Appendix (Appendectomy) Surgery Cost In India

A surgical technique used to treat appendicitis, a medical illness characterized by inflammation of the appendix, is known as an appendectomy. The appendix, a vestige of the digestive system, is located at the base abdomen & is connected to the big intestine. When the organ is inflamed, germs can readily infiltrate the organ, leading to the development of pus, which produces excruciating discomfort.

Because the organ serves no significant role, surgical removal of the appendix is the most appropriate course of action to take. It is critical to treat a swollen appendix that is producing bacteria as soon as possible. Because the procedure is not completed within the prescribed time frame, a mild illness can become severe, as the organ might burst, spilling bacteria into the bloodstream and causing a life-threatening infection

Appendix Surgery

How Much Does an Appendix Surgery Cost in India?

It is estimated that the cost of appendix surgery will range from Rs 40,000 to Rs 90,000, depending on the expertise of the surgeon, kind of hospital, and quality of facilities utilized — a corporate hospital will charge approximately INR 90,000 for the surgery.

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Types of appendix surgery

Appendectomy can be performed in two ways: open or laparoscopically. It is dependent on several circumstances, including the extent of appendicitis & your medical history, as to the type of surgery the doctor recommends.

Appendectomy with an open incision

In the open appendectomy, a single incision is made in the bottom right side of the abdomen by a surgical team. Your appendix has been removed, and the wound has been stitched up. If the appendix has burst, this treatment lets the doctor clean out the abdominal cavity and restores normal function.

If the appendix has ruptured as well as the infection is spread to other organs, your doctor may recommend that you undergo an open appendectomy. Patients who had an abdominal operation in their past are also more likely to choose this procedure

Appendectomy performed using laparoscopic techniques

A laparoscopic appendectomy is a procedure in which a surgeon enters your belly through a few tiny incisions and removes your appendix. After that, a cannula, which is a small, narrow tube, will be implanted. The cannula is being used to inflate the abdomen by carbon dioxide gas, which is injected via it.

A tool called a laparoscope would be introduced through the incision once the abdomen has been inflated to the desired size. The laparoscope is a lengthy, thin tube that has a high-intensity light & a high-resolution camera mounted on the front end at the beginning. It will be tied up with stitches and removed after the appendix is discovered. Following that, the little incisions are cleansed, closed, and dressed.

It takes approximately four to six weeks to recuperate completely from an appendectomy. During this time, the doctor will most likely advise that you limit your physical activity to allow your body to recover itself properly. You'll need to see your doctor for a follow-up appointment within two to three weeks of having your appendectomy.

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