Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Cost In India

Arthroscopy of the knee joint is regarded to be a surgical treatment that is performed to treat disorders involving the joint. Knee Arthroscopy is a procedure in which an orthopedist examines the inside of the knee joint with an arthroscope that is a small camera. In no way does the fact of Knee Arthroscopy is predicted to induce less pain & result in a speedier recovery diminish its significance as surgical treatment. This procedure has its own set of hazards, and thorough post-operative rehabilitation is required in order for it to be a complete and total success.

Who can go for knee arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Those who suffer from recurrent knee discomfort and movement restriction might consider undergoing this surgical procedure. The surgeon may order an arthroscopy to aid in the diagnosis causing knee discomfort, or if the condition has already been diagnosed, the surgeon may prescribe arthroscopy as a therapy option for the patient.

  • Arthroscopy surgery of the knee can be performed to diagnose & treat the following types of knee conditions:
  • Anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments that have been torn (ACL repair)
  • An issue with the meniscus - a tear in the cartilage between your knee joints
  • Patella is not in the proper place (knee cap)
  • Parts of cartilage damage are found in the joint of the knee.
  • Need baker's cyst removal
  • Knee fractures and injuries are a common occurrence.
  • Swelling of the synovium (joint membrane), the interior of the joint

How Much Does an Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Cost In India?

Arthroscopy costs in India are divided into several categories, including pre-surgery costs, operation costs, post-surgery charges, medical charges, & daycare [staying in the hospital], among others.

The following are the charges for a single portion of arthroscopy in India:

  • Pre-surgery expenses range from Rs.4,000 to Rs.5,000. [ including Ortho profile: blood test, X-ray,]
  • The cost of surgery ranges from Rs.80,000 to Rs.95,000
  • Consultation with a surgeon costs approx Rs. 600 [for a single consultation].
  • The cost of daycare per day is Rs. 3,000.

The procedure of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

During the process, the patient is given anesthesia for his or her comfort.  The type of anesthetic that will be used will be determined by the procedure extent.

As part of the treatment, the surgeon makes several small cuts on the knee to gain access to the troublesome area. After that, a sterile mixture is placed into the joint of the knee to flush out any excess fluid and allow it to expand. It allows the orthopedist to observe the structures & anatomy of a knee in great detail, which is quite beneficial.

Initially, the doctor will insert the arthroscope and camera via the incision made in the patient's back. During the procedure, the surgeon might use the image presented on the screen to instruct him or her. If a person requires surgical therapy, the surgeon will inject small instruments into the joint including the arthroscope in order to operate on it.

 This entails shaving, grabbing, cutting, and repairing meniscal muscles or ligaments, such as the ACL, that have been damaged during the procedure. Stitching is frequently accomplished through the use of specialized instruments.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the complications that may arise out of arthroscopy?

On rare occasions, cases like blood clots of the vein, swelling, or damage to the blood vessels or nerves can arise out of the arthroscopy surgery.

Q2. What will my recovery look like after arthroscopy?

The small incisions that occur during the arthroscopy surgery will take a few days to heal. The doctor will suggest the removal of the surgical dressing and will provide a rehabilitation program for you.

Q3. What are the restrictions after arthroscopy knee surgery?

It is advised that you only take surgery 48 to 72 hours after your surgery to help the knee recover. You should also wait to soak or bathe your knee area until approval from the doctor.

Q4. How do I sleep after arthroscopic knee surgery?

It is advised that you prefer sleeping on your back with a pillow between your knees. You should avoid sleeping with crossed legs or bending legs and also crossing your legs across the middle of your body. Look to sleep on your non-operative side with pillows to support.

Q5. Can I climb stairs after arthroscopic surgery?

Do not indulge in any activities that can cause pain or swell to the knee. Avoid climbing stairs or sitting for long periods during your initial recovery period. Once the recovery period settles in, you can slowly indulge in activities like walking and other physical activities.

Q6. How long will it take for me to return to my normal lifestyle?

It varies according to the nature and the extent of arthroscopic surgery. Generally, it is advised that you wait for a week to 8 weeks before going back to your normal activities. Avoid indulging in physical activities right after the surgery as that can cause soreness, ligament tear, joint pain, and more.

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