Liposuction (Fat Removal) Surgery Cost In India

Liposuction surgery is the surgical removal of recalcitrant body fat (LFD/localized fat deposits) by small incisions and the use of various suction techniques to achieve the desired results.

Lipo, Suction Lipectomy, Lipoplasty, Liposculpture Suction, Fat Removal Surgery, Lipoplasty,  Lipolysis, Liposculpting, and Body Contouring Surgery are all terms used to describe this procedure.

Initially, lipo surgery was intended to remove a modest amount of fat from a small or restricted area of the body. The advancement of medical technology has increased the level of safety and eased the recuperation process.

Using tumescent liposuction in conjunction with advanced energy-based technology such as laser and Vaser liposuction surgery, the horizons of body reshaping surgery have been expanded significantly.


A liposuction procedure is among the most often done cosmetic operations.

How Much Does a Liposuction Surgery Cost in India?

The price of lipo surgery in India varies from Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 135,000 per procedure.

Liposuction has been gaining popularity as a cosmetic procedure for several years now. This procedure has been used successfully by both men & a woman of all ages to wave a hand to excess fatty tissue that does not respond to diet and exercise efforts alone.

Liposuction can be utilized in a variety of locations, although it is most commonly performed on the stomach, buttock, hips, chin, shoulder, arms, side, calves, and back of the patient.

Liposuction has been significantly less painful & easier to do as a result of technological advancement, with greater standards of performance.

Factors Affecting Liposuction Price in India

In addition, there are a variety of factors that can influence the total price of liposuction. Do you know what those factors are? If the answer is affirmative, then that is excellent. However, if you do not, there is no need to be concerned, as we have you covered as well.

The area that will be treated

The overall time required for surgery might range from approximately 30 minutes to 4 hours, based on the region that needs to be treated. Liposuction on a bigger region such as your abdomen will be more expensive than liposuction on a relatively small area such as your chin, to give you an example. The costs associated with having liposuction performed on various body parts are listed in the list below.

The amount of fat in a given amount of space

The cost of liposuction increases in direct proportion to the amount of fat that needs to be removed by the doctor during the procedure. This is due to the fact that the volume of fat removed has a direct relationship with the length of time and expense of the surgery.

The prices charged by highly skilled surgeons would be more than those charged by specialists who are just beginning out in their careers. If you are concerned about this element, it is strongly advised not to make any concessions.

Liposuction Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What precautions should I take after liposuction?

Once you have gone through the liposuction procedure, you’ll feel slight discomfort and bruising in the area. It might also follow by redness and swelling. Your doctor will most likely prescribe a few medications to ease the pain after your surgery. It is also advised that you wear compression garments during the recovery period to decrease the swelling and speed up the healing process.

Q2. Can liposuction cause any future side effects?

Liposuction doesn’t necessarily cause any side effects but there are rare cases when it can. In that case, you’ll likely see contour irregularities and some bumpy or wavy body structure in the part where liposuction was done. These changes will go down with the recovery period and heal.

Q3. How long is the healing process after the liposuction procedure?

Your recovery and healing procedure can take anywhere from five to seven days after the procedure. You can rejoin your work and normal activities after this period. For heavy physical activities and work, you may have to wait until four to six weeks to do so. Overall, the full extent of recovery will take up to 3 months.

Q4. Is liposuction a weight loss treatment?

Liposuction treatment aims to reduce the fat and the inches in the fat area and hence does help in reducing a bit of weight due to the removal of fat tissues. But it is not necessarily a weight loss treatment and cannot be termed as one.

Q5. Is Liposuction worth the cost and the hassle?

Liposuction is a well-known treatment to help reduce the fat from the body part. It not only helps you to reduce the fat but also allows you to fit into your clothes, boost your confidence, and more. The cost and hassle are well documented, but the procedure helps in boosting your overall image.