Spine Surgery Cost In India

Spine surgery is a form of open surgery medical procedure performed to help treat spine-related issues in the patient. It is ideally performed to provide a way for treating injuries and other disorders in the spinal cord of the body. It is performed on an immediate premise which allows the patient to recoup and heal from the injuries and get back to their life with a healthy spine. It is one of the important surgeries or medical procedures as untreated spinal injuries can likely cause impacts on neurological function, bladder or bowel movements, and more.

The way of treating and operating the spine has vastly improved over the years with new advanced methods utilized with minimal invasion and less recovery time. This has helped provide patients with proper treatment and move on from their spinal issues.

How Spine Surgery Works (The Complete Procedure)

Spine surgery requires a pre-evaluation procedure just like any other medical procedure where the patient is assessed and diagnosed with the issue. Once the pre-evaluation procedure is conducted is then led to spinal surgery.

In this surgery, the main emphasis is to identify and treat the impact regions on the spine. As of the norm, there is a thirty-one spinal set of nerves that are connected to the chest, arms, legs, and abdomen from the spinal cord. This helps in the functioning of the body and organs in a person. Spinal cord surgeries are conducted to decompress the nerve root, cure unsteady components, and decrease the distortion.

Spine Surgery Cost India

The process involves an open surgery where the affected area is treated by the surgeon. The surgeon may use the minimally invasive technique with small incisions to help guide the instruments inside. The surgeon will then get inside the affected area with the use of small tubular systems in the incision area.

How much does Spine Surgery cost in India?

The cost of spine surgery depends on various factors like:

  1. The fee of the Doctor
  2. Age of the Patient
  3. Prior and Immediate medical condition of the Patient
  4. Type of spinal surgery
  5. Need for various pre-evaluation tests and procedure
  6. City or the location of the procedure
  7. Hospital or the lab admission charges
  • The cost of spine surgery starts from roughly Rs 1,00,000 if performed in a normal hospital.
  • In India, the average cost of spine surgery ranges around Rs 2,50,000.
  • For spine surgery in India, the maximum sum that can be charged can go as high as Rs. 5,00,000.

Types of Spine Surgery

  • Spinal Fusion: This procedure involves joining two or more bones to eradicate the issue.
  • Scoliosis: This procedure involves treating the scoliosis region or the oblique curvature of the spine area.
  • Laminectomy: This procedure is used to remove the lamina or the overgrowth in the bones. This overgrowth in bones causes pain, numbness, and even weakness in patients, and hence this surgery is performed.
  • Lumbar Discectomy: This procedure will involve removing the lumbar discectomy in the patient to relieve the herniated disc.
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy: This procedure is used for decompression of the lumbar disc space.
  • Kyphoplasty: This procedure is used to treat spinal fractures or injuries in the patient. It is also used to treat lesions or small break points in the spine.
  • Herniated Disk Surgery: This is used to treat the lumbar vertebrae and the lower area to remove the protruding portion of that part.


Spine surgery is an important procedure to help relieve the spinal injuries and pains caused by it. This helps in stopping the injury from affecting other regions of the body and to get the patient back fully fit.

Spine Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are There Any Risks Involved During Or After The Spine Surgery?

Ans: The risks or complications involved with spine surgery are the same as other surgical procedures. Most of the time there are risks of bleeding issues after the surgery, and because of the open wound, there could be a risk of infection. Therefore the patient needs to stay in the hospital for a few weeks or even months under intensive monitoring by the doctors. However, one risk factor is related to general anesthesia, which is given to the patient just before the surgery. If you have any other health issues like diabetes or heart health problems, then you have to let your surgeons know about them prior to planning the spine surgery.

Q2. How Long Would It Take A Patient To Fully Recover And Live A Normal Life Again?

Ans: The recovery process depends upon the patient’s health condition, the type of surgery, and how damaged the spine was. Usually, it takes several weeks to be able to discharge from the hospital after the surgery, in severe cases, it could be months. And you would need to go through physical therapies after the surgery.

Q3. What Are The Precautions And Lifestyle Changes One Has To Make After A Spine Surgery?

Ans: Physical therapies would be necessary in most cases to learn how to walk properly and do other light muscle training exercises. And definitely, there will be some major lifestyle changes after the spine surgery like you won’t be able to lift heavy weights since it can cause immense pain and can fracture the spine. Not just that, you would be advised not to arch your back too much because it can put a lot of stress on your spine. If you make sure of these things, you can ensure to have a proper recovery without facing too much pain and trouble.

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