Cancer Treatment Cost In India

Cancer treatment is a medical procedure that involves diagnosis, treating, and remedying the patient suffering from cancer. It helps to cure, treat, reduce or control the symptoms of cancer in the patient. There are various ways and methods of treating cancers like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, medications, and more. These methods are used based on the need and the type of cancer growth in the patient. Cancer treatment involves damaging the cancerous cells within the tissue or the affected part of the body to curb its spread and stop it from regenerating.

How Cancer Treatment Works (The Complete Procedure)

The treatment of cancer starts with a diagnosis and situation assessment where the doctor or the oncologist specifies a few tests and imaging scans to check the extent of the cancerous growth in the body. This may also include biopsy to further investigate the growth tissues and find out whether they are cancerous growth or not.

Once the cancerous growth is identified, the patient is then treated according to the type of cancer. Normally the treatment of cancer is done in ways like:

  • Primary treatment: Used for removing or damaging the cancer cells completely
  • Adjuvant treatment: Used for damaging or killing the cancer cells remaining after the primary treatment inside the patient’s body.
  • Palliative treatment: Used for providing symptomatic relief to the patient during the treatment phase.
Cancer Treatment

The entire procedure of cancer treatment further branches out based on the type of cancer, size of the growing tumor, stage of the tumor, or cancer cell growth. It also depends on the medical condition and history of the patient and whether they are already undergoing other medical treatments at present or not. Furthermore, the use of one or more types of treatment can be administered to the patient for a complete treatment.

How much does Cancer treatment cost in India?

The cost of cancer treatment depends on various factors like:

  1. The fee of the Doctor
  2. Age of the Patient
  3. Prior and Immediate medical condition of the Patient
  4. Type of Cancer
  5. Size of the tumor or growth of the cancer cells
  6. Need for one or more treatment
  7. Need for various pre-evaluation tests and procedure
  8. City or the location of the procedure
  9. Hospital or the lab admission charges
  • The cost of cancer treatment starts from roughly Rs 90,000 if performed in a normal hospital.
  • In India, the average cost of cancer treatment ranges around Rs 5,00,000.
  • For cancer treatment in India, the maximum sum that can be charged can go as high as Rs. 27,50,000.

Types of Cancer Treatment 

There are various types of cancer treatments administered to the patient based on the type of cancer. Here’s a list of these:


Cancer growths can be impactful and cause life-threatening issues in the patient. This is why it is highly recommended to have a regular checkup to identify and assess any cancerous growth or tumor in the body. Such growth of tumors may lead to the development of cancer if not treated at an early age.

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