Top 5 Best Maternity Hospital In Surat

Are you planning a baby? Then you must be looking for the best maternity hospital in Surat city. Obstetrics is the branch of medical science dealing with pregnancy care and assistance during childbirth. The obstetrician and the various issues monitor a pregnant woman's health, and the baby's development during this period is managed to ensure smooth delivery.

The best maternity hospitals have the ability to manage even complicated and high risk pregnancies. The specialist doctors of such hospitals can carry out both normal and C-section deliveries. If you are looking for a maternity hospital in the diamond city of Surat, consider the following 5 best hospitals in this field.

List of Top Maternity Hospital In Surat

1. Zen Hospital

Zen Hospital Surat

Zen Hospital is a multispeciality hospital housing a number of specialised departments including gynaecology and obstetrics. High risk pregnancy care is provided at this hospital. This means complicated pregnancies arising out of chronic health problems of women and other reasons are managed to ensure a normal gestation period and delivery. Routine checkups, advanced foetal monitoring and all kinds of pre and ante natal services are provided by this hospital.

Zen Hospital has laparoscopy equipment to carry out C-section deliveries. Services such as pre-pregnancy counselling and post delivery rehabilitation are also available for the patients. There is also an infertility centre at this hospital.

  • Address: (310-314), 4th Floor, VIP Galleria, Bhimrad Canal Road, Althan, Surat- 395017
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2. Sunshine Global Hospital

Sunshine Global Hospital is a 225 bedded multispecialty hospital in Surat. It is a part of Sunshine Global chain of hospitals. The department of gynaecology and obstetrics of this hospital provides a plethora of healthcare services for pregnant women including complicated pregnancy management. This hospital provides normal, C-section and instrumental deliveries.

Sunshine Global has advanced diagnostic equipment for ultrasonography, CT scan, echocardiography, X-ray and more. It also has a well equipped pathology lab and 24/7 pharmacy.

  • Address: Dumas Road, Near Big Bazaar, Piplod, Surat- 395007

3. Rupal Hospital

Rupal Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to female healthcare. It was established in the year 1985 as Rupal Clinic and became Rupal Hospital In the year 1997. Comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth care services including high risk pregnancy management, routine ultrasonography during pregnancy period, foetal medicine, antenatal care and many more are provided at this hospital.

Rupal Hospital has an advanced birthing suite equipped with motorised beds, cordless foetal monitoring machines, central oxygen supply and cardiac monitors. There is also a neonatal intensive care unit in this hospital.

  • Address: Plot No. 6, Off Gaurav Path, Piplod, Surat- 395007

4. Udhna Hospital Private Limited

Udhna Hospital Private Limited is a 50 bedded multispecialty hospital. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified hospital. The obstetric facilities provided in this hospital include high risk pregnancy clinic, antenatal and post natal clinics, normal/instrumental/caesarian deliveries, painless deliveries using epidural analgesia, neonatal care and pre-pregnancy counselling.

Udhna Hospital is equipped with advanced facilities for foetal monitoring such as foetal doppler, ultrasound, cardio tocography and more. The labour room at this hospital is well equipped with modern equipment to carry out even high risk deliveries.

  • Address: 18, Patel Colony, Main Road, Udhna, Surat- 394210

5. Shalby Hospital Surat

Shalby Hospital Surat is a part of the chain of 11 multispecialty hospitals of Shalby Group located in 5 states. The department of gynaecology and obstetrics provides a number of services such as antenatal care, post natal and lactation period care, guidance about conception and contraception and more. Gynaecological problems are also treated including pre and post menopausal issues.

Shelby Hospital offers screening tests for breast cancer and female genital tract cancer. Vaccinations are also available to prevent certain kinds of female genital tract cancer such as HPV.

  • Address: Rander Road, Adajan, Surat- 395009


Best professional care is required during pregnancy and labour and in the post partum period, more so in case of high risk pregnancy. The above mentioned hospitals are top rated for maternity care in Surat.

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