgery price may vary from one state to another. It depends upon several factors. The surgery cost starts from Rs 30,000 and may extend to Rs. 1, 50,000. This will depend upon the hospital or the clinic you are selecting to operate. However, getting the surgery done from the reputed places is always suggested. You will get experienced physicians and nurses who will take the best care after the surgery.

Nasal Polyps Surgery

The procedure of nasal polyp’s surgery

It is essential to have prior knowledge about the entire process of nasal polyp surgery. This will give you a brief idea of the process. Before the commencement of the surgery, you will be given an anesthetic injection through which you will fall asleep. The surgery is carried out on the outer part of the nose. However, you will never experience any cuts on the outer part of the nose, nor will there be any change in the nose shape. It will remain as usual. You will never share any significant changes in your nose area.

Some small instruments and tools will be used in the inner part of your nose to remove the polyp. Once the polyp is removed it will be sent for microscopic for further examination. During this time, the physicians will wash the sinuses to remove all the infections that may remain trapped inside the polyp. Washing the sinus is one of the essential parts of the surgery because if the infection lasts for a long time it may become severe. This is the duty of the physician to carry out the washing process. It may happen that while washing, there may be some bleeding. In such a case, the surgeon will use cotton dipped in Vaseline and press on that area to stop bleeding. In addition to this, they may do proper dressing of the operated area. If you have a narrow nose, the surgeon has to leave some plastic splints on the nose area during surgery to stop the tissues from getting stuck to each other. You may not feel any pain or have any feelings during the surgery time. But once you get back into senses, you might feel some pain and sensations.t

DON’T ignore if you have polyps, they will grow over time. There are some sprays that you can use in that area. But once you stop spraying or taking the medicines, it will again grow in size. Thus, it is always advised to go for surgery option.

Nasal Polyps Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should you not do after a nasal polyp surgery?

After your nasal polyp surgery, you may feel congestion and clotting in the nasal passages which may cause a bad cold for the first few days after the procedure. Make sure that you do not blow your nose for the first two weeks after your surgery. After that, you can start gentle blowing.

Q2. How fast will my nasal polyps grow back after the surgery?

Generally, most people with the surgery see an improvement after the surgery. It is common to see the nasal polyps grow back within a few years. However, the signs of improvement will start showing right in the first 10 weeks.

Q3. How do I sleep after nasal polyp surgery?

You should raise your head while sleeping after your surgery to reduce swelling and other issues. Try to use three to four pillows to give you a raised height. Also, prefer sleeping on your back or a reclining chair for the first month after surgery.

Q4. How painful is nasal polyp surgery?

Normally, the patient does not feel much pain due to the use of anesthetic and numbing agents. But they may feel slight discomfort and spotty nose bleeding for the first few days after the surgery. It is recommended that you use saline washes to reduce the pain and avoid any strenuous activities for the first few couples of weeks.

Q5. What can I eat after nasal polyp surgery?

You should eat soft and bland foods for the first few days after your nasal polyp surgery to help reduce any spikes and discomfort. Avoid eating any spicy or acidic foods and juices as it may spike the discomfort.

Q6. Can I wash my hair after the nasal polyp surgery?

You may shower and wash your hair after the surgery but if possible avoid it for a day or two. Also if you need to wash your hair do it when someone is at your home for safety.

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