Liver Transplant Cost In India

A liver transplant replaces a damaged liver with a good one taken from a deceased donor or donor's family member. A entire liver or a portion of it may be transplanted. Most of the time, a healthy liver is obtained from a deceased organ donor.

To repair tissue that has been lost or damaged, just one organ system in the body can do so: the liver (regenerate). After surgery, the donor's liver will quickly regain its pre-operation size. In a few of weeks, the portion of the liver that was transplanted will return to its usual size.

In addition to detoxifying many metabolites, the liver also synthesises proteins and generates biochemicals critical to digestion.

The liver is also important for managing glycogen storage, digesting RBCs (Red Blood Cells), and manufacturing hormones, among many other activities, Liver dialysis may be a short-term option if the liver's functions are impaired.

 There is currently no long-term cure or remedy for this disease, despite the fact that scientists are working on developing artificial livers which can operate like a genuine liver. Only a liver transplant is an option for therapy.

How Much Does a Liver Transplant Surgery Cost in India?

Liver Transplantation

Hepatobiliary surgery in India might cost anything from INR 20 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs on average. Hospitals in industrialized nations often charge substantially more for the same treatment & service.

In this liver transplant cost, there may be a 5-percent fluctuation between the kind of operation, the facility where it's being performed and the patient's general health, medical reports and treatment length (pre-treatment, during the treatment and post-treatment conditions).

It is suggested that users or their guardian examine the liver transplant expense prior to the procedure, since the cost varies based on these criteria.

The cost of a liver transplant in India is a mere fraction of what it would be in the Singapore, Thailand, United States, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Only in terms of the infrastructure, medical services and hospitality is there a difference between the two hospitals. As a result, patients looking for a low-cost option for liver transplant surgery go to India first.

India's low-cost liver transplant surgery has become a standard around the globe. The skilled liver transplant doctors at best liver transplantation hospitals are well-known for their successful track record of providing world-class medical care at an affordable price. Patients who want a safe and affordable liver transplant may come to this facility.

Requirement for liver transplant

Patients with advanced liver disease who have exhausted all other therapeutic options may be given a liver transplant. Some of the most prevalent reasons for liver transplants include:

Liver transplantation is the only long-term option for people who are suffering from liver failure, as previously stated in this article. Causes for liver transplantation include the following:

  • Cirrhosis with a final stage owing to hemochromatosis, biliary cirrhosis, alcoholism, or chronic hepatitis
  • Inherited liver disease
  • Hepatocellular malignancies, Cholangiocarcinoma, hepatic adenoma, Primary hepatocellular carcinoma and other primary are all examples of liver cancers
  • Owing to hepatic thrombosis or viral hepatitis, the hepatic failure was complete.

Why choose India for Liver transplant?

For a variety of reasons, India is the ideal country to get a liver transplant.

  • All across the world, liver transplantation is a pricey procedure. Because of this, as compared to other nations, it costs a portion of what you would in the United States or the United Kingdom.
  • Affordability does not need sacrificing quality of care. With a high success rate, Indian liver transplant physicians have the competence to perform this procedure.
  • It's just like any other industrialized nation when it comes to technology.

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