CT Scan Cost In India

Conventional x-rays were a big thing a few decades ago, but they are not that effective in terms of internal anatomy diagnostics. X-rays don’t tell us much about the internal tissue conditions quite well. Therefore, a better solution would be a CT scan. CT Scanning, or Computed Tomography, is an advanced version of x-ray technology. Take it as a more advanced and 3-dimensional version of conventional x-rays.

When CT Scans were first introduced, there were some limitations such as a person with a certain age, height, and weight not being able to have a proper scan. But that’s not the case with modern CT Scans. Now anyone can have their body scanned, even if they can’t lie down still. For some medical conditions, and especially for pregnant women, a CT scan can be performed only if the other diagnostics can not be done any other way. It’s only because of the radiation exposure that we’ll talk about it in the other section below.

Anyway, we assume that you already know this information about CT scans, and you’re here because you want to know an estimate of how much a CT scan can cost in India. right? Well, let’s go over that piece of information now.

How Much Does a CT Scan Cost in India?

Because of some factors, CT Scan costs may vary a little. For example

  1. Which Part Of Body Is Being Scanned
  2. Experience of Doctor or Examiner
  3. Longer Exposure For Detailed Images
  4. City Where You Are Going For The Scan

But most of the time, you can expect an average cost of 1,500 rupees. However, the cost varies mostly because of the body part scan you’re going for, therefore you can expect it to cost anywhere between 1,500 to 5000 rupees.

CT Scan Cost India

How Do CT Scanners Work?

As we mentioned earlier, you can think of it as an advanced version of conventional x-rays. With the normal x-ray machine, doctors can only take one image from one angle. And that’s where computed tomography (CT) machines come into play. With CT scans, the main component is the x-ray emitting device, but here it rotates around the patient’s body in a circular motion. And the data related to the x-ray emission is being sent to a computer to generate a more detailed and 3D scan using the x-ray images taken from multiple angles. With the help of this, doctors can detect any inflammation, tumors, deposits in blood vessels, fractures, or any abnormality in the anatomy. Doctors use CT scans at the time of accidents, heart attacks, and brain strokes to get an idea about what happened to the patient and what would be the perfect way to treat it.

Is There Any Risk Involved?

Again, as we mentioned earlier, CT Scans are advanced versions of X-ray technology. Therefore, the exposure to radiation is a bit more than with conventional x-rays since a CT Scan machine constantly emits radiation for a couple of minutes during the scan. So the doctors or examiners try to take the best possible scans with as little exposure as possible.

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