Top 5 Best Orthopaedic Hospitals in Nagpur

Orthopaedics is a surgical field focusing on identifying, treating, minimizing, and managing skeletally abnormal individuals. The medical field of orthopedics, commonly known as orthopedic surgery, specializes in musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses.

Orthopedic surgeons treat problems of the bones, joints, tissues, ligaments, nerves, spine, tendons, and skin using surgical and nonsurgical techniques. These elements form the musculoskeletal structure.

An orthopedic specialist is referred to as an orthopaedist. An Orthopedician treat musculoskeletal conditions like sports injuries, joint discomfort, and back troubles using surgical and nonsurgical methods. Here you will find 5 of the best Orthopaedic hospitals in Nagpur that will treat your orthopedic issues with utmost care and comfort.

List of Top Orthopaedic Hospital in Nagpur

1. Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital (Nagpur)


The Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital in Nagpur was founded in 2007 due to its twenty years of experience providing top-notch super specialty care. As a result, the Nagpur cardiac hospital, which is already operational, has been promoted for NABH certification.

Now, the folks of Nagpur can benefit from super-specialty medical care in orthopedics and other fields. Wockhardt Hospital offers healthcare services like home sample collection plus physiotherapy care at the convenience and ease of their home.

  • Address: 1643 North Ambazari Road Daga College, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur
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2. Care Hospital

CARE Hospitals, Nagpur, has earned praise as a hospital without a peer for its commitment to healthcare in Nagpur city and the surrounding areas. The multispecialty hospital features internationally renowned doctors.

They provide trained and qualified scientific, paramedical, clinical, and other staff. They offer superior infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical technology to offer patients the best possible medical care. They strive for excellence in patient care by providing high-quality medical care based on the ideals of treatment, love, and consideration.

  • Address: Ramdaspeth, Nagpur 3, Farmland, Panchsheel Square, Wardha Road, Beside Big Bazar

3. Alexis Multispeciality Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

The hospital was founded in 2016 and is a part of the UAE-based Zulekha Hospital Group. The Alexis Multispecialty Hospital in central India combines Nagpur's medical and surgical knowledge. The hospital has a capacity of 200 beds and is spread over 2,25,000 square feet. It provides first-rate patient treatment.

By receiving the highest accreditations, the institute has etched out a space for itself in the healthcare sector. The medical personnel include skilled full-time consultants with years of experience, knowledgeable visiting consultants, certified technicians, paramedics, well-trained nurses, and the best support staff. Additionally, the institute offers top-notch medical care in radiotherapy, cardiac sciences, joint replacement, and neurosciences.

  • Address: 232, Mankapur, Koradi Rd, Byramji Town, Nagpur- 440030

4. New Era Hospital

A tertiary specialty hospital in Nagpur is called New Era Hospital. Among the premier hospitals within the Nagpur area is this 100-bed super specialty hospital. The hospital offers top-notch care in trauma, neuro-cardiovascular sciences, and beyond.

A comprehensive group of medical experts with training and expertise in the relevant fields of medicine provides patient care. The medical staff at New Era Hospital works together to provide patients with the most effective treatment and results in a convenient, well-equipped setting.

  • Address: Central Avenue Road, Queta Colony, Lakadganj, Nagpur

5. Mahajan Ortho and Surgical Hospital

Mahajan Ortho And Surgical Hospital They receive technical direction and tailored care for musculoskeletal and joint diseases. It is a super-specialty facility that strives to offer all-encompassing arthroscopy, trauma care, and joint replacement therapy. You can expect a positive experience at MOSH regarding consultation, counseling, organizational knowledge, and post-operative care.

In terms of quality, experience, and prompt caring nurse care, patients and family would appreciate their stay throughout the surgery. They believe their desire for the best care will benefit everyone and assuage their conscience.

The hospital is committed to providing top-notch clinical care in a sustainable, ethical, and healthy way for all members of society. The facility offers top-notch medical facilities and is only 3 km from Nagpur International Airport and 2 km off Nagpur Railway Station.

  • Address: 2nd Floor, Vittal Complex, Abhyankar Road, Naniwadekar Mangal Karyalaya, Dhantoli, Nagpur


The above top-notch Orthopaedic hospitals stand up to the mark of the public. They have a high reputation for providing the best care and treatment for their needy patients.

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