Top 5 Best Cancer Hospital In Punjab

Cancer is caused by abnormal cell division leading to the destruction of tissues and an abnormal mass of cells called a tumor. Cancerous tumors can develop in any body organ, such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, prostate, ovaries, lungs, brain, bone, etc. The cancerous cells can spread to other body tissues through blood or lymph through a process called metastasis.

Proper treatment during the early stages can prevent the disease's progression and save the patients' lives. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are used to treat cancer. The best cancer hospitals have the necessary equipment and skilled and experienced oncologists to diagnose and treat cancer.

List of Top Cancer Hospital In Punjab

Here is the list of the top 5 best cancer hospitals in Punjab

1. American Oncology Institute

American Oncology Institute
  • Address: DMC Road, Tagore Nagar, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab- 141001

American Oncology Institute is based at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital in Ludhiana. DMCH is a 1326 bedded tertiary care hospital. AOI is based in Pittsburgh and operates cancer treatment facilities worldwide. This branch in DMCH provides complete cancer treatment facilities, including medical, surgical, and radiation oncology. There are a number of specialist cancer departments at this center, such as haemato oncology, head and neck oncology, muscoskeletal oncology, neuro-oncology, and more.

AOI has an advanced robotic surgery system called Da Vinci X surgical system for performing cancer surgeries. Advanced procedures such as Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy are also performed at this centre.

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2. Punjab Cancer Care & Multispecialty Hospital

  • Address: GT Road, Near Tinkoni, Bhatinda, Punjab- 151001

Punjab Cancer Care & Multispecialty Hospital is a leading cancer hospital located in Bhatinda. It has a large team of specialist oncologists to treat various types of cancer. This Hospital is particularly known for its breast and blood cancer treatment facilities. Bone marrow transplants are also carried out at this Hospital.

Punjab Cancer Care Hospital has an advanced chemotherapy center. Other facilities include a diagnostic center, pharmacy, and blood bank.

3. Grecian Hospital

  • Address: Sector 69, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab- 160062

Grecian Hospital is a state-of-the-art super-specialty hospital located in Mohali, Punjab. It houses more than 30 specialist departments, including the department of oncology. Treatments are done for several cancer types, such as breast, colorectal, genitourinary, pancreatic, head and neck, gynecological, and more.

Grecian Hospital has laparoscopy equipment to carry out cancer surgeries. Diagnostic facilities include biopsy, endoscopy, PET, CT, MRI, and X-Ray.

4. Bansal Cancer Hospital

  • Address: 100 Feet Road, Model Town, Phase 3, Bhatinda, Punjab- 151001

Bansal Cancer Hospital is a superspecialty hospital established in the year 2006. It has a number of specialist departments, including oncology. Due to its high-end infrastructure and specialist oncologists, the oncology department has established itself as a major cancer care centre in Punjab. Cancer treatment services include ovarian cancer surgery, lung cancer surgery, stomach cancer surgery, and breast cancer surgery.

Bansal Cancer Hospital has a diagnostic lab, cath lab, and ICU. OPD facilities are available from Monday to Saturday.

5. Mohandai Oswal Hospital

  • Address: Grand Trunk Road, Bye Pass, Sherpur, Ludhiana, Punjab- 141009

Mohandai Oswal Hospital is a 300 bedded multi superspecialty hospital. It is a NABH-accredited hospital. The oncology services provided at this Hospital include medical, surgical, and radiation oncology to treat all kinds of cancer. This Hospital is also a specialist in pediatric oncology or cancer treatment for children and hematology or blood cancer treatment.

Radiation therapy is provided at Mohandai Oswal Hospital with the help of linear accelerators to treat both superficial and deep-seated tumors. Diagnostic procedures such as biopsy, FTAC, CT scan, and more are also performed.


Punjab has many cancer hospitals. However, the best among them stand out due to advanced treatment facilities and impressive track records of successful treatments.

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