Top 5 Best Eye Hospitals in Mumbai

Do you want to remove a stye or the cause of your twitching eye? In Mumbai, there are numerous eye hospitals & laser treatment facilities. You have arrived at the right site if you live in this area and are having issues with your eyes, such as cataracts, glaucoma, blurry vision, red eyes, or macular degeneration.

We've produced a list of Mumbai's best 5 eye hospitals, which you can find below. To provide the best eye care possible, the experts here have undergone considerable training. Here are some hospitals to consider:

List of Top Eye Hospitals in Mumbai

1. Kenia Eye Hospital

Kenia Eye Hospital
  • Address: 1st Floor, Rizvi Nagar, S.V.Road, Santacruz (W) Mumbai
  • Website:

The multi-super specialty eye clinic, Kenia Eye Hospital offers comprehensive eye care all under one roof. The motto of Kenia Eye Hospital is to provide the greatest, most comprehensive, and most affordable eyecare under one roof. One of the first few centers in India to offer the cutting-edge bladeless Femtolasik and picture-directed waterfall surgery Verion. All eye-related problems are addressed, including high eye numbers, squint (eyes that are out of alignment), keratoconus, glaucoma, retinal problems, and cataracts. There is virtually no discrimination based on station, race, religion, or belief in how KEH operates because it is completely moral and transparent, and organized toward providing adequate medical care. All social classes of the public at large are expected to receive affordable, comprehensive eye care all under one roof, along with the latest innovations. They are determined to succeed and remain at the top of the eye care field.

2. Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Center 

Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Center 
  • Address: 5 Babulnath Road, Mumbai
  • Website:

The Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Center is home to cutting-edge, modern offices for diagnosing, treating, and caring for the eyes. Their whole team at BCEIRC places the needs of the patients first because they recognize that no matter how far medical innovation advances, it still requires people to assist it with their knowledge and compassionate "human touch."The  Center was founded by renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Kulin Kothari, who also serves as the organization's founding chairman. With more than 40 years of dedicated practice, Dr. Kulin Kothari is an authority in his area. The best eye health foundation in the city, BCEIRC provides individualized, excellent eye treatment and covers all major eye care specialties. They have top-notch patient care facilities that meet worldwide standards, are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, and have staff members who are highly skilled, competent, and committed. They make an effort to get in touch with everyone in the general population.

3. Rushabh Eye Hospital

Rushabh Eye Hospital
  • Address: 18th Road, Chembur, Near Ambedkar Garden, Mumbai
  • Website:

Everyone can receive affordable, thorough, and high-quality eye care services from Rushabh Eye Hospital. It was founded in 1990 and is the primary eye clinic in Mumbai, providing top-notch eye care to more than 10,00,000 patients around Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Rushabh Eye emergency facility in Mumbai has all the necessary eye care facilities under one roof. Their mission is to uphold everyone's right to sight. Nobody should continue to be oblivious to the lack of availability of quality eye care. Rushabh Nursing Home, founded in 1989 by Drs. Jayant Shah and Savita Shah, including an eye hospital that opened on August 15th, 1990. The Center provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools in addition to extraordinarily skilled Expert Ophthalmologists who are dedicated to patient care.

4. Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute

Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute
  • Address: 30, the Affaires, Sector 17, Palm Beach Road, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai
  • Website:

Under one roof, all eye treatment for all ages Advanced Cataract Surgery, Bladeless Lasik, Glaucoma, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Retina Surgery, Squint Surgery, and Oculoplasty are all forms of laser eye surgery. All eye care administrations, including outpatient, demonstrative, optometry, optical, and eye medical operations, are available under one roof at AEHI. Cataract & Cornea, Lasik (Femto & Relex Smile), Pediatric Glaucoma, Retina, Ophthalmology, and Oculoplasty are some of the company's additional claims to fame. The eye specialists of AEHI are trained in the greatest eye medical facilities both domestically and internationally, and they provide eye care using the most modern technologies and meticulous innovation. One of a select few centers in India that are showcasing three new advancements, including Collagen Cross Linking and Femto Lasik, is the Center for Laser Treatment at Advanced Eye Hospital.

5. Jaslok Hospital and Research Center

Jaslok Hospital and Research Center
  • Address: 15 - Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai
  • Website:

One of the most renowned tertiary consideration medical facilities in the nation is the Jaslok Hospital and Research Center. A private, comprehensive multi-forte hospital, Jaslok Hospital has 364 beds, of which 75 beds are ICU beds. The number of advisors has increased from the initial 50 to over 265 with 140 fully trained local professionals. The staff of Jaslok Hospital is generally qualified, and a few of them have additional skills and specializations. Jaslok also receives a significant volume of patients from outside. The foundation currently has 35 established specialties, and they are constantly expanding. The divisions are furnished with top-notch equipment and are supervised by trained and committed employees, many of whom already manage training programs.


Being one of our body's most sensitive organs, the eyes require constant care. Everyone needs to have a clear vision. Do not wait too long to contact an ophthalmologist at the appropriate eye hospital if you are experiencing any eye problems. We expect that our ranking of Mumbai's top five eye hospitals has assisted you in choosing the best facility.

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