Cancer Screening Cost In India

There are hundreds and thousands of people suffering from cancer right now. The thing with cancer is that if it is detected in the early stages, there are higher chances of treating it with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, so you can have your normal life back. Therefore, it’s advised for everyone to get regular health checkups, and if you or your doctor is concerned about anything abnormal, which might be a type of cancer, you should get it checked right away.

Some research has shown that because of our lifestyle and environment these days, we are very prone to having cancerous diseases. Therefore, getting regular health checkups and, if you’re concerned, then having cancer screening could be a life-saving choice. You may already have a good idea of why cancer screening tests are necessary, but if you’re here to get to know more about the cancer screening cost, then you’re at the right place. We’ll go over all the details and how much it could cost you if you go for these screening tests at the nearby hospital in India. So let’s get started.

How Much Does Cancer Screening Cost In India?

The cost of cancer screening varies a lot because of some factors such as.

  1. How Experienced The Examiner Is
  2. Type Of Devices And Body Scanners Being Used
  3. Type Of Screening Test
  4. How Many Screening Tests Are Performed
  5. Hospital Where You’re Having These Screening Tests
  6. City Where You Are Going To Have Yourself Checked

Talking about the average estimate of cancer screening in India, so it would be anywhere between 6,000 to 30,000 rupees, and even higher in some cities or cases.

Cancer Screening cost india

Common Cancer Screening Tests

There are several types of screening tests, some are advanced, and some are as basic as examining the organs just from the outside.

  • Sometimes it happens when a patient is feeling constant pain in the lower belly and even with the medicine, the pain doesn’t seem to fade away. Therefore, to check the root cause of the problem, doctors perform Colonoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy, where the endoscope is inserted through the anus to check for or remove polyps or cancerous structures in the large intestine.
  • With the help of tests like Mammography, the most common type of cancer in females, breast cancer, can be detected at its early stages and treated accordingly.
  • With the help of technology like CT scans, it is possible to detect lung cancer, and the data has shown that since the invention of CT scans, lung cancer deaths have significantly decreased.
  • For Cervical cancer, doctors perform Pap tests most of the time, however, it can be performed in combination with Human Papillomavirus Tests.
  • Alpha-fetoprotein, CA-125, PSA test, and fecal occult blood test (FOBTs) are some of the examples of advanced blood tests to determine whether a person has any sort of cancer or not.
  • Breast MRI, Transvaginal ultrasound, Virtual colonoscopy, and Skin Examining are some of the tests that can be performed alone or in combination with other cancer screening tests to detect any sort of cancer at the early stages.

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