Contoura Vision Surgery Cost In India

Contrary to popular belief, Contoura Vision is the most recent innovation in Specs Removal by the Laser Vision Correction. When compared to procedures such as LASIK & SMILE (Mini Incision Lenticule Extraction), Contoura Vision goes a step farther to improve vision. LASIK and SMILE cannot compete with the sharpness of visual outcomes provided by Contoura Vision, which corrects your specs power while also addressing your corneal imperfections while functioning on the Visual axis.

Contoura Vision Surgery

How Much Does a Contoura Vision Surgery Cost in India?

The Cost of Contoura Vision Surgery in India ranges between Rs.90,000 to 1, 00,000 INR. The actual cost will depend on the complex nature of each case as well as the process that is chosen.

Why go for Contoura Vision Surgery?

When it comes to the safety, Contoura Vision exceeds all expectations, and the company is committed to continuous improvement.

Contoura Vision has indeed been authorised as the best eye surgery accessible today.

Additionally, Contoura Vision is defined as

  • There is no use of blade.
  • There is no discomfort.
  • There are no stitches.
  • There will be no injections.
  • There is no bandage.
  • There will be no hospitalisation.
  • Specs are not required for walk-ins.

Procedure For Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura Vision is based on the theory of topography and therefore is performed by an ophthalmologist who has received specialized training. It operates on the natural viewing axis of the eye, also known as the visual axis. It is performed with the help of a special topolyser, which can map and erase imperfections on the cornea by identifying 22,000 distinct elevation points on the cornea. It also smoothes the top of the cornea, resulting in improved image quality as well as better sharpness and contrast

Is Contoura Vision Blade-Less?

Yes, Contoura vision does not require the usage of blades and instead relies on the use of 2 lasers. First, the Femtosecond laser is used to generate a corneal flap, and the second is utilized to remold the cornea using the Excimer laser. Because no blades are used at any stage during the entire treatment, it is bladeless, painless, and requires no stitches to be placed.

Is there a long-term effect from Contoura Vision treatment?

During Contoura vision surgery, the cornea surface tissues (which cover the front part of the eye's surface) are permanently removed, allowing the results to last for a lengthy period and to be permanent.

Some effects, however, may diminish with time as a result of changes that occur within the eye lens, resulting in distorted and impaired vision in some instances. A follow-up enhancing operation is performed to restore the eyesight to its normal and clear state if an issue likes this occurs becoming a source of concern.

Contoura Vision Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any side effect of Contoura Vision surgery?

You may feel a bit of glare, blurred vision, and ghosting of images for a certain time after the surgery. Consult your doctor if these symptoms persist.

Q2. Is Contoura Vision surgery painful?

Contoura vision surgery is a very simple and quick vision correction surgery and you wouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Since the procedure does not involve any injections, stitches, or more, there will be minimal or no pain at all during it.

Q3. What happens if I accidentally rub my eyes after the surgery?

Protecting your eyes is very important after your surgery. Rubbing or touching your eyes after the surgery can cause the flaps to be disrupted and affect the healing procedure. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes.

Q4. Can I watch TV after Contoura Vision surgery?

Once you complete the Contoura vision surgery, your eyes will need a healing period. It will be quite sensitive for the first 24 hours and hence it is best advised to avoid any TV or computer screens for the first day after the procedure.

Q5. Can I wash my face after the Contoura vision surgery?

You should wait at least 24 hours after your surgery before washing your face. The same thing goes for showering too. It is best advised to avoid any soap and water in your eyes after your surgery.

Q6. Can I wear my computer glasses after Contoura Vision surgery?

Yes, you can wear your computer glasses after your surgery. Make sure that you blink your blinks every 15-20 minutes to give your eyes a break and avoid dryness in them.

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