Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India

A tumour happens when there is a buildup of abnormal cells in any part of the party. So, the brain tumour is localized to the brain, but it is especially dangerous because it can hamper the person's movement or consciousness. The brain tumour can be malignant, or it can be non-malignant. In most cases, surgery is considered the best option for removing the brain tumour. However, a lot depends on the tumour's location, size, and type. The complexity associated with brain tumour surgery would also be dependent on the patient's age and other underlying conditions.

What is the Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

Moving on to the critical part, the cost of brain surgery can be high. This is because you would need a highly skilled surgeon to operate on the brain, and there is also a requirement of an extended stay at the hospital after the brain tumour surgery. As per our market research, brain tumour surgery can cost anywhere between Rs 2.5 Lakhs to Rs 12 Lakhs. The underlying condition, location and size of the tumour would also play a significant role.

In addition to this, the type of tumour and the type of surgery would determine the course of treatment. All the medical insurances cover brain tumour surgery, and you can check with the hospital about the availability of cashless treatment.

How is Brain Tumor Diagnosed?

Brain Tumor Surgery

The doctors look for the symptoms. The general symptoms that can direct towards a brain tumour are headaches, nausea, vomiting, loss of vision, difficulty in speaking, hearing impairment, restricted movement, seizures, or difficulty maintaining balance. Most of the time, the doctors would order an MRI scan to help you detect the brain tumour or any other abnormality with the brain.

What Are The Different Methods of Operations?

There are different ways to operate on the brain tumour. Your surgeon will tell you which method he wants to choose. The most common method is available via craniotomy. In this method, a portion of the skull is removed to reach the tumour. Later, the skull is joined again with the help of metal plates. Apart from this, robotics and microsurgeries are available where a microscope is used to differentiate between the cells and remove the tumour. Lastly, the new technology used is ultrasonic surgery, during which the ultrasound is used to break down the tumour and later, it is sucked out of the body.

What Happens After the Brain Tumor Surgery?

After the brain tumour surgery, the patient is monitored closely for swelling in the brain and seizures. The doctors can tell you about the time it would take to recover. Apart from this, the removed mass is sent for biopsy. If the tumour is not cancerous, the patient would not need a follow-up treatment. However, if the tumour is cancerous, the patient would have to go through rounds of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The cost of the radiation or the chemotherapy would be dependent on the circumstances and reports. The patient may have to go through both radiation therapy and chemotherapy in some cases.

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